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I Got A Personal Color Analysis
Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard

Published on 2 months ago

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And thanks so much to Julia from Agile Styling for her consult! You can find her website and find out more about her color matching and styling services here: https://www.agilestyling.com/

And follow her on TikTok & Instagram at: @agile_styling !

HELLO FRIENDS!! Today it’s all about color - and as someone who is known for wearing almost only black, I decided to dip my toes into the personal color analysis trend I've been hearing about for years and seeing all over TikTok. Because I've always been curious... am I a winter? Autumn? Summer? Or even Spring? Pastels have never been my forte, but I was open to at least *hearing* about them. So, we took a little detour to Toronto and visited Julia Dobkine from Agile Styling, an expert in color analysis who I’d been following on Tiktok, to find out my colors, my season, my tones, and everything underneath those tones. What do you guys think? Would you try this?

Also, thanks to the virtual color analysts, the color key, for their help in fact-checking the video and collaborating on celebrities for the 12 seasons for our graphics! To learn your season virtually, check out @‌thecolorkey_ on Instagram! **celebrities shown here are examples based on the color key's best classification done in good faith but without participation in the color key analysis process. Accurate results can only be achieved through their color analysis process!!

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Safiya Nygaard
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GFX by Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
3:20 Flying to Canada
5:08 The Color Analyzing Process
7:15 Finding Out My Undertones
12:49 Finding Out My Colors' Brightness & Depth
14:55 My Palette vs Other Palettes
16:40 Shopping My Color Palette
21:46 Doing Makeup in My Color Palette
23:00 The Final Look
24:31 Outro

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard . 2 months ago

HELLO FRIENDS!! it turns out black is (one of) my color(s)! what a relief.... not that anyone could pry my funereal wardrobe away from me 🦇 what do you guys think? would you try a personal color analysis? thanks again to julia at @agilestyling for being our expert! and with the celebrities in the seasonal graphics... we tried our absolute best but there is definitely the possibility of a mistake, so sorry if that's the case!! xoxo, saf

stoneblackycube . 2 hours ago

looks good :D
K Wosilait

K Wosilait . 7 hours ago

New makeup makes the black work so much better!

Ayleen_MCKENZIE-vlogs . 12 hours ago

OMG can we swap please? I'm loving the winter colours!

Ayleen_MCKENZIE-vlogs . 12 hours ago

im glad black worked out for you and that it was one of your colors lol

BANANNA8152 . 2 days ago

Gurl what is your Home Screen

Icebearies . 3 days ago

In all honesty I straight up love this channel and I love Tyler’s too… HUGE COMFORT PEOPLE 😭❤️
Lilies Of the Field

Lilies Of the Field . 5 days ago

Your videos are the perfect blend of entertaining and informative 👍👍

Asura1951 . 5 days ago

Winter? No you are a Adam"S like Wensday or Mortica Addams.
Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee . 7 days ago

I am horrible at color analyzing people but knew from the second I clicked on the video you were a true winter hahaha
Sean Tidwell

Sean Tidwell . 7 days ago


S . 1 week ago

It was nice to see my city showcased so beautifully!

Megan . 1 week ago

I knew ittt
me man

me man . 1 week ago

I am a certified Color Consultant near Cape Canaveral,Fl if you want the same sort if color analysis. Reply here🎨
Leslie Barger

Leslie Barger . 1 week ago

I think say winter your great store hunting lot greens it hard find winter colors I find out I like color green red blue Purple looks good too
Lisamarie V

Lisamarie V . 1 week ago

Girl what are you doing in Vaughan 😂 lol I need to find that Julia girl I also have a closet full of black but feel like we’re similar skin tone so maybe I’d get lucky too. Dark green also looks great on me prob the only colour I wear lol.

abbigeorgia . 2 weeks ago

I had this done in 2009 when I was 14, I hated the colours she gave me then, but it’s basically all I wear now!

