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10 Things Tana Mongeau Can’t Live Without | Bootleg GQ
Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 2 months ago

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Comments :

larissa favretto

larissa favretto . 2 months ago

I don't know if you remember but a few years ago we met at Pac Sun in fashion show mall and you gave me $100 to get matching shirts with you. You mean the world to me and I love you so much. I appreciate everything you do and I will always support you no matter what obstacles you go through. You are beautiful and have a wonderful soul. I missed your videos so much!!!!!!
Bailey Spelt Beefy

Bailey Spelt Beefy . 7 hours ago

Since refuses to stop smoking weed (and maybe smoking other things) I NEVERRRR want to hear about her or anyone talk about her fucking lungs/cough/breathing ever again like you can’t play it up for MONTHS and in your tv show that you’re like pretty much dying/could die and the whole “poor me/I’m so scared” shit when she KNOWS just not smoking anything would really fix her lung problems

hiello . 1 day ago

Tana talking for 6:47 minutes straight

Linmeow441 . 1 day ago

Wait didn’t you say you were sober in the beginning ?

paidpro9 . 1 day ago

She looks like a man.
Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic . 1 day ago

Y her fuckin eyes so small bitch looks like carol baskin

fhxs . 2 days ago

Why does she have to laugh during _every_ sentence 😕
Jade Arielle Vaughn

Jade Arielle Vaughn . 2 days ago

She also said if you were someone who needed help during this pandemic to go to her eleven-eleven project to fill out a form.... There was never a form... Just a place for you to donate. Which is totally fine - but dont promote something you arent doing
Car West

Car West . 3 days ago

“This is gas” BITCH
Car West

Car West . 3 days ago

Everytime u talk you’re laughing
Bryce Kerstetter

Bryce Kerstetter . 3 days ago

I haven’t paying attention to tana in the slightest because she has changed so much and I literally just don’t like her anymore.

V P . 4 days ago

Can’t live with our Jordan... didn’t age well
Vanities Visuals

Vanities Visuals . 5 days ago

Why is substance abuse considered trendy..? What the actual fuck.
Fermin Gutierrez

Fermin Gutierrez . 5 days ago

I feel like she is Anti weed campaign because just by watching this, it make me want to stop smoking

C F . 5 days ago

why are people hating on her? let the girl live.. if you don't like her content anymore unsub.. yeah she changed and she's totally LA-washed but it is what it is.. she still is funny (in some capacity..) i think she's just making a lot of money doing a lot of coke and trying to social climb (which is becoming a little desperate)
Savannah Satterfield

Savannah Satterfield . 5 days ago

Blackbear’s Everything Means Nothing hat in the beginning
Anna Paraskeuopoulou

Anna Paraskeuopoulou . 6 days ago

The fact that she said she cant live without her manager and a month later she fires him i........

rabbitsaurus . 1 week ago

Tana, you never grew out of the self deprecation thing and that’s why you still haven’t grown. Referring to yourself as an incompetent dumb bitch constantly is never going to bring you above being an incompetent dumb bitch.

rabbitsaurus . 1 week ago

She’s so far gone.. she has too much money and attention for her own good.
Liliy Marin

Liliy Marin . 1 week ago

I can smell tanas breath threw the screen
Kenny cya

Kenny cya . 1 week ago

post a storytime if you want your views to go up.
Sophia Of may

Sophia Of may . 1 week ago

13:01 what song is in the background cuz it sounds kinda like mgk but idk lol
Sedra Balzarini

Sedra Balzarini . 1 week ago

tana is big chilling & having fun
Brook Hellemons

Brook Hellemons . 1 week ago

Tana: *Calling people Karen* Me: *sigh* are you actually that basic and sad, come up with something different to say. Simple you a basic bitch if you here just calling anyone and everyone a Karen.....

A_type_of_bug . 1 week ago

So being an addict is a statement and personality trait nowadays?

