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2023 Mercedes EQS SUV: Luxury, but Not for Me!
Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Published on 5 months ago

The EQS SUV is incredibly comfortable and glides like a yacht.

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Rhi Ma

Rhi Ma . 2 days ago

Trust me. You’ll be forced to like baby shark. When you become a dad.
Georgios Chiras

Georgios Chiras . 3 days ago

My Renault Arkana moves the pedal for regen and I absolutely love it you get used to it in a matter of minutes
Shannon Nelson

Shannon Nelson . 3 days ago

130k omg that is just insane.
Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson . 3 days ago

Waste of money

jj-and-jj . 3 days ago

Generic. Looks like it could be a Camry SUV. Bizarre styling choice
Chelsea White

Chelsea White . 3 days ago

The front is like BYD's dragon inspired Atto 3🤣🤣

Tigga321 . 4 days ago

Really great review. I like the piece about the braking. This would personally concern me too, for the exact same reason. When braking, you can't be second-guessing yourself. I am not a big fan of the exterior styling of this car. It doesn't look like a 130k car. The fact that theres no frunk is annoying. Interior does look pretty nice tho! Why are car manufacturers moving away from quick access buttons!?? These are useful for drivers.

TorsTen . 4 days ago

What’s under that big front hood? Nottin? Battery? Secret stuff?
Ismael Ben

Ismael Ben . 4 days ago

He starts with saying "first i get to the good things about the car" and then goes and sums up only cool features until almost at the end. 😂. So it actually is a very good car! Just not for him😅

Whitebelt . 7 days ago

Looks like a $130K car that should cost $90K

vivahernando1 . 1 week ago

MKHB always on Elon/Tesla’s tip …. geeesh
Mary M

Mary M . 1 week ago

How's the self drive on this car? Is it comparable to the Lyriq or Mach-E?

Balo . 2 weeks ago

Shut up adopt and enjoy it

BreTheJack . 3 weeks ago

Yeah I feel like you’d like the EQE AMG way better

papi . 3 weeks ago

130k and you cant open the front ... wth is going on haha
Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman . 4 weeks ago

That UI is absolutely hideous. That's the only thing Tesla has an advantage on and its a really big advantage
moSOUL real

moSOUL real . 4 weeks ago

If it was wrapped in a bow, you will take it 😂

Charlie . 1 month ago

I still don’t understand why the front trunk can’t be opened. Makes me think it is a rushed, messed under there.
Mario Stinger - Perpetual Traveller

Mario Stinger - Perpetual Traveller . 1 month ago

BMW has the forgetting your cellphone since 2018.

KERVAN PAYAN a.k.a. THA DUDE . 1 month ago

all the car company trying to catch Tesla......TOO LATE. lolol
Svt Super veloce

Svt Super veloce . 1 month ago

Why did that song came to my mind before you said baby shark🤣🤣🤣💀
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 1 month ago

Love how you differentiate luxury vs sporty. Tesla is intuitive on its screens especially with navigation/superchargers. I like minimalistic. A microwave, washing machine, and stove so many buttons when all I need are 3. More complexity means more difficult to repair. I have looked at an EQS but love my a model X. Yes, it’s not as fancy but it offers what I need.
Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell . 1 month ago

Great job. Thx

PushBBCP . 1 month ago

My 45k Hyundai Palisade has the same phone left on the charger alert. Didn't realize it's regarded as such a luxury feature. 🙂
Donna L Mich

Donna L Mich . 1 month ago

Awesome video!!!! Great job! 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh . 1 month ago

Brother try something else. This might not be for you. Its a class. German made cars are strong we all know it. The sooner we accept that the best. 😊
professional noob

professional noob . 1 month ago

Y is the brake thing a problem? You don't like it? Turn it off
دکتر آیدا

دکتر آیدا . 1 month ago

Baby shark is a nightmare. Please don’t joke about it. Toddlers are just a loud minority.
Pi A

Pi A . 2 months ago

ABSOLUTELY HATE the ALL touchscreen for so many settings. This is something that their fellow German maker BMW does really well with the iX. The interior and controls are amazing. As usual BMW made a better car for the drivers while Merc made one better for the passengers.

