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Tara Strong & Greg Cipes join us for an epic Teen Titans duel and their podcast Ship It Show!
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Comments :


ilovefunnyamv2nd . 2 days ago

"So if I decided right now that y'all were madly in love with me, and are gunna be me a yacht, I could do that" Well, you're not wrong. Thanks for using your powers responsibly when you could have been the most powerful and successful villain Raven


J J . 2 weeks ago

💜💜💜 Raven.....

Tatiyana P Forsythe

Tatiyana P Forsythe . 2 weeks ago

Sushi socks.


ejune98 . 3 weeks ago

Greg is literally bb himself lmao

Omar Meyreles

Omar Meyreles . 3 weeks ago

Beast boy beat Adonis

Ryuu Draco

Ryuu Draco . 3 weeks ago

I'm sorry but even if beast boy Turns into superman, and for sake of argument we'll say he can, superman is weak to magic

Kadeem Malik

Kadeem Malik . 4 weeks ago

Maybe he cant become a Kryptonian but he could turn into a Kryptonian animal.... I mean we gonna act like Krypto isn't the most op pup on any planet

Chino Sparks

Chino Sparks . 1 month ago

Greg seems a little....... Out there 😅

Jaevon Ingram

Jaevon Ingram . 1 month ago

That werebeast form is his best bet and form. He literally moves so fast he vanishes. When he fought Adonis he reappeared in front of him and hit him. That same form bodied Cyborg, robin, and even starfire, who were actively trying to hurt him to bring him down. I still think raven wins tho.

Jordon Vazquez

Jordon Vazquez . 2 months ago

Tara's real voice is so deep, mature, and womanly.

Jordon Vazquez

Jordon Vazquez . 2 months ago

This Battle Ship is about to Explode FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Capcom Vs Snk 2 Reference)


Ricyricky . 2 months ago



Ricyricky . 2 months ago

Beast boy would clearly win Number one: gigantopithecus. Number two: raven would be arrested for animal abuse.

Sophia Uskudarli Isabel Higueros

Sophia Uskudarli Isabel Higueros . 2 months ago

3:38 BB slader will NOT be tolerated 😤


CrucialSpitsBars . 2 months ago

Beast boy vs wonder twins


gojirafan430 . 2 months ago

Yo is Greg just like on ecstasy this whole time or something?


JK FIRELORD . 2 months ago

Omg I mean I knew people were gonna vote raven but that percentage tho 🤣

Sum Guy

Sum Guy . 2 months ago

Hmmm a demon against a guy who can turn into animals damn this is closer then we thought

*Greener's Channel

*Greener's Channel . 2 months ago

Shouldve used only her for raven vs twilight

*Greener's Channel

*Greener's Channel . 2 months ago

#2 beast boy

Tom Gipps

Tom Gipps . 2 months ago

Baked, cooked even.

Matt Say Yay

Matt Say Yay . 3 months ago

A month ago: Oh, that's nice. Another Cast thing. A month later: Wait, hold up! You got WHAT NOW!?


ncognegro05 . 3 months ago

Woman is so damned gorgeous.

Armando Delgado

Armando Delgado . 3 months ago

Wow Tara strong is beautiful ☺️

Zeryph Tactics

Zeryph Tactics . 3 months ago

I hope they do raven vs beast boy soon though

Zeryph Tactics

Zeryph Tactics . 3 months ago

Raven vs scarlet witch all the way

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams . 3 months ago

raven literally morphed beastboy into a different animal.....but watch this dumbass channel make beastboy win somehow

Patrick J. Colliano

Patrick J. Colliano . 3 months ago

The Karens vs the Sovereign Citizens!


mystacris . 3 months ago

Dude. You don't even know. Tara Strong is responsible FOR YOUR CHILDHOOD.

Simple Simon

Simple Simon . 3 months ago

I didn't see it in the first 100 comments so I'll just say it, Greg is high AF

Edward Cross

Edward Cross . 3 months ago

Beast Boy vs Reptil confirmed?

Yvthan Rosémary

Yvthan Rosémary . 3 months ago

They have never read a DC book in their life

Unstable Beast

Unstable Beast . 3 months ago

I'd ship catwoman, marry starfire and kill joker

Unstable Beast

Unstable Beast . 3 months ago

5:00 in the teen titans cartoon, with the trigon saga it honestly seemed like raven had more of a crush on Robin and bb was more of like a best friend/brother. To me atleast


APOSTROPHE MUSIC . 3 months ago

Are we not gonna talk about how kryptonians are weak to magic so raven would just obliterate beast boy in superman form


Itsghost7kk . 3 months ago

Beast boy: it’s which ever one you want to ride on. Welp there goes my childhood. 😳

London Rhodes

London Rhodes . 3 months ago

Watching Ben meltdown inside was really enjoyable.


Littlekiraneko . 3 months ago

So I guess we doing domestic abuse and animal abuse today.

Jensen Gong

Jensen Gong . 3 months ago

Superman vs home lander

Dominick Sanchez

Dominick Sanchez . 3 months ago

Raven wins


thebigEdziu . 3 months ago

Damn... I didn't know DBC was guesting stars. I'm glad they didn't see me. My hair is terrible XD Does Tara always speak that way like here ?? With her lavender eyes she was alluring. And Greg was quite strange but positive guy. Could Raven detect Beast Boy if he transforms into very small insect e.g. flea ?? A quick jump on her, shapeshifting into something with a big claws or teeth and done. On the other hand Raven has more opportunities so I would vote for her. Community DB - No idea.


StarZ1 . 3 months ago

Kratos vs wonder woman


DarkKing009 . 3 months ago

A violent marriage counseling

AnJ -L-Ope

AnJ -L-Ope . 3 months ago

Waiting for animation of this

Cam K

Cam K . 3 months ago

I don't mean to be rude but could beast boy stop talking for like 10 minutes


grunt25100 . 3 months ago


Serious Spike Sam

Serious Spike Sam . 3 months ago

It's cool that Tara got here, but Greg was way too annoying for me.

Gerald Evan

Gerald Evan . 3 months ago

easy, raven owns beast boy in battle, while beast boy owns raven in....Nevermind

killer boy

killer boy . 3 months ago

Raven would obviously win


Fakenit66 . 3 months ago

Urgh... White people who try to talk like black rappers. X(

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