Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 3 months ago


Phoebus369 . 8 hours ago

Didn't I just watch a video of you being called out for being homophobic and you replied how you were NOT homophobic?? Hmmm interesting.

esstone . 1 day ago

Thats the way lefties roll
Inklings of God

Inklings of God . 1 day ago

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus with millions of miles in between us. Not that hard to rhyme with Venus.

SHE DEVIL CRAZY . 2 days ago


Jason4sure . 2 days ago

Could have said not wondering if this lady teacher has a penis 😂😂😂 for your rhyme

Ricci . 2 days ago

Your content just makes me happy. I love the straight forward facts, the hard truth, your intelligence and sense of humor. Be good to yourself.
Wish we could instill inner peace to one another.
We need to unite in this world and be strong so we can see it through to a brighter future.
Jordan Alba Reed

Jordan Alba Reed . 4 days ago

"Men are from Mars women are from Venus children shouldn't be learning about whether or not it's okay to chop off their penis"

LeAnn . 5 days ago

I agree 💯 and they are pushing this shit in school and I think it's inappropriate
ash hhh

ash hhh . 5 days ago

Keep speaking the truth thank you for speaking this
Eddie Shields

Eddie Shields . 5 days ago

Cathy Giles

Cathy Giles . 6 days ago

Irene MacShane

Irene MacShane . 6 days ago

Satin can have his weird brain washed children back.... love your music.
Josh Lasky

Josh Lasky . 6 days ago

First off, drag vs trans vs cross dressing are completely different. My girlfriend is trans, not the same thing as drag. Drag is like purposefully over ths top and i think most of the time anyways, the participants are not trying to pass as the opposite gender, but its more of a performance art type thing. Like bodybuilding is a performance art. Do you have problems with a bodybuilder reading to a bunch of kids? If so then i totally agree with you. Bodybuilding actually is the more harmful of the 2 and came out of sexual attraction.

NewAgeRC . 6 days ago

Stop stop with the common sense the left is sh-tting their pants.
Brittany Rayann

Brittany Rayann . 6 days ago

Im never letting my two kids around any of that bullshit i agree its sad
Kevin Marriner

Kevin Marriner . 1 week ago

If its safe and legal and doesn't involve children !!! Do what you want
Christina Tiner

Christina Tiner . 1 week ago

KymKym Kym

KymKym Kym . 1 week ago

The thing is its educational and let children understand NOT to bully others that are different. It's no different to highly disabled kids going in to main stream school's to teach kids the same thing because kids stare at people that are different, so giving them an understanding is great.. ❤ see you friday
John Jones

John Jones . 1 week ago

Earth looks blue and green ,Mars is red and I don't know the color of Venus ,kids shouldn't have to think about wether they should want to chop off their penis !
Kenneth Steen

Kenneth Steen . 1 week ago

I think we can all agree, Meth Heads Suck Azz, Simple Really

ksburner01 . 1 week ago

When I was younger my ex took me to a rocky horror picture show but I didn't know what it was till I got there. It freaked me out so I can only imagine what these kids are feeling...
Suzie Paris

Suzie Paris . 1 week ago

Ruben Benitez

Ruben Benitez . 1 week ago

We should be proud of worthwhile things and the people we love. Pride in country and ethnicity is disgusting.

Sassypants57 . 1 week ago

SO true!! The question isn’t so much, “Why would our kids need to see that?” - it’s more about, “Why do these people feel the need to perform in front of little kids?”. 100% against this crap and I’m glad I don’t have kids in school anymore because I would have to kick some drag Queen ass.

Deborah . 1 week ago

I agree 1000%❤
Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor . 2 weeks ago

How'd you skip rhyming Venus to penis? LoL ... kidding... well kind of ... :)
Isaac Christopher

Isaac Christopher . 2 weeks ago

alex c.richards mom☦️

alex c.richards mom☦️ . 2 weeks ago

Evie Rose 🌹

Evie Rose 🌹 . 2 weeks ago

❤💥 your the best Tom! I’m very blunt like you! My family don’t like it but oh well
Louisa Capell

Louisa Capell . 2 weeks ago

Homeschool your kids. Anyone can do it. Theyll be all the better for it.

Skema . 2 weeks ago

Tom, we need a collaboration between you, Dax, and NF, dude! It must exist
SSgt A

SSgt A . 2 weeks ago

When I was a school, there was this girl who was a total 🐎’s @$$.
At any rate, she said something hateful to this guy. The guy leaves a note on her locker. The note said, “Roses are red, charcoal is black. Why is your chest as flat as your back?!”
Best comeback EVER
Blue Horse

Blue Horse . 2 weeks ago

🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓💙 including u..😀
Michael Marcott

Michael Marcott . 2 weeks ago

Thank You Tom for giving Common Sense a Voice!!!!!! GREAT PATRIOT!!!!!!
Mauricio Murillo

Mauricio Murillo . 2 weeks ago

I did something right!! My mother's day card said Honda's are red and Yamaha's are blue and I love you my mom. With a big Chevy sign and cbr written small underneath bc I love Chevys and he wants a cbr bike!! 😂😂❤❤ Oh by the way I'm on my husband's account😂
Cynthia Bloem

Cynthia Bloem . 2 weeks ago

Your poems are fantastic Tom!! You are a man of many talents. 😂 ❤#HOG

hotstuff6934 . 2 weeks ago

roses are read violets are blue your teachers a peado and your mam and dad are too...

X-Man . 2 weeks ago

Excellent. Awesome poetry.
Jan Žatecký

Jan Žatecký . 2 weeks ago

You should be banned!
Tyson Gwin

Tyson Gwin . 3 weeks ago


Rokit0 . 3 weeks ago

Get this man a podcast

jmatt4life . 3 weeks ago

Tom, thank you speaking and representing entertainment.
More people from all professions need to loudly voice support for America’s children, the future.
I agree with your message!!!

Florence . 3 weeks ago

Lmao! So good!

Jarvis.M . 3 weeks ago

Adriene Bailey

Adriene Bailey . 3 weeks ago

I would go in there and take my children of the hands of satan. This is just to far for me.
Larry schell

Larry schell . 3 weeks ago

Talking about this will do nothing unless it's talking about taking action. When the seals have a mission they plan executing that mission without loss of life the quickest most practical way possible. I don't see 300 million seals yet but when I do no enemy will ever take them down. It's not that seals are smart strong and fast it's the respect and trust they have for each other that makes them the best. Everyone can apply team work to everything in life we need them all. Not one can be left out.
Lisa Girardier

Lisa Girardier . 3 weeks ago

Soccer moms pretending going to see strippers is okay by calling it family friendly and something it's not to make it okay It's disgusting to expose your children to that
Robert Todd

Robert Todd . 3 weeks ago

Tom said it, keeping it 💯
Official Rosaila Magnolia

Official Rosaila Magnolia . 3 weeks ago


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