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The GMC Sierra Electric Pickup Truck: 400 Miles?
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 7 months ago

A first look at the GMC Sierra Denali Edition 1 Electric Pickup

Kristin Chong

Kristin Chong . 5 days ago

Saint Internet. 🎉🎉🎉

Like why do other people even try. Like no other youtuber comes close to how mkbhd took consumer sales into investment from himself as a competitor in sports and like a leader to make effort to think about logistics to mars.

Obsessed. The best.
Tim Montano

Tim Montano . 2 weeks ago

It's a nice enough looking truck with a sufficient amount of admirable qualities. The only thing that would keep me from even considering the purchase of such an EV truck is the constant state of near bankruptcy that GM seems to be in. Imagine laying down a wad of cash for one of these GMC EVs only to find out shortly thereafter that GM has gone belly up so there will be no way to get your truck serviced when it inevitably needs service.
I think I'll pass. There are other EV trucks entering the market with a bit more assurance behind them

MurseTech64 . 1 month ago

Needs to do a review of the GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate

Roll2 . 1 month ago

I want one
Boosh Wilson

Boosh Wilson . 2 months ago

I hate the front though
a b

a b . 2 months ago

The fact that GM has a patent on the midgate is stupid

GreenGrayBear . 2 months ago

The design is better than most GMs, but it's still a bit tacky and cheap looking in places. Too tacky for $100k truck. Specs are good, but most who like this kind of styling can't afford it.
Mark Dangerfield

Mark Dangerfield . 2 months ago

I know GMC Dinali’s because everywhere I go they are
Up Your Grind

Up Your Grind . 3 months ago

So it's basically an avalanche
Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson . 3 months ago

Too big

Hillslam . 3 months ago

Great video - but a nitpik on a couple vids: please call it a "hud", not a "H", "U", "D". Nobody calls it that. Its been called a "hud" since it first turned up on jets decades ago.

5upremeRyder5 . 3 months ago

Look like a big Ridgeline throw it away
Liana Longe🏝

Liana Longe🏝 . 3 months ago

That’s a pretty good looking truck.
Chardelra Conner

Chardelra Conner . 3 months ago

michelob ; busybody
Josh Matlock

Josh Matlock . 3 months ago

i like the looks of this more than the lightening and silverado EV...but not as much as the Rivian.

zamardii12 . 3 months ago

If I had to buy a electric truck this would be it...
بن زويد

بن زويد . 3 months ago

‏Southern Coach Edition
L.A. rabbyt

L.A. rabbyt . 3 months ago

TRUCK: Has room for all your camping gear and date, but not enough space to have to bring along your little brother.
You can run down to the building supply yard and pick up those two sheets of plywood you forgot to have delivered.
You can have a lock box for securely holding your tools and still have easy access to them plus room for that toilet or HW tank. Can be purchased bare bones so that when the mirror hits those the tree branches while out in the bush with the atv trailer the fix doesn't cost more than the trailer behind you and it can be done yourself.
STATION WAGON (SUV): can haul all the kids to school, dry space for the bags of dog food and groceries, can take everyone and everything to the beach for a picnic or the drive-in movie (has its own built-in screen these days). Needs to fold down a seat to carry anything long. Can be decked out with all the luxuries of a limousine and something you can't afford to fix is going to get broken in the first 24 months by one of your kids.
So what is it really? Would you put a load of road apples in it for your garden? 😆😆
Brady Vigenski

Brady Vigenski . 4 months ago

you sold do a vido on the toyota tundra ev
martin dzon

martin dzon . 4 months ago

On the C pillar the little wing and the pass trough reminds me of my 2011 Escalade
Frank Merolillo

Frank Merolillo . 4 months ago

If they made one of the wheels on electric cars a Generator constantly charging the battery.They won't have to plug it in. Unless someone already thought of that Idea 💡
pedro smith

pedro smith . 4 months ago

Will you trade your TESLA for it?
gerry kehoe

gerry kehoe . 4 months ago

What is asud?

Zeal . 5 months ago

Interesting, looks like a unibody design.
Andrew Jeon

Andrew Jeon . 5 months ago

Can you ask them if they can get rid of the center console and make it a bench seat?

MattyMcFatty . 5 months ago

Please put metric units in the specs

MurdoT . 5 months ago

Thank you kindly for never saying “frunk”, I do appreciate it.
Green Hills Custom Lawn Care LLC

Green Hills Custom Lawn Care LLC . 5 months ago

These trucks are 🌈

Matt.J . 5 months ago

loving it so far!

Edgarv68 . 5 months ago

they should have added another battery in the front instead of all that space

williamfswann . 5 months ago

Can you imagine everyone plugging in their EV and the power grid fails? Just a thought.
Hradny Vietor

Hradny Vietor . 5 months ago

terrible video quality. Definitely needs upgrading.
Timothy Oliver

Timothy Oliver . 5 months ago

This is my favorite so far followed very closely by the upcoming Silverado EV. Hopefully that range increases as battery tech progresses but 400 is a great place to start.
Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson . 5 months ago

This truck reminds me of RoboCop.

Bfdia51 . 5 months ago

The midgate is absolutely the best thing on trucks. The Chevy avalanche was one of the most practical trucks of the 2000s. Better than the Silverado in everyway except looks.

silverdoggg . 5 months ago

expect dealers to add $30k markup so NO

Mitchell. . 5 months ago

The midgate seems like it will bring the elements (that is rain, snow, et cetera) into the cab.

Using to power a house is something that is important to keep your food cool and is a cool feature.

InuranusBrokoff . 5 months ago

I got money saying that this costs exponentially more than they are protecting, and the elevation goes for 100k.

GHOST YT . 5 months ago

At least these trucks look way way better then Tesla cyber truck
Peter Krantz

Peter Krantz . 5 months ago

Will GMC use this platform for a full size electric SUV too?
motown lee

motown lee . 5 months ago

Real truck not a cyber scam lol.
Jerry Spice

Jerry Spice . 5 months ago

In a setup like this WITH the storage in the bed, I can’t stop believing there is a way to convert the grill/storage area in the front into a net gain wind turbine application. Thoughts?

COOKnCRACK . 5 months ago


deano . 5 months ago

GM knocked it out of the park with this one. I love my sierra AT4 but definitely gonna need to get this when its time to move to full EV!

christwillcomeagain . 5 months ago

The Cummins Sierra can tow way more
C. Simmons

C. Simmons . 5 months ago

I don't think I would consider an EV without bi-directional charging. I want that peace of mind that if my power ever goes out (which is becoming more likely with the more extreme weather and grid strain from the energy transition), I can get through that period without major problems.

Ose93da . 5 months ago

It’s too expensive and the battery it’s using has cobalt which is exploiting thousands of Congo workers as slave labor. Look it up💯

captaincommonsense . 5 months ago

wow, sellout maximus
Cool Guy

Cool Guy . 5 months ago

That front end is going to be a massive rock chip.

Benfun4u . 5 months ago

To expensive

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