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Jelly Roll ft Merkules & Futuristic - ''5 AM''
Young Merkules

Young Merkules

Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out ''5 AM'' by Jelly Roll featuring Merkules & Futuristic off Jellys new album ''Self Medicated'' available on all platforms now!

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Brandon Washington

Brandon Washington . 2 hours ago

soo many times i sit back and wonder what im doing. started listening to Merkules and he let me really take a look a things in my life. he's changed me for the better. learning to understand myself through listening to others stories of triumph. good job bro. you saved one here and Ill make sure god knows you are a real one. I know Futuristic from a friend he would rap with when i was younger. its good to see him growing and you giving him a chance. keep it BOSS player.
alex mendoza

alex mendoza . 12 hours ago

Merk hits way different
alex mendoza

alex mendoza . 12 hours ago

Still think merk is ten times better... I love jelly roll but merk hits a million times harder. Imho. Merkules is the truth
Richard Bradshaw

Richard Bradshaw . 21 hours ago

That πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ heater
steven chosewood

steven chosewood . 22 hours ago

Artist like Jelly roll, merk, upchurch and struggle inspire artist to believe in their dream. Because of you guys and life being difficult i have released my first song Find My Place check it out here https://youtu.be/gcXouOwn0N8 Thank you
Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson . 23 hours ago

Love it! Love it! Straight πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Jacob McCord

Jacob McCord . 1 day ago

Dreams do come true. Dynamite duo
Beth Geary

Beth Geary . 2 days ago

Beth Geary

Beth Geary . 2 days ago

AYE this lit my dad lessons to this when he's in bad mood lol AYE Hit the wow Its 5am ta ba ce
Alona V. Trujillo

Alona V. Trujillo . 2 days ago

I'm ready

TrayneTracks . 2 days ago

Best chorus so far from jelly!! Big thumbs up from ya boy Trayne!
Shawn Cox

Shawn Cox . 2 days ago

This is legit!!!! Great sound!!!!!!! I want to hear Jellyroll and Struggle Jennings in the future
Carter Charles

Carter Charles . 2 days ago

I don’t think y’all understand this dude dropped a song one morning I was sitting in a motel in Clarksville TN paying weekly and I was minutes away from blowing my brains out thank god the Notification for a new song he dropped showed up on my phone and it’s crazy because the same shit he was speaking about I was going through 😒 thank you jelly roll you are an amazing artist and the king of Nashville πŸ’―

fragglerocksmoker . 3 days ago

GLAD so glad merk and jelly did a collaboration finally! much love to both you mF!
Mar Lan

Mar Lan . 3 days ago

Oh yessss
Joseph Candelaria

Joseph Candelaria . 3 days ago

Check me out https://youtu.be/sBoibwLuSAE
moah dakka

moah dakka . 3 days ago

Yall had Picard versus Luke Skywalker as a commercial playing connect 4. I love it. Good song btw. My little brother got me into your music, knows I like stuff with a bit of soul. Thanks for still banging these songs out, sirs!
Frederic Reid

Frederic Reid . 4 days ago

peter charlton

peter charlton . 4 days ago

Offline Vids

Offline Vids . 5 days ago

Thank you for listening to your fans... Ughh, why I havent seen this till now. Thank you Merk and Jelly for doing a collab!!!!
mike jones

mike jones . 5 days ago

Keyko5150 Estrada

Keyko5150 Estrada . 5 days ago

I love 5am no ones around yet
Skyler Fahie

Skyler Fahie . 5 days ago

this song hits different.
The Anderson show

The Anderson show . 5 days ago

Fucking πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ this boy from tx boutta smash this beat with y'all...
braeden brushwood

braeden brushwood . 5 days ago

Why is no one mentioning futuristic wtf🧐
dustin foley

dustin foley . 5 days ago

How tf is this not in the millions for like and views...
Heather Laurenvil

Heather Laurenvil . 6 days ago

This is trash. The beat the flow none of it sounds right.
stan al

stan al . 6 days ago

38 special

LethalDraven . 6 days ago

wow this song leaves me speechless, I relate more than you know.
Mike Babcock Raves

Mike Babcock Raves . 6 days ago

Make a whole album together please πŸ˜₯πŸ’Œ
I Am The Brave

I Am The Brave . 7 days ago

Taking over the world with 1 comment at a time😘
skill will

skill will . 7 days ago

🧨🎧 >
Michael Callis

Michael Callis . 7 days ago

All I got to say is, Hell yea!!!!
Brandon beatty

Brandon beatty . 7 days ago

Sorry im behind im on my likes lol been busy! Keep up the good work bro!!!

Jo6y420 . 7 days ago

liquid night

liquid night . 1 week ago

Merk has bin the backbone through this covid shitee keep dropping the tunes people in the UK need you while we are stuck in our houses LOCKDOWN
Bre A

Bre A . 1 week ago


TREE AMIGO . 1 week ago

White boys killin it
Blake Rogers

Blake Rogers . 1 week ago

Must Underaided song of 2020
Anthony Tony

Anthony Tony . 1 week ago

Some real shit though πŸ˜ˆπŸ’―πŸ€˜
i3loody Moon

i3loody Moon . 1 week ago

420k views right on point. Been waiting for a jelly and merk beat for literally years back when Heatbag was still kickin toons, when ysmg was just getting started. When you was just a wee thang holding onto that dream. Fucking make us proud merk. 905 love.
Robert Adams

Robert Adams . 1 week ago

It’s 5 AM and I’m fucked up again
brian kinch

brian kinch . 1 week ago

Yo merk.. just heard your homies new track one thing missing is you. Sdk.. can you do a collab and bring it back to roots sometimes. Your remixes were fire and lately I can't remember the last time I listened to your tracks.. there's almost to choose from but your 1 of my o.g.s started with house party from way back. True fan. Jelly roll is dope. Adam Calhoun is dope. Struggle Jennings is dope. There's room for all let's go.. respect to all invovled...
Smokey Bigbud

Smokey Bigbud . 1 week ago

We can get bank off drake money..ahahahah
Smokey Bigbud

Smokey Bigbud . 1 week ago

Yo since merk did song with wack a#$ drake can u hand out his address n we set em up n rob his b#tch as$!!!! Jelly roll for life

JusTaye . 1 week ago

if you're reading this hope you are having a good day πŸ™ if you could come by and drop a like on my new song that'd be so dope! keep em cominnn πŸ”₯
Joseph Power

Joseph Power . 1 week ago

why does this sound like it could use some harsh vocals/screams in the background?
Jeffrey Battles

Jeffrey Battles . 1 week ago

Dope ass callab
Christopher Webb

Christopher Webb . 1 week ago

Thanks Jelly, lovin this, can't wait till you roll out to Little Rock again, lookin forward to it big brother

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