🦇CreepyCutie⚰️ . 2 weeks ago

I love dark colors especially dark that go with black maybe a bit of white and grey every now and then, but black is a definite color for you 🙃
Cathy Chen

Cathy Chen . 2 weeks ago

I live in Canada 😊
Hermonie Granger

Hermonie Granger . 2 weeks ago

I LOVE that lipstick colour on you! The real test (for me anyways) was that it looked good in sunlight too. Welcome to Canada to eh!
Leah Greenham

Leah Greenham . 2 weeks ago

It’s so weird seeing saf and tyler in toronto because im used to them being so far away not literally in the same province as me. and it feels wrong to see them with tim hortons but i love it😂
nakayla wellington

nakayla wellington . 2 weeks ago

Sorry if it’s already mentioned - so, what’s the best way i can find my color palette without a professional? I’m not able to decipher what under tone i have very well. 😭
Regan Hulvey

Regan Hulvey . 2 weeks ago

Aww I had my colors done a couple months ago & have been loving wearing more color. I used to wear all black. I am a summer but best believe I kept a lot of black clothing items 😆
Lauren Dziwulski

Lauren Dziwulski . 2 weeks ago

Her wallpaper pic is so funny

Justmycupoftea . 2 weeks ago

Not going to lie you look AMAZING! at the end. Even if you don’t want to vomit to the vibrant colors of clothing. That lipstick and foundation certainly is a beautiful slight change!❤

江至凱 . 2 weeks ago

i'd like to see you wear some pastels and see how it goes!!

lunar! . 2 weeks ago

13:18 i spot dahyun!!
Tay Dorazio doraizo

Tay Dorazio doraizo . 2 weeks ago

oh my god and you were in vaughn mills mall 😭
Tay Dorazio doraizo

Tay Dorazio doraizo . 2 weeks ago

OH MY GOD SAF YOU WERE LITERALLY IN MY HOME TOWN VAUGHN the thought that you passed by my condo building 🤧
Pruz Gaming

Pruz Gaming . 2 weeks ago

Imaging saying that you like a color clothing that you wear, and the color analyst says, “It’s nothing. It’s giving nothing.”

☆chara☆ . 2 weeks ago

“How dare you, Starbucks. This is tim’s land.”
As a canadian, can confirm. Starbucks should not have a place here

Carina Dias

Carina Dias . 2 weeks ago

Loved the resulte

TheCarlScharnberg . 3 weeks ago

"Imperfect science," there IS no science - but a lot of suggestions. Very biased, and super subjective. Waste of money, if you ask me. A stylist would be better.

1234 . 3 weeks ago

This seems like a sham. 😂
Kandi fanz

Kandi fanz . 3 weeks ago

You kinda look like Wednesday Adams
Ashley Binion

Ashley Binion . 3 weeks ago

One of them said the grinch did NOT look good in green... id say I'd have to disagree with that one 😤

K K . 3 weeks ago


Kokoro . 3 weeks ago

Thank’s to the vein thing, I now know that I have a warm undertone.

Mia . 3 weeks ago

2:22 y Tyler look like that tho
Koraru Berri

Koraru Berri . 3 weeks ago

It's kind of perfect and hilarious that one of your color palettes is black, but also looking at the other colors - you do tend to pick those as makeup colors that are perfect for you. Also, omg I didn't know you were in Ottawa T^T *cryes*
Brownbear crossing05

Brownbear crossing05 . 3 weeks ago

I’m shocked you didn’t mix all your winter shades together and ask the analyst what she thinks of FRANKENWINTER
Brownbear crossing05

Brownbear crossing05 . 3 weeks ago


FrancesBaconandEggs . 3 weeks ago

Tbh it feels kind of pointless for me to get a consultation like this bc I’m just going to keep wearing black all the time lol
Fake Derp

Fake Derp . 3 weeks ago

As someone who's colorblind this is a very interesting video
Kim Cardoso

Kim Cardoso . 3 weeks ago

It looks incredible. It suits you. Its very colorful in a deep way
harshita Kundu

harshita Kundu . 3 weeks ago

5:53 the one in middle is an Indian actress deepika padukone

Karen . 3 weeks ago

honestly like this one a lot more than your video from years ago. at the time i wasn't a fan of the warm hair colour on you and this feels much more like your real colours

sk8ergalx . 3 weeks ago

Actually when I went to a personal colour consultant, she gave me secondary colour palette that still looks good, even if not the best. I think it is important to know the range of what looks okay to the best, not just sticking to the best. My consultant also gave me tips of how to make the best of colours that are not in the good tone for me by playing with contrast, position of the colours, etc. It is actually more freeing than restrictive when you have these tips and insights on how to make colours work for you!
Katrina Nilsson

Katrina Nilsson . 3 weeks ago

Franken body wash please!
Shannelle Lyrics

Shannelle Lyrics . 4 weeks ago

Black is a color😊

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