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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - CHEST MONSTER 2.0
Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

Published on 1 week ago

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7 on the Hermitcraft server, Mumbo works on his new Hermitcraft base! After the HCBBS meaning was revealed to be Hermitcraft Big Base Swap, and Mumbo's base swapped with GoodTimesWithScar, he begun working on cleaning up the Scar Chest Monster by building a huge Minecraft bulk storage system, making use of Minecraft storage Silos and Minecraft automatic sorting systems.

shulker box unloader: https://d-yt.com/watch/Vp17vDuMHAQ

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

Comments :

Aryaan Patel

Aryaan Patel . 24 minutes ago

Origami Ahsoka

Origami Ahsoka . 1 hour ago

“I’m just a useless person in general” “I accidentally mistook these nether lamps for netherite” Mumbo, I love you so much lmao
Kalen Griffin

Kalen Griffin . 2 hours ago

I was only half paying attention at the beginning and I thought I was watching a Scar video
Měiwèi húntún

Měiwèi húntún . 3 hours ago

Me the whole time watching him build the collosal sorting system: 0__________0 neet

FlamingMonkey0 . 8 hours ago

etho slab... ethoslab

ICON . 8 hours ago

i realised it was scars music immediately
Cyrus Ochsenfeld

Cyrus Ochsenfeld . 9 hours ago

the timelapse musicc
Yacåp Tepp Tipp

Yacåp Tepp Tipp . 10 hours ago

The scar-music😍

DerpyMandarin . 14 hours ago

That storage system is bigger than most of my bases
Liam Hodgson

Liam Hodgson . 23 hours ago

the Etho slab is only the start. Wait until you find the Cody Slab in your inventory!

Exisss . 1 day ago

People: i cant buy a rtx 3090, i just want to play cyberpunk at max settings Mumbo jumbo: *awkward meme* i have a rtx 3090 for minecraft without shaders
Miles Loughmiller

Miles Loughmiller . 1 day ago

omg super fast build mode makes everything better
Lewis Moger

Lewis Moger . 1 day ago

Couldn't you add a shulker box system in so all the items get separated into different shulkers which then get stored in the chests? It would cost less redstone items and a bit more time? Just an idea.
DeathWillCome 2928

DeathWillCome 2928 . 1 day ago

0:49 "I'm a pretty useless person" how is mumbo jumbo one of the smartest people that understands redstone
mario yu

mario yu . 1 day ago

The lean double neurochemically command because look broadly start pro a skinny elizabeth. fabulous, interesting thing
Natural Soda

Natural Soda . 1 day ago

I made something similar but it wasn’t flat vertical. It was bulky horizontal. It filled shulker boxes with items and stored them. I loved the video!

EcavE . 2 days ago

12:32 Why cobble-slab there
Evan Schubert

Evan Schubert . 2 days ago

Wow that storage system is DAFT!
Lorenzo Arts&Playz

Lorenzo Arts&Playz . 2 days ago

Kevin Jetten

Kevin Jetten . 2 days ago

But mumbo, you should use the 2 braincells to create a new type of silo, when it fills up the chests it should automatically empty the items downwards as you pick up items out of it
Hunter Bundy

Hunter Bundy . 2 days ago

Etho slab= Etho’s Lab
Matthew Sobkowicz

Matthew Sobkowicz . 2 days ago

Etho Slab... Etho’s Lab
soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 2 days ago

that moment when scar inserts dirt named wdejktjhtrerhe be like

Ahsram . 2 days ago

I mean, do you see how many chests he has? He definitely needs that much wood. Then the chest monster can expand

ZacTheLegend . 2 days ago

I thought I was watching a @sypherpk video

Nocx . 2 days ago

Mumbo moves into scar's base and then tries to do an elytra flying course... This isn't gonna end well.

2000er . 2 days ago

Use redstone skills to make a cool shulker filling and sorting machine. - No Place 400 chest just like Scar but above each other instead of next to each other. - That's the way
Intermoutain Doll House

Intermoutain Doll House . 2 days ago

It looks like a mid western bulk grain silo
Brodin Roo

Brodin Roo . 2 days ago

No storage system is better than pewdiepie

FallBrick . 3 days ago

Imagine Mumbo Drag clicked his rockets in the elytra race!!!
Kelli Morris

Kelli Morris . 3 days ago

Who else got excited when they heard Scar's time-lapse music?
Zapcircuit ideas

Zapcircuit ideas . 3 days ago

super man 64 (if anyone knows what im talking about)

Dolphone . 3 days ago

mumbo: uses scar's timelapse music me: wait, that's illegal.................................................................................buuut, I LIKE IT!
Te Atarau

Te Atarau . 3 days ago

Mumbo, next time you are doing the same redstone work over and over, just use redstone repeaters. It repeats the redstone you just built.
Rayyan Alam

Rayyan Alam . 3 days ago

mumbo: happy because he got 3rd place grian: oh imma end ur whole career
Aa Did It

Aa Did It . 3 days ago

Hide it in a billboard
Datboi 0072

Datboi 0072 . 3 days ago

Alex Eschen

Alex Eschen . 3 days ago

Really just a nice little circuit on the top for sorting in a vertically challenged area.
David Martin

David Martin . 3 days ago

I chould imagine a storage tunnel in wich the Trucks drive through having a giant claw inside ich pichs up the cargo and stores it. Isntead doing the storage system in with making it in lenght
David Martin

David Martin . 3 days ago

Is there any rule wich prevents you exchanging the deets with a Hermit Challenges?

hannahbanana . 3 days ago

having scars music in the background really tipped the scales here
Carter S

Carter S . 3 days ago

Etho slab—ethos lab
Arik Herzog

Arik Herzog . 3 days ago

Wait does scar now own the industrial district?

WheatleyInABox . 3 days ago

Mumbo has access to Super Fast Build Mode- INDEFINITE SUPER FAST BUILD MODE-
Ryantheboss 1298

Ryantheboss 1298 . 3 days ago

Why did you put a scale in the thumbnail we know how big chests are

John . 3 days ago

i had 15 double chests of obsidian on an avatar the last airbender server
The Reckoning

The Reckoning . 3 days ago

Hey guys, when I saw this storage system, one thing came to mind and want to run it by y’all so you can tell me if I’m crazy. From what I can tell, items can’t flow from the top chests to the bottom ones so after the initial loading, if scar uses the items from the bottom 3 chests but the top 17 still have items in them? They will never flow down so he can reach them. Is that correct?
Karma Cifer

Karma Cifer . 3 days ago

OOhhhhh the Scar time lapse music got me laughing for a long time xDDD
RabbitDahBeast 024

RabbitDahBeast 024 . 3 days ago

GoodTimesWithMumbo for using scars time lapse music

BroItsZion . 3 days ago

Can someone plain to me why mumbos childhood dream is a storage system...

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