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The Day Our Best Friend Almost Died...


Published on 2 weeks ago

One of the scariest days in TFIL history as we watched one of our best friends fall off a waterfall face first into the rocks... Even after the emergency room visit, Corbin handled everything like a champ and still made sure we were on time to visit an animal sanctuary later that day... This is Part 2 of 8 from our Costa Rica series. #TFIL #Travel #CostaRica
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Comments :


TFIL . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for tuning in & happy to say Corbin did not die. Few inches away & it could have been a different story. In the next video Corey quits TFIL. The video after that he unquits. The video after that, the prime minister of Costa Rica gave us exclusive permission to stay overnight on a haunted prison island. Weird trip!


Blessed1jj . 1 hour ago

After Corbin's head injury from before, I worry about him!

Katie Fletch

Katie Fletch . 2 hours ago

Lol, I kind of figured that someone would get hurt AGAIN on this trip. Never guessed Corbin though, ngl.

Cheyanne Maddox

Cheyanne Maddox . 2 hours ago

celery and peanut butter….9/29😂😂😂😂

Desi Holmstrom

Desi Holmstrom . 2 hours ago

Celery and peanut butter

Sir Ber

Sir Ber . 3 hours ago

Gives me David Dobrick vibes

Julia LeRoy

Julia LeRoy . 3 hours ago

Hey guys! So I go to college near one of the most haunted buildings on the East Coast, St. Albans Sanatorium. I've always wanted to do a proper investigation and tour, but I've never had the equipment or nerve to do it! It would be awesome if you guys came and investigated! Thanks guys!

Jenna Franssen

Jenna Franssen . 6 hours ago

celery and peanut butter. LOL

Michelle bailey

Michelle bailey . 7 hours ago

My dream is to ride in a helicopter. I'm a military brat and have been in so many types of planes but never a helicopter.

Felicia KFalk

Felicia KFalk . 9 hours ago

Something that I’ve always been wanting to do is to visit a ranch and go for a ride. I’m an equestrian from Sweden, sadly we do not have ranches here. 😞

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson . 14 hours ago

Go stay over night at bakers hotel in mineral wells Texas or any haunted place in texas

Jake Stamps

Jake Stamps . 15 hours ago

Social security number

Wren Aisaka

Wren Aisaka . 16 hours ago

Celery and Peanut Butter

Jade Elizae

Jade Elizae . 17 hours ago


Keyla Guerra

Keyla Guerra . 17 hours ago

When I was 12 i went to my Guatemala and visited a river called Rio Hondo and I dived into a river and hit my head on a cliff rock and opened my head just like Corbin did I got nine stitches and an amazing story to tell when I came back lol and it’s so funny they had a little hospital right next to the river as well but my injury was too big so I had to get taken to a general hospital. This happened to me June 12 2012..


firetitan24 . 18 hours ago

I've always wanted to go ghost hunting with actual equipment


Angel . 19 hours ago

Celery and peanutbutter

Amanda's World !!

Amanda's World !! . 20 hours ago

I’ve always wanted to go to the most haunted place ever

The Cubing Engineer

The Cubing Engineer . 20 hours ago

Celery and peanut butter

Adam Basham

Adam Basham . 20 hours ago

Just a little boo boo 🤙🏻

Deidre Schamp

Deidre Schamp . 20 hours ago

I couldn’t wait any longer to watch the videos with my boys lol watching Corbin fall gave me anxiety lol glad he’s ok

Color Me Orange TV

Color Me Orange TV . 22 hours ago

Celery and Peanut 😂😂😂😂😂

Erik Belanger Jr.

Erik Belanger Jr. . 22 hours ago

Ive really wanted to go to the conjuring house since ive seen your video an the movies, if you could help me go there that would be dope

Zanekun panda

Zanekun panda . 22 hours ago

I don't know my social security number but I wouldn't do it even if I knew it


JAY G . 22 hours ago

" Ive always wanted to lose the weight i know i can " - love you guys man keep the videos comin

Zanekun panda

Zanekun panda . 22 hours ago

I've always wanted to do skydiving. It just looks really cool and it's something that might be really fun

Christopher Rhodes

Christopher Rhodes . 23 hours ago

I'm glad Corbin didn't die but corey saying I think CVS does stitches I'm super glad Corey didn't die. Lol covid and flu shots buddy but not stitches 😂😆😂

Rachel Raschella

Rachel Raschella . 24 hours ago

This is the real life version of the "this is fine" meme.

Hannah M

Hannah M . 1 day ago

there is a haunted motorways near me and i would love to explore it

Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel . 1 day ago


Teanna Jakee

Teanna Jakee . 1 day ago

This was definitely a scare holy crap

Brad White

Brad White . 1 day ago

Man I've always wanted to rock climbing angel falls :(!!!


De-Noize . 1 day ago

at this point i have to say: you've got great friends covering your back! good to have those friends!

Payten Flowers

Payten Flowers . 1 day ago

I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World

Makayla Matys

Makayla Matys . 1 day ago

Celery andPeanut Butter And if you made it this far….. Hi😄

Christian 5SOSPH

Christian 5SOSPH . 1 day ago

What's the title of your background music plssds

Donald Yarbro

Donald Yarbro . 1 day ago

ive always wanted to go to the Galapagos islands or to go to the island where the komodo dragon is indigenous to

Mr Donkeybiscuts

Mr Donkeybiscuts . 2 days ago

My birthday unrelated to the last comment


Aether . 2 days ago

celery and peanut butter

Gabriel Fulk

Gabriel Fulk . 2 days ago

I wanna see it

Chandler Roberts

Chandler Roberts . 2 days ago

To go hiking in the Washington mountains and go fishing in some of the lakes

The Blueberry Brennan

The Blueberry Brennan . 2 days ago

Crazy stuff. Guys need be carefu


jaymisims . 2 days ago

my literal dream is to be in a pen with wolves that have been tamed...HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THEM lol! huge! if you guys would help me make my dreams come true- my instagram is jaymisanford :)

Chase Pourrier

Chase Pourrier . 2 days ago

You need to spend the night in a American football stadium

Austin Isaacs

Austin Isaacs . 2 days ago

I want to go to Waverly hills I’m only 2hrs away from it but have never had the chance to go my sister used to tell me she would take me but she never did

Gage Bridenstine

Gage Bridenstine . 2 days ago

Celery and peanut butter

Ariana Ramos

Ariana Ramos . 2 days ago

Damn me commenting my birthday jan 16 2007👀


Talia222 . 2 days ago

Something I have always wanted to do is travel out of Canada lol

beastmode codgamer

beastmode codgamer . 2 days ago

"Your social security number your birthday" I always watch all your vids till the end

beastmode codgamer

beastmode codgamer . 2 days ago

Yall are special lmao love the vids glad u safe bro

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