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The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

Spider-Man No Way Home villain and Dark Avengers set up! The villain for Spider-Man 3 No Way Home has seemingly been revealed and this villain could set up the Dark Avengers in the MCU! Many villains will appear in Spider-Man No Way Home because of the spider-verse like Doc Ock and Electro but who will the main villain be? If Norman Osborn appears then he could set up Oscorp and the Dark Avengers!

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 2 months ago

Norman Osborn!!!! I can't wait for this and I really hope he stays around to set up the Dark Avengers! What do you think? Woof woof! GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtImxuAZxeLOLx5fIxfZK-g

Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess . 3 weeks ago

Great vid

Raktim Das

Raktim Das . 1 month ago

Eagerly waiting for this movie❤❤from India


Bill . 1 month ago

With Norman Osborn not yet in the mcu they can easily do a dark avengers storyline b4 he becomes green goblin. It could work but we shall c


Bill . 1 month ago

I would b extraordinarily happy if mcu/sony brought in a different actor as Norman osborn who donned the proper outfit instead of the futuristic goblin


Kacperpwl . 1 month ago

Idc what yall saying, i dont want to see the same villains

Marie Benedict Ajay

Marie Benedict Ajay . 1 month ago

How CAN Norman appear in other MCU projects, if Sony owns him?


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

Staying away from leaks as much as possible.

SmokeScape Movie Night

SmokeScape Movie Night . 2 months ago

SHIELD is no longer a thing? Says who? Did this guy not watch Agents of SHIELD lmao. They are very much still a thing.

Alexis Enriquez

Alexis Enriquez . 2 months ago

Not green goblin again.

illuminatus Quis

illuminatus Quis . 2 months ago

If nobody really dies then why is Peter's uncle dead?

Persona Ego

Persona Ego . 2 months ago

Norman's not having a personal connection to Peter would feel like blasphemy to me if he ends up being the main villain.

Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston . 2 months ago

Sony owns the rights to the Norman Osborne character so it’s doubtful there will be any major series or movies with him outside of Spider-Man or the Sinister Six.

Rafael Galaxy

Rafael Galaxy . 2 months ago

02:21 you know how much I sacrifice???

Gregory Taylor

Gregory Taylor . 2 months ago

I remember John Cena tease Something about Himself Playing as Sandman In the next spider man movie I hope John Cena play as Sandman

Aleksa Vavic

Aleksa Vavic . 2 months ago

Man you are all trolled af :D

Demario Belton

Demario Belton . 2 months ago

What about Mysterio is he going to return in spiderman no way home because in far from home it did not look like that he died if he's was on the news and said: spiderman name is Peter Parker so I thinking that he didn't died


SLUGFEST-TV . 2 months ago

My only problem is they are character assignation the rami villain

King Jordan

King Jordan . 2 months ago

yes dark avengers

Corey Sjoden

Corey Sjoden . 2 months ago

I’d love to see Norman Osbourne’s Patriot

Ayo .Fields

Ayo .Fields . 2 months ago

i really mis the avengers man 🥺🥺


Webhead . 2 months ago

I really wonder is spider-gwen will come out in No Way Home....


mercurrius . 2 months ago

They sounds like could be interesting.

maximum infinity

maximum infinity . 2 months ago

omg im the 4,000th like

maximum infinity

maximum infinity . 2 months ago

how do you enter the shield gw lol?


EvanG . 2 months ago

Lol the Norman Osborn/ green goblin played by William was a less than PG rated, ex employee reject from a horrible power rangers episode in my opinion. If your gonna bring the green goblin back you need some serious changes to that character.


cassy . 2 months ago

i just hope they don’t ralph bohner us

Arber Numani

Arber Numani . 2 months ago

I dont want the main villian to be somebody from another universe. It just doesnt make sense


englandmp152 . 2 months ago

Great update Warren!

Lord Dusk

Lord Dusk . 2 months ago

If Green Goblin is the main villain in this movie, I will pass on it

Claudia Guerrero

Claudia Guerrero . 2 months ago

Yo pls, I need that Captain America Shield. Nice vid btw.

karen Martinez

karen Martinez . 2 months ago

I wonder if we get to see A.I.M later in the mcu

*Munny_120 *

*Munny_120 * . 2 months ago

I hope they don't mash-up the Thunderbolts and the Dark Avengers

Brenda Amoah

Brenda Amoah . 2 months ago

I will definitely be watching all SpiderMan movies over again just to make myself more excited


Prebuiltroom901 . 2 months ago

Marvel and Sony are going to be pis*ed at Molina and that means Karli and other characters who died could come back


TOP MOVIEE CLIPS . 2 months ago

Really multivers in spider man no way home i

Nils Van Veen

Nils Van Veen . 2 months ago

Should I then maybe watch all of the other Spider-Man movies since I haven’t seen all?


YoGamer06 . 2 months ago

Didnt Otto became good?

wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess

wearwolf420 PSN#codeguess . 2 months ago

Oh please get dapho

Royce Mitchell

Royce Mitchell . 2 months ago

If it’s not Norman or close to it I’m going to be disappointed

Sean Hiatt

Sean Hiatt . 2 months ago

I don't think the Dark Avengers team is going to be the same has the comics. Instead they will probably just be a team of anti heroes, who are a little dark.

Brian Feldz

Brian Feldz . 2 months ago

Wouldn’t it make sense if he was just the Norman Osbourne from the MCU universe? I guess this works too. Defoe s kind of old. Was hoping for a younger NO. DeFoe won’t be around forever. Like can Defoe be an active character for the next 15 years? And Walker is awesome, he gets better as the show goes on. He’s second only to Zemo for best and most favorite character from the series.

DennisGpro _

DennisGpro _ . 2 months ago

Hey! If noone really dies Nat&Tony are still alive

Zeeshan Syed

Zeeshan Syed . 2 months ago

Norman Osborn should have a big part in the MCU aside from Spiderman movies, he’s That interesting of a character if you decide to explore all aspects of him

Stiltmans Stilt

Stiltmans Stilt . 2 months ago

When we gonna get Spidey vs mob/gangs movie? I want Silvermane, hammerhead, tombstone, the enforcers, and silver sable and her wolf pack...etc

Stiltmans Stilt

Stiltmans Stilt . 2 months ago

Bored of green goblin stuff

Shaun Mathison

Shaun Mathison . 2 months ago


Craze -x

Craze -x . 2 months ago

I saw Spider-Man no way home in my dreams last night... it started off with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and he’s talking with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and then there’s this black hole or something and out of the black hole all the villains come out-


Reekness . 2 months ago

When he sacrificed himself doc Ock he was a good guy so it makes him turn evil?


TERRY HAMPTON . 2 months ago

didn't they killed off Norman Osbourne off in SAM Raimi spider man been a while since i watch it kind of leaves plot hole far from home

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