Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 2 months ago

Denise Rochon

Denise Rochon . 1 hour ago

💯 agree love this song ❤️
Lambert Saldi

Lambert Saldi . 2 days ago

The Standing and Fallen Patriots God bless 🙏 🙏🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸 💚
The Vermonter
Lorraine Campos

Lorraine Campos . 5 days ago

Great video , rich , u knew the sacrifice u where gonna make after this song n I hate those elites

Solanaceae . 5 days ago

Outlaw Country is baaack!!

Tom . 6 days ago

Hawk Cyber Gear

Hawk Cyber Gear . 6 days ago

Janet P Aguilar

Janet P Aguilar . 7 days ago

❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉God bless the 🇺🇸
The diamondalchemist 1644

The diamondalchemist 1644 . 1 week ago

great job guy's we need more of this

DXGhostly . 1 week ago

Still one of my favorite songs!
Darrin Williams

Darrin Williams . 1 week ago

Why do these two give me goosebumps about being American??? Keep up the good work gentlemen.😎😎😎😎
Christopher Kresge

Christopher Kresge . 1 week ago

Edward Turner

Edward Turner . 1 week ago

Loved the "End of the World " video. Love the part where the UFO was brought down with a rock.

Uwnitwn . 1 week ago

Wonderful, thankful and sad…..
Daniel johnson

Daniel johnson . 2 weeks ago

Bless you John and Tom, This is amazing, I can't stop listening to this song either it's SO good
Davy P

Davy P . 2 weeks ago

Keep up the good work, boys,!
Ron Schneider

Ron Schneider . 2 weeks ago

You know honestly every time somebody says God bless the u.s.a. it makes me think black lives matter don't take that anyway because it's only meant as why would you just say God bless America God bless the whole goddamn world if you ask me and this isn't going out to anybody in particular just going out.
Dan McCaffrey

Dan McCaffrey . 2 weeks ago

We need more collabs to keep driving the message home that all this fear and division is bullshit.
@Tom MacDonald, have you heard @Eric Church 's song, "The Snake"? You two could really put something amazing together.

Keep it up.

Samanthae . 2 weeks ago

Kelley Ischy

Kelley Ischy . 2 weeks ago

Best video, y'all couldn't have said it any better.. thank you!
Diana Mattson

Diana Mattson . 2 weeks ago

One's a rapper; the other is a country singer. And they are both HEROS! They love this country and love their fans. God bless them both.
RzwooDzwoo Z.

RzwooDzwoo Z. . 2 weeks ago

God Bless you 😉
Angela m

Angela m . 3 weeks ago

It's a great song, and they sound awesome together.
Jennifer Hartman

Jennifer Hartman . 3 weeks ago

We need more of this!! Love u both!❤❤
Hein Fehr

Hein Fehr . 3 weeks ago

Bro I wanna visit him in Amarillo I live not to far
Tweety Leet

Tweety Leet . 3 weeks ago

That looking forward to see that. Thank you.

Deken . 3 weeks ago

I'm still down for that podcast! Face Tats & Cowboy Hats. Get on it, men! I'ma have to put Nova in charge! 😂
Steven Watts

Steven Watts . 3 weeks ago

well, sorry but im still mad that he dropped Bradley Gaskin from his label all those years ago.
Barry Smith

Barry Smith . 3 weeks ago

But your from canada🤔
Heartland HQ w/ Dink & Tank

Heartland HQ w/ Dink & Tank . 3 weeks ago


quaqltagh333 . 3 weeks ago

Thank you
Tom Lehr

Tom Lehr . 3 weeks ago

Cant unite when you keep preachin trumpism

DirpyCalbus . 3 weeks ago

amarillo by mornin
The Adventures of the Bayvilla Family🥰

The Adventures of the Bayvilla Family🥰 . 3 weeks ago

True patriots 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤
Carlos Carrillo

Carlos Carrillo . 3 weeks ago

I can't stand white tattoed rappers tough guys wannabe's just as much as I can't stand country music.
Michelle Haugen-Abbene

Michelle Haugen-Abbene . 3 weeks ago

Amen love you both congrats need more ppl like you

mike . 3 weeks ago

God bless yall ❤
Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson . 3 weeks ago

This is the true America i dont care what you look like i see character and its ok to disagree. Differing views is what determines our future we can agree to disagree and compromise to create a better America.
Mark Houser

Mark Houser . 3 weeks ago

This is what we're missing. They have been spending so much on dividing Us in every way imaginable it is time to unite and truly be the united states
Lurena Cornella

Lurena Cornella . 3 weeks ago

Arthur Kuntz

Arthur Kuntz . 3 weeks ago

James Hoover

James Hoover . 3 weeks ago

I'm a city boy from Chicago raised by a sharecropper fromthis is the best country in the world both me and my father fought for itand it's killing me to watch all these little freaking weenies destroy ityou two should name your band loud and Rich👍
Francisco Rosales

Francisco Rosales . 3 weeks ago

I thought the country dude was gonna say he grew up in a double wide trailer fucking his sister😂😂😂
Rolland Kerr

Rolland Kerr . 3 weeks ago

We need more of this...
Alter Ego

Alter Ego . 3 weeks ago

Well...there is ONE thing you guys have in common.
Adam Griess

Adam Griess . 4 weeks ago

Thanks again Tom and John! GOD BLESS THE USA.
pete potaczek

pete potaczek . 4 weeks ago

About fucking time some real men/ patriotic/Americans had some fucking balls!! God bless America!!
Blas Garcia

Blas Garcia . 4 weeks ago

Hell yea dats wus up gotta stick together
Chief Motorsports

Chief Motorsports . 4 weeks ago

Kent Stephens

Kent Stephens . 4 weeks ago

Now that's true Americans.
P Jplumber

P Jplumber . 4 weeks ago

Um. Hey John. Hey um. Im as country as they come. I got a bunch of buddies with tags all over their body. It’s nothing new for hill billies and bikers to hang out. You wanna make a difference? Write a song about the great divide in financial class. There’s the issue. But yeah you 2 should’ve been buddies in pre k. Broke is broke. Kid in a brick house ain’t playing with double wide Danny. My school anyways. There’s nothing special expect the delivery. Sounds great. But it’s a song that will make y’all rich eerr. Meanwhile. The true hillbillies and bikers are havin a beer together bout every night after work.

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