A_type_of_bug . 1 week ago

Her Body looks so weird in real life
Peyton Matson

Peyton Matson . 1 week ago

“Booty for Biden” and her OBSESSION for Jake Paul has become all she is about... I miss her old videos.. who is she anymore? Miss who she was.... She’s completely different now, and not in a “good” way. Sad dude....
Peyton Matson

Peyton Matson . 1 week ago

Did she add *Jake Paul* on this list? 🤔
Aliza Kerber

Aliza Kerber . 1 week ago

She only likes Joe biden because he touchs girls innapropritly and she is very much like that to so i think that is a little sad he is a bad person to be innaproprite to a child and make them have to remember that there whole life also funny part about him if u love him so much u could just lock ur self into a basement with him like he did OMG are guys twins
Mya Nicole

Mya Nicole . 1 week ago

You're married and you're seriously sending random people your ass because they voted for Biden? You're an adult. Act like it. You do realize that there are young people that watch you and that's what you are putting out there for them? Disgusting.

mdsc843 . 1 week ago

She looks like she smells like Newports and hairspray
Kiwi Katy

Kiwi Katy . 2 weeks ago

Video starts at 6:47 btw
Sonya F

Sonya F . 2 weeks ago

She uses her wealth to laugh in her fans faces. If you guys would stop paying her only fans and making her so filthy rich she would have no choice but to humble herself!! She is using your hard earned money to party and use drugs and lie to you through her teeth. She’s a mess. You all need to take a step back Nd realize she needs a slice of humble pie! She is a thief a lier and she’s trash now. Jake Paul fucked her up. Grow up he doesn’t want you. And your Dobrik copycat bullshit is garbage
Abby Jo

Abby Jo . 2 weeks ago

Really unprofessional

JADA VANWANSEELE . 2 weeks ago

Idk tana is still funny to me

Frisco . 2 weeks ago

Daddy issues.
Maria Camila Martinez

Maria Camila Martinez . 2 weeks ago

Miss this kind of videos
jennifer _StylesClashed

jennifer _StylesClashed . 2 weeks ago

who let her be this rich??!! WHO
K torgs

K torgs . 2 weeks ago

We get it tana, you SmOkE wEeD 🤪✌🏻 I need a bad bleep
Hailie Carlson

Hailie Carlson . 2 weeks ago

She don’t even inhale😭😭😭

AV Mc . 2 weeks ago

You can tell this bitch has zero ppl that love her! Ppl you love don’t let you look this stupid. If having money means broke ppl being embarrassed for you being you then I’m good. Ppl look up to this lil girl? And we’re suppose to believe you voted and cares if other ppl voted. Are Lil girls need wayyyyy better role models Seriously she is the definition of having a little money and without that money she would have nothing. Those are your ten things? No way? This looked like a ghetto commercial!!
Julie D

Julie D . 2 weeks ago

Enjoy paying a 62% tax rate thanks to Biden. I'm sure you will love giving up more than half your money due to his tax plan Tana.
JaNiyah Demps

JaNiyah Demps . 2 weeks ago

Dam girl
Royalty Xx

Royalty Xx . 2 weeks ago

6:45 for the video to start besides the long intro 😂😅😅
Lesa Burke

Lesa Burke . 2 weeks ago

I'm from Canada but trump is the man funny and a good president in my opinion Biden will put the usa in lockdown because he's a pussy that wears a mask trump don't care he got covid-19 looked he's golden
Lucy D

Lucy D . 2 weeks ago

Why did I see an ad for baby toys on this video

E JANE . 2 weeks ago

video starts at 6:47
tiffany marie

tiffany marie . 2 weeks ago

it's the constant fake laughing for me

ivyshaolin . 2 weeks ago

but she isn’t sober? was she saying being sober is preachy? was that sarcasm? there’s nothing wrong with being sober especially if you have addictions.
Felisha Marie

Felisha Marie . 2 weeks ago

This wasn’t even funny. 😐

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