Edinn10 . 2 months ago

I watched mkbhd channel for more than 10 years, and now i found out he reviews car! love it

W_W . 2 months ago

Bahah 130k I would rather buy X plaid with more range, faster and better tech plus superchargers. And it is only 109 now
Robin Thakur

Robin Thakur . 2 months ago

As somebody who really doesn't like how plain, poorly constructed and low quality tesla interiors are (to me), this is exactly what I want in a car, with the possible exception of the moving brake pedal. That and working parking sensors and all the tech toys, lighting and menu options to make me happy :) Range could be improved though.
Thinh Le

Thinh Le . 2 months ago

130k car and still use a key flop with so many buttons.

jwd0808 . 2 months ago

It's funny that he says refilling the washer fluid for this vehicle is odd, but to do it in a Tesla, you have to first pop the Hood like for many other vehicles, but not only that, you have to first locate the icon on the touch screen. So which is easier? LOL we know the answer to that question :)

Annette_Honz . 2 months ago

I’d like to see the EQS450 SUV and how it compares to this 580
Marc de Boer

Marc de Boer . 2 months ago

I wouldn't consider that large; it's also ugly, which is not normal for Mercedes but it tends to be for their EVs. 285 miles range just isn't much and for that price especially I don't see many reasons to get one. Having sidesteps on such a low car is also quite hilarious, nobody will ever use those, just why? To me it just seems like a car expensive for its many unnecessary technological features.
Tony Mimi

Tony Mimi . 2 months ago

I just got approved for this car and I'm sitting in the office and pulled up this video and now I'm totally afraid to go forward with this deal. My sticker price is $148,000. It has a few more features than this model. Pray for me 😆. 4/6/23
Millenial Musings

Millenial Musings . 2 months ago

Why don’t European cars look sporty?
Blue Oak

Blue Oak . 2 months ago

When I see these AMGs when I'm walking in the street or on the bus, I just can't help but but look. I need to drive one of these someday.
Stephen W

Stephen W . 2 months ago

Mercedes is a fan of its buttons, digital or mechanical.
Stephen W

Stephen W . 2 months ago

People who drive a 130K Benz can hide another phone in that back seat's arm rest storage. The partner will never find out. Has a wireless charging pad too.

Just kidding.
Meadmaker 452

Meadmaker 452 . 2 months ago

Beautiful car. Model X territory with the price, but MB build quality and materials is just next level and gives actual luxury. Wish we had some time with you driving this one, though, to get an idea of sound isolation, the sound system, acceleration, etc., etc.

_a1ejandr8zz10v3 . 2 months ago


ALLSTAR LIFE . 2 months ago

Fine I'll say it that was eggcellent...Seriously, though. I dont like the hazard button or the other buttons right there where you can accidently trigger them either. If i were spending my $130,000 on that, I would hope it was well thought out button wise. too many tiny quirks make it not for me either. sorry Mercedes. you have done better and are capable of doing better then this. Do not get me wrong. this car is Eggcellent for anyone else, if they like it quirks and all.

Tricky013 . 2 months ago

WRT the hyper screen menu layers, I believe the intent is to use the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice commands to get to what you want done, rather than going through the menus while driving. I have the same issue with the Tesla screen….. and don’t get me started on the ergonomic/safety issue of not having the screen in front of the driver. I absolutely love your videos…. They are helping me to shape my options for an EV when Australia eventually has the infrastructure to support ownership of an EV (including Tesla’s).
ryan cho

ryan cho . 2 months ago

hoping to see more affordable options do the whole front dashboard screen idea. Very futuristic!
Stephanie Daniels

Stephanie Daniels . 2 months ago

The brake chnaging position in different mode of driving is a major problem. Thanks for pointing that out.

warriors . 2 months ago

It's not marketed towards your demographic segment. In 20 years, you'll love it. lol
Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson . 2 months ago

It literally looks like a Chrysler Pacifica

francis . 2 months ago

Scary braking

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