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WE'RE HAVING A BABY! + Telling Our Friends And Family
KianLawley & AylaWoodruff

KianLawley & AylaWoodruff

Published on 1 week ago

Thanks for watching! This is such an important time in our lives and can't thank you enough for all the love and support we have been shown these past couple of weeks.
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RACHEL T. . 11 minutes ago

Wow. I am crying. Kian 😢❤❤❤ my childhood crush is a man. my loves I am so happy for you, Ayla you’re SOOO lucky 😅 Wishing you both sooo much love and positivity during this time!!!

ItssOfficial . 45 minutes ago

kyndal dryden

kyndal dryden . 2 hours ago

i can see the babies name having something to do with corey
Savannah Reynolds

Savannah Reynolds . 2 hours ago

Stop I’m bawling my eyes out watching this so happy for you both 🥹🥹🥹
Angel Burgess

Angel Burgess . 4 hours ago

im actually sobbing

K . 4 hours ago

I remember the O2L days as if they were both a year ago and 20 years ago. Seeing all the babies from those youtube days is REALLY fueling that baby fever. Congrats!!
Iam Reborn👀

Iam Reborn👀 . 5 hours ago

I love how everyone tries to credit themselves for knowing lol
Anett D

Anett D . 6 hours ago

I was waiting for jc's reaction.. im crying you guys 😢❤ i love you all so much.. ❤❤❤❤
Anett D

Anett D . 6 hours ago

Im crying like a baby 😭😭

rJlanD7 . 6 hours ago

It’s honestly incredible you told this many people and knew you could trust them 🥺

J-World . 8 hours ago

I cried my eyes out 🥺
Paxton B.

Paxton B. . 9 hours ago

I love how you told them all in different ways
hueo far

hueo far . 11 hours ago

3 minutes in, I ADORE how much Ayla’s mom loves Kian. That was so sweet how he held her and she asked if he was okay

Sydney_lynn . 13 hours ago

From watching kian be a wild funny teen to this is amazing … I’m crying ! Can’t wait to see where life takes the 3 of you

LeAnn ASMR . 14 hours ago

omg David’s face was one of my favs lol this is so damn cute i’m crying
Chantal Ponce

Chantal Ponce . 15 hours ago

i'm so glad that both of them have so many close friends who are genuinely happy for them 😢 . it was so cute to see kian comforting ayla's mom!!! but LOL when she started downing the beer bottle
Cristy Lopez

Cristy Lopez . 15 hours ago

Im in tears 😭 jc is gonna be the best uncle and that goes for the whole friends and family that baby Gonna be so loved 😢

b . 16 hours ago

I feel so old

SAIDATI MAHMUDAH . 16 hours ago

summer jazenboski

summer jazenboski . 16 hours ago

So so happy for you guys! I’ve always been a Kian girl but I’m so all for the love you have for each other and I don’t doubt that you guys will love that beautiful baby boy so much. I’m so excited to see your guys journey in life goes and to grow even stronger. And Ayla is sooo gorgeous and stunning. Again so so happy for you guys ❤️🎉
Charlie Cummings

Charlie Cummings . 19 hours ago

watching you kian since the o2l days i just sobbed this whole video happy tears. I can’t wait for this new chapter of both of your lives, both of your energy is beyond incredible and i’m so excited to see a mini version of that combined. you’ll be amazing parents, congratulations xx
Makenzi Williamson

Makenzi Williamson . 19 hours ago

I sobbed through this entire video. Kian showing JC had me lose it!

Nana . 19 hours ago

Time has passed so fast omg
Desirae Vang

Desirae Vang . 20 hours ago

My heart is so full 🥹 Jc’s reaction 😭
Kayla Dean

Kayla Dean . 21 hours ago

OMG!!!! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
Carly Suhm

Carly Suhm . 21 hours ago


jaylin2 . 21 hours ago

instantly cried when i saw jc
bri marie

bri marie . 21 hours ago

after watching you and jc for so long, it feels like I’ve grown up with you. I’m sobbing.

zain . 21 hours ago

Daamn i thought he was gay
Parker Miller

Parker Miller . 22 hours ago

dude the blue hats in the first shot for the pop up shop, full circle moment right now
shaking sarah

shaking sarah . 22 hours ago

Him showing jc made me cry
Rosa ramirez

Rosa ramirez . 22 hours ago

Awwww congrats 🥺

Chloe . 23 hours ago

omg ayla’s parents are so fucking adorable
Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez . 23 hours ago

I always wondered what life would be like in 5, 10, 15 years from when u first started watching you K. We grow these online relationships with our favorite creators and expect that some day it’ll have to end due to different circumstances life throws our way. So many YouTubers I grew up with have coke and gone and you’ve been here and continue to be here. I’m so so happy for you. I’m so proud of what you’re becoming. I am so excited to continue following your life now with a soon to be FAMILY. Congratulations you two! 🤍
isabella Norris

isabella Norris . 23 hours ago

I wish Corey was here for this

ketlenrus . 24 hours ago

He’s gonna be a dad 🥹 i still remember watching O2L vids after school
Nicole Celis

Nicole Celis . 1 day ago

I wish Corey was here to experience this beautiful announcement with you guys🩵 but he’s watching from heaven🕊️
Fatma Demirgil

Fatma Demirgil . 1 day ago

That was so wholesome
Devani D

Devani D . 1 day ago

135k reached, on the road to 140k
Next stop 136k ❤

Shelby . 1 day ago

These videos need to stop making me cry!!!
Devani D

Devani D . 1 day ago

133k reached, on the road to 140k
Next stop 134k ❤
Briana Owens

Briana Owens . 1 day ago

Mannn when he was showing it to JC and handed it directly to him first, as an O2L girl, I sobbed
Jess Stylinson

Jess Stylinson . 1 day ago

not born yet & already so so loved & cherished ! , not only by your amazing family & friends but thousands of people around the world! .. wanna sob right now! .. this is such a beautiful & special moment .. ! the beginning of your happily ever after ! I love you guys so much ! congratulations (again)

Charm . 1 day ago

Why did I burst into tears when jc said he’s gonna cry 😭
Eimy Santos M

Eimy Santos M . 1 day ago

I love this
eva mooney smith

eva mooney smith . 1 day ago

good work guys i want a girly

kaylinalolo . 1 day ago

This baby is gonna have sooo much love. I love it
Laura Holland

Laura Holland . 2 days ago

omg i lost it when aylas mom hugged kain and cried. Your dads right though he will be the best dad and ayla will be the BEST mom. Congrats yall

애슐리RKIVE . 2 days ago

jc’s reaction was just so 🥹🥹🥹 been a fan since o2l days and seeing all of the reactions is just so heartwarming 🫶🏼 congrats kian & ayla!

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