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Published on 1 week ago

Goals from Danny Welbeck, Pascal Gross, and Joao Pedro saw Manchester United fans leave Old Trafford early as Brighton secure three points in a dominant 3-1 victory. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Brighton
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Manchester United v. Brighton | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/16/2023 | NBC Sports

solomalli olamide badhoo

solomalli olamide badhoo . 5 hours ago

People always talk like Onana doesn’t make big save. I didn’t even see the 1v1 with Fati Ansu. That was a big save. Onana is class
Diane Carrico

Diane Carrico . 3 days ago

They need a new goalkeeper the one they have now is clumsy and dances around too much they should have kept De Gea.
Alonzo Hargrove

Alonzo Hargrove . 3 days ago

David Mariano

David Mariano . 4 days ago

Terrible announcing!!!!!!!!!!

Other-stuff-sports . 4 days ago

It isn't even a surprising result. Even look at Brighton players/coach reaction at the end. Remember getting a draw at Old trafford was a massive achievement under SAF.
Kevin Rayon Flores

Kevin Rayon Flores . 5 days ago

Remember when they won the treble and Man city was in the second division
Big E

Big E . 5 days ago

Who was commenting this?? Horrible
Willy Anderson

Willy Anderson . 5 days ago

The amount of times the commentator says “Rashford with acres of space down the left” and the attack ended in nothing is ridiculous
Slava Satonin

Slava Satonin . 6 days ago

Someone needs a new manager😂

AirDrop . 6 days ago

Man city are on the way of becoming greater then Man U. I don’t even remember when Man U last one a ucl and last time they won a prem was like 10 years ago.

AirDrop . 6 days ago

I’m sure either Man U or Chelsea are gonna be in danger of relegation
Ryan Locke

Ryan Locke . 6 days ago

And to think… Utd fans think they have a chance in UCL 😂😂
Mustafa Kocabasi

Mustafa Kocabasi . 6 days ago

Rashford and Onana ...
MMA Multiverse

MMA Multiverse . 6 days ago

Sell Bruno and Rashford if you want a good team. One sucks up tje teams energy and the other rarely passes
Eddie Gamez

Eddie Gamez . 6 days ago

Honestly rasgford is so greedy and selfish there was plenty of times he could’ve squared the ball across goal for an easy assist but he always shoots leading to nothing
Matt Claypool

Matt Claypool . 6 days ago

Rashford's selfishness again. I'd bench him for a minimum Bayern and 3 league games and throw Garnacho in. ETH wants to play hardball with everyone but Rashford and it's costing games.

Nico . 6 days ago

They need to take Martinez out of CB what are they doing???? When have you ever seen a 5'4 center back...?
Paul Fontes

Paul Fontes . 7 days ago

I like how people are hating on Onana, but Man United's defence was complete garbage!
Tor Gab

Tor Gab . 7 days ago

Martinez is a crap defender. All this Argentinians are overrated, except Messi. Macalister in Liverpool is doing nothing the same goes to the guy in Chelsea. Overrated.
juniro Khoa

juniro Khoa . 7 days ago

Mu đang làm cái déo gì v

Yaax . 7 days ago

I’m a Man U fan but I hope ten hag lose to Bayern 7-0 Wednesday
S. M.

S. M. . 7 days ago

Man U beaten by Brighton Reserves
De Zerbi making statements…🔥🕺🏻
LakeShow Highlights

LakeShow Highlights . 7 days ago

Brighton going to have to pay their coach nicely cause big teams are going to come calling 📞

EZCEELOS . 7 days ago

Show ten hag the door 😂
PettyBoy Bobs

PettyBoy Bobs . 7 days ago

Look at the stadium... FILLED. smh. When are United fans going to learn? You want the Glazers out? DONT SHOW UP TO THE GAMES! Im American, trust me... MONEY is all they care about. They dont care about winning titles, they care about MONEY. Get some Saudi prince in there who will put together a proper United Team. It's the biggest club in the God forsaken world and they are overpaying for prospects. They paid more for Hojlund than they wouldve for HAALAND. Think about that.

MrLol07 . 1 week ago

Rashford has -10 visibility and accuracy
Maximil Talmi

Maximil Talmi . 1 week ago

Bench Rashford😂
Aditya Khuller

Aditya Khuller . 1 week ago

Laziness cost us again - look at McTominay and Bruno just watching attackers get in the box unmarked, right in front of them at 2:45 and 8:28
Anthony Tristan

Anthony Tristan . 1 week ago

Ten hag is not making it to the end of the season

miges . 1 week ago

Manchester United plays with out balls and effort
Evette Castro

Evette Castro . 1 week ago

😂😂😂😂 🎉
Celtic Batman

Celtic Batman . 1 week ago

I hope Ten Hag stays forever. MU mid-table is perfect
Andy K

Andy K . 1 week ago

United were pretty good. Just unlucky. I like ten hag. He is the man for the job.
Mickey Singh

Mickey Singh . 1 week ago

Who the F celebrates like that 3 goals down? Lol
Joonhee Kim Kim

Joonhee Kim Kim . 1 week ago

Its very disheartening to see underdogs keep on losing
Drew Castronovo

Drew Castronovo . 1 week ago

Man United continuing to get beaten by their new step-daddy Brighton 😂
Ulisses Mendoza

Ulisses Mendoza . 1 week ago

If hanibal signed for Brighton over man u would be insane
Ulisses Mendoza

Ulisses Mendoza . 1 week ago

Tarique with 2 assists amazing
Xavion & Brycen

Xavion & Brycen . 1 week ago

United should honestly sack ten hag

mezu . 1 week ago

Brighton is getting top 5
yefrey alvarado

yefrey alvarado . 1 week ago

Numbers never lie !! Cr7 and De Gea add a lot to this team !! But Ten Hag is a joke
yefrey alvarado

yefrey alvarado . 1 week ago

Manchester United kick out the best guy on defense(DE GEA) and the best on attack(CR7) what do you expect?? 😂😂😂
Tony Cruise

Tony Cruise . 1 week ago

hannibal mejbri gonna have the wackiest career higlight reel
Richard Sather

Richard Sather . 1 week ago

Is BHA that good or is Man U that awful?
Junior Adult

Junior Adult . 1 week ago

Making 6 changes to your team that beat newcastle and still crushing man u. Wow what a system they have in place

Twig . 1 week ago

I wish Rashford knew how to place his goals sometimes instead of going so much for power.
Hadush Gebremeskel

Hadush Gebremeskel . 1 week ago

Well played by Brighten. MU is outplayed and lost miserably. Seems coach didn't have a plan.

Ephemeral . 1 week ago

Women ☕️as a commentator
Mario Velasquez

Mario Velasquez . 1 week ago

Que bueno que perdió este equipo
Vince Paul

Vince Paul . 1 week ago

lol i thought the scum united were going to be a title contender? thats what all of the paid cheerleader hosts were saying at the start of the season. enjoy the disaster of a season once again

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