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LeBron James retiring is more likely than...
Malika Andrews - ESPN

Malika Andrews - ESPN

Published on 1 week ago

Kendrick Perkins and I lost if after Richard Jefferson walked right into this roast after asking what's more likely to happen than LeBron James announcing his retirement.


John Szczerba

John Szczerba . 12 hours ago

She actually made it slightly less funny by talking at the end while RJ was making that face. She said a good burn but instead of riding out the funny awkwardness of RJ she had to say something stupid and ruin moment
Eddoi Wern

Eddoi Wern . 2 days ago

Richard's reaction says it all. Been his fan since his days as a New Jersey Net, still love him as an studio analyst!
shani yan

shani yan . 3 days ago

RJ looks like he was violated by Malika’s joke
Vmal Tnuio

Vmal Tnuio . 4 days ago

The disgust on his face!

Moneyball . 4 days ago

Malika so pretty.

1trx2 . 4 days ago

As a fellow member of the "Chrome dome club" , that was a good snap on RJ by that curly head mutt poodle malika!
Weic Lur

Weic Lur . 5 days ago

loved it really funny i was in tears what are friends for
James White

James White . 5 days ago

lebron should take some years off
Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent . 6 days ago

Can Richard Jefferson grow his hair back, or that time has come and gone away?
dcoog anml

dcoog anml . 6 days ago

RJ looked hurt
Aquarius Leviathan Prophecy ♒📖

Aquarius Leviathan Prophecy ♒📖 . 6 days ago

See Malika said she Tickled herself 😆

Chipotle14 . 6 days ago

Scripted, they react before she's done talking. This kinda bs from "reporters" and "analysts" is annoying. Chasing clicks and losing credibility and authenticity, like a teenager on TikTok.
Lil Xhapo

Lil Xhapo . 6 days ago

It’s perfect timing to give bronny the spotlight is what Lebron was kinda saying in the interview, yall Lebron fans want him to play till he 50 but it want happen all good things come to a end , he got swept at the age 38 he is seeing faster and younger players now who is just coming in every year his body ain’t how it was when he was in his early 20s and 30s he is almost 40 and he got 2 kids coming into the nba soon , so why not retire now , he don’t need a retirement tour cause he is Lebron he beat all the records just about won on every team he played on , he is a future hall of famer Lebron might really be done , getting swept hit him different it’s over guys
Gulf Coast Classifieds

Gulf Coast Classifieds . 6 days ago

Flawless Victory.....lol
Took Notice

Took Notice . 6 days ago

😂😂 damn.... 😂😂😂.. RJ...just don't try and come back from that.

You'll get fired

Rich . 6 days ago

RJ sells the joke really well. He plays a great straight man.
Rudolof Renel

Rudolof Renel . 6 days ago

I didn't catch that, what did Malika say?
Lord Hamlet

Lord Hamlet . 6 days ago

I love how he just sits there in his pain after getting roasted 😂

RoboNinja . 6 days ago

No one likes you Malika.
Vincent Lin

Vincent Lin . 6 days ago

My general feelings about Malika Andrews aside, that was an excellent response
Silky Slim

Silky Slim . 6 days ago

If he would have said more likely of her dating a black guy from the NBA how would she have felt
Moose C

Moose C . 6 days ago

I don’t clearly understand what she said. I wanna know the complete sentence. 0:09
Sobber Mac

Sobber Mac . 6 days ago

Obviously fake. WOMAN ARE NOT FUNNY
Kevin T

Kevin T . 6 days ago

Discount Inside the NBA.
Joseph Kerwin Magpuyo

Joseph Kerwin Magpuyo . 7 days ago

I wanna tickle malika andrews 😢
T-Virus Terrance

T-Virus Terrance . 7 days ago

Hello, Humans
Most humans are brainwashed and love to be lied to. It's makes their brief lives easier to swallow. Only the strong can handle the truth of reality.


Spin24Doctor . 7 days ago

RJ: and I took that personal
Malika: and so did your hairline 😅
Harrison Underwood

Harrison Underwood . 7 days ago

She is a virus. RJ lucky she didn't claim he tickled her and get him cancelled
King Philip

King Philip . 7 days ago

I can’t believe espn would just broadcast a murder like that

Brainwashed . 7 days ago

labrawn jameezz
Dukes Verrill

Dukes Verrill . 7 days ago

Scripted or not, this is funny as hell. Rich really thought she'd have his back 😂

Levelup . 7 days ago

Rj was gonna fire back then remembered she likes to falsely accuse people of sexual assultt
No Ma'am MGTOW the Red Pill

No Ma'am MGTOW the Red Pill . 7 days ago

Jatinder Lal

Jatinder Lal . 7 days ago

Espn will never be inside the nba these guys aren’t funny at all
Nick The Great

Nick The Great . 7 days ago

Why did he act so offended?
Scott Sefton

Scott Sefton . 1 week ago

All three are idiots.
Horaz Barrera

Horaz Barrera . 1 week ago

Rj looked so distraught after that lol 😂
AsanTech & Co

AsanTech & Co . 1 week ago

In walks Will Smith
Nicholas Im

Nicholas Im . 1 week ago

Ashley Dodds

Ashley Dodds . 1 week ago

Never understand why ESPN has white women pretending to be black talking about sport. Like they know better than. It pretty racist and discriminatory to people who know better.
Jaylen Watson

Jaylen Watson . 1 week ago

“Perk going on a diet” joke is crazy and perk just laughed it off 😂😂 but that’s hella disrespectful
dave g

dave g . 1 week ago

Malika is the most beautiful woman on television.
Jensen Telfort

Jensen Telfort . 1 week ago

She did him dirty
Rookie of the year

Rookie of the year . 1 week ago

#1 Seed vs #13 Seed in the west 38 yrs 20 season 31 points 2nd half not bad for 38 yrs old LeBron vs young player in nba

KashronDaGod . 1 week ago

RJ Thought He Had A Friend 😂😂😂

TheGeneral87 . 1 week ago

The was maaaad corny u can tell that was scripted

P0gU . 1 week ago

Richard pointed at her with the pen laughing thinking Malika was gonna double down on his joke then she did a full 180 LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!
Devon Jernigan

Devon Jernigan . 1 week ago

That was funny lol
Wayne D.

Wayne D. . 1 week ago

Now, can we call an ESPN woman bald in a joke without one of the male sports announcers getting fired or canceled. I should be able to talk bad about her like she does the men. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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