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KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Face Off
DAZN Boxing

DAZN Boxing

Published on 1 week ago

KSI and Tommy Fury are set to come head-to-head on October 14, on DAZN PPV. Ahead of their epic showdown, the two fighters sat down for a heated Face Off. KSI is preparing for his biggest test yet; Tommy Fury is hoping to end YouTube boxing once and for all. You do not want to miss this

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DAZN Boxing

DAZN Boxing . 1 week ago

Who do you think won the face off? Watch KSI vs. Tommy Fury, and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis on DAZN PPV, October 14.
Raining Square76

Raining Square76 . 28 minutes ago

It’s me

It’s me . 54 minutes ago

Someone looks scared and it wasn’t Tommy
Taylor Farry

Taylor Farry . 3 hours ago

KSI must be slow or something. i had second hand embarrassment for him the whole time.

RelaxAlexX . 6 hours ago


DeliveryGuyTy . 7 hours ago

Tommy Fury by KO within 2 rounds

Gareth . 9 hours ago

Tommy still saying hes knocking everyone he fights out but doesn't. Amateur mate this youtubers will ko you in 3 rounds
Anti Riku

Anti Riku . 9 hours ago

ksi is so corny

Daryl . 10 hours ago

Ksi saying he got that dawwggg in him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Bewtay . 10 hours ago

I’m a ksi fan and supporter but you gotta call him out

AznLee . 11 hours ago

The fact that JJ only wanted 6 rounds and Tommy wanted more actually says a lot.

Motivation . 12 hours ago

dosen't matter if viddal can't sell ticket or not, if u so sure then fight him. not selling tickets dosen't mean he wouldn't fk u up...
De Profundis

De Profundis . 12 hours ago

KSI is out of his depth

LYNXX PLAYZ . 13 hours ago

Y is jj wearing sun glasses in the dark room lol he scared to look fury in the eyes πŸ˜‚
Zerato δΈ€εŒΉγ‚ͺγ‚ͺγ‚«γƒŸ

Zerato δΈ€εŒΉγ‚ͺγ‚ͺγ‚«γƒŸ . 15 hours ago

Humble this lil bish...Go Fury! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀍🀍

TheMeady23 . 16 hours ago

Increase the ppv to include the viewing of the scraping and hopefully the end of these wannabe boxers
Natthan Bagshaw

Natthan Bagshaw . 17 hours ago

Ksi has proven what a brainless idiot he is and that his mouth will say anything by saying that Tyson fury can't knock people out.
Simmy Simmy

Simmy Simmy . 18 hours ago

Here you go kids, become a youtuber and fight pro boxers, cringy AF
Hogan 1989

Hogan 1989 . 20 hours ago

YouTube clown totally mugged off πŸ˜‚ brilliant! If Tommy ever backed down from a fight his dad would give him a far worse beating than any other man would. Now if YouTube kid did his mum would take him out for ice cream to make him feel better
Jacob Carr

Jacob Carr . 20 hours ago

Ksi is so wack πŸ˜‚ all he can said is β€œI’m going to knock you out”
Lee Staples

Lee Staples . 20 hours ago

That β€œyes, up and down the car park” had me cryinnggggggg
Shreyansh Singh

Shreyansh Singh . 22 hours ago

Muhammad ali:That,s when you catch me
Katie Blackmore

Katie Blackmore . 23 hours ago

This is pathetic....... How has boxing come too this? More importantly, why are you morons loving it?
I am 44, i have done martial arts, MMA my entire life.... Been in competitions, but nothing special, never hit the real big time.
But i can say, all the people i faced were PURE fighters.
I love Boxing, i grew up in the era of late 80's, 90's with incredible fighters, incredible fights..... We have had a few great fights the past years, but now.... It is an absolute joke.
YouTubers are now classed as box office fighters????? And the Fury name is making a joke out of a sport, with Captain love island fighting these nobodies and people thinking he is a great fighter for doing it.
And Bipolar Tyson, ducking anyone and everyone with any real risk, yet having the nerve to say they are Bums??????
Then fighting someone who isn't a Boxer, and calling it the fight of the year???????
Deluded the lot of ya,
Mathew Kell

Mathew Kell . 24 hours ago

Tommy is trash LOL dudes acts like hes a pro boxer but hes a decent amatuer and thats all. Tommy for the win though

D R . 24 hours ago

Fair play to Tommy Fury, guy can talk and talk and talk

Jonesy . 1 day ago

KSI knows hes going to lose, he just getting the bank

JessTheLabrador . 1 day ago

Tommy fury will feel the power of African blood 🩸

Angelov . 1 day ago

Only sad thing is ksi isn't taking this seriously.. like jake paul has training non stop.. ksi hasn't trained much

Angelov . 1 day ago

Ksi is getting beat pretty fast and then ksi will get beat by jake paul and then fury will bear jake again

Ooo97 . 1 day ago


Martin . 1 day ago

Jake Paul is way better than KSI. Who agrees with me?

Martin . 1 day ago

Lets go tommy. Oh, nevermind, he (tommy)already wonπŸ˜‚
Jose Valdez

Jose Valdez . 1 day ago

Ksi should stick to YouTube man this is awful πŸ’€
Marble Jar

Marble Jar . 1 day ago

"It's not about who I've fought, it's about who I am" it's literally the opposite in boxing. Imagine if Mike Tyson spent his career fighting average joes instead of other world class boxers.

exelr8 . 1 day ago

''people like wilder'' what do you mean jj?
Justin Amenta

Justin Amenta . 1 day ago

Ill put a years worth a paychecks on Fury....

exelr8 . 1 day ago

''when i come thru and do my ting'' goto bed ksi g
KD's Burner

KD's Burner . 1 day ago

15:40 KSI really slow asfπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
philip davison

philip davison . 1 day ago

He must have been mad to call TF out,i know he trains ,but i cannot see him winning against fury.

Outlaw . 1 day ago

Tommy should be fighting Vidal lol he’ll deffo get dropped instead of fighting these amateur why not fight an actual boxer
Unknown 415

Unknown 415 . 1 day ago

My manager is a strong guy but he’s not a boxer πŸ˜‚
Pascual M

Pascual M . 1 day ago

ksi’s comebacks are cringey asfff
Chop Chest

Chop Chest . 1 day ago

Geez ksi let him get a word in like a big kid butting in 🀣🀣 sorry ksi ur gunna get sparked out
Michael Scholtes

Michael Scholtes . 1 day ago

Easy fight for Tommy.
Mark Wood

Mark Wood . 1 day ago

Let the hand,s do the talking πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ‘

PokeXD . 1 day ago

I love Ksi but he lost this face to face… now the fight


When is this going to end ? These youtubers fighting boxers. I’m rooting for fury to end this goofy.

PokeXD . 1 day ago

Hope ksi wins this but everyone seems to be on Tommy’s side

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