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Keith & Eugene Rank The Taco Bell Menu
The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Published on 2 weeks ago

Welcome back to the crossover collab we all love, Rank The Menu! Join Keith and Eugene in ranking the most popular items at Taco Bell! Don’t agree with our ranks? Well, that’s too bad! We’re right, you’re wrong, open wide!

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Amanda Anglemyer

Amanda Anglemyer . 3 hours ago

Love that Eugene's nonsense pronunciations were accurately captioned😂

RobertPChaoticKing . 4 hours ago

I can’t tell if they’re drunk or this is just what happens when you have 2 grown men eat Taco Bell as a video
Lori McKenzie

Lori McKenzie . 5 hours ago

Keith and Eugene stuck in a social dilemma "What isn't named by a white guy!"
Charlotte Hoelzl

Charlotte Hoelzl . 7 hours ago

please do the fried chicken rank king
Era Z

Era Z . 10 hours ago

Keith bringing up fry bread made my native heart happy. It’s the superior snack food.
bob reno

bob reno . 13 hours ago

kickstart is great cuz it's got all that caffeine
bob reno

bob reno . 13 hours ago

messed up. The pizza is back
Dan Orlich

Dan Orlich . 15 hours ago

I feel bad wanting more cuz Eugene genuinely doesn’t seem to want to but…I love it so much!
Jacob Boatman

Jacob Boatman . 17 hours ago

please keith you have to try taco bueno
Olivia B

Olivia B . 17 hours ago

I feel like I gotta step up for Pepsi and say that it's my mom's favorite soda
just jaici

just jaici . 19 hours ago

the baja blast freeze is way better than the soda
Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller . 20 hours ago

From having such a strong political opinion about a bucket that they wanted to switch to saying you can’t start your day off with Taco Bell…. There was a lot I didn’t agree with early and often, but dammit if you didn’t still entertain me. Love it!
Whiskey Anne Waters

Whiskey Anne Waters . 20 hours ago

The double decker taco was a soft shell with beans on it, then they would put the crunchy taco in that. The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is way better imo

Erin . 21 hours ago

"I don't wanna work that hard."

Taco bell putting a quesadilla around a burrito, the grilled stuffed burrito, and the crunchwrap are PEAK stoner foods. Always be my fave.
Savanah Schutz

Savanah Schutz . 21 hours ago

I love Keith and Eugene videos they're some of the funniest moments on the channel
Becca Walton

Becca Walton . 22 hours ago

my mentally ill brain loves Baja blast and a cheesy roll-up ;(
maddie Blair

maddie Blair . 24 hours ago

I literally go to taco bell just for a baja blast. Like I will sit in that long ass line just to order 1 large moutain dew baja blast freeze and i will have finished that whole thing before i get home. It is hands down my favorite flavor of moutain dew and my favorite flavor of icee/slushee.

tabbynakamura . 1 day ago

And I have fallen to the level where this is the stuff I watch to make myself eat food. Actually, ya know what? Thank you, Keith and Eugene, for making content that actually makes me eat my food instead of just staring at it wishing I could develop photosynthesis.

Ember . 1 day ago

The Mexican pizza is back. We need a do over
Rose Cabahug

Rose Cabahug . 1 day ago

I was watching this with my 10-year-old younger brother. And then all the d**k talk made him question himself. I was hysterically laughing 🤣 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Kelly Stout

Kelly Stout . 1 day ago

Okay, but is Chris going to be a special guest when they rank fried chicken joints?
Kelly Stout

Kelly Stout . 1 day ago

The amount they talk about Zach's penis. Like, is it a meme or is Maggie the luckiest Try Wife?
Jam s.a sims

Jam s.a sims . 1 day ago

Give us some lesbian representation pls pls pls ily guys

mya . 1 day ago

"babies an fall in and drown in the bucket ! :D"
"yeaaa.. it's probably not funny"
Priti Sonkar

Priti Sonkar . 1 day ago


Courtney . 2 days ago

The breakfast crunch wrap is super good. I do like that, especially with the added hash brown and jalapeno sauce. ❤️

DamienSaysRAWR . 2 days ago

PS - You guys need to fly to Texas & do “Rank The Menu: Whataburger”

DamienSaysRAWR . 2 days ago

So glad I didn’t comment while the video was going & waited. I’m at peace where the Baja Blast landed. I will say though, the Cheese Roll Ups are good if you add stuff to them. Like I’ve added Nacho Cheese & it changes the game up so much on it. Also, I just feel like the Cinnamon Twists are Cardboard. Anyone else feel that way. I would’ve ranked them dead last.
Serious Black

Serious Black . 2 days ago

Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 2 days ago

Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 2 days ago

Geoffrey Garfein

Geoffrey Garfein . 2 days ago

Hey bois: in 93 Taco Bell opened in my town, and their breakfast menus was the sh!t. Actual strips of bacon in the burrito, and a gravy potato burrito. It was the best fast food breakfast ever:
Jesse '

Jesse ' . 2 days ago

The Cheesy Bean and Rice burrito is not something you get because you want it. It's the most calories you can buy for A Single Dollar- you buy it because you're broke 💀
Bridget Kennedy

Bridget Kennedy . 2 days ago

I am waiting impatiently for moe's and five guys
Dragon Dude Collecting

Dragon Dude Collecting . 2 days ago

I’m living for the through line of the Zach has a big dick and tiny head narrative. Haha.
Prisha Rai

Prisha Rai . 2 days ago

idk why Eugene making random sounds every time keith was saying the name of item made me giggle EVERY TIME
Kate Murphy

Kate Murphy . 2 days ago

Seriously love this format - please keep making more!!! Keith and Eugene energy is some of my fave!!

TribeeQueen . 2 days ago

I know people hate on Taco Bell but it’s usually the most consistent (besides In-N-Out and Five Guys) — like you know that taste and when you want it, you want it.
Everyone’s losing their mind the ‘Mexican’ pizza is back but I’ve just been waiting for them to bring back Smothered Burritos 🥹
Yolanda Ramirez

Yolanda Ramirez . 2 days ago

You should do a eat the menu for Del Taco
Loulie Labelle

Loulie Labelle . 2 days ago

One coke please
-is Pepsi OK?
- is monopoly money ok?

Alexis . 2 days ago

try the Baja blast freeze
Cheryl Berg

Cheryl Berg . 2 days ago

taco bell used to have choco tacos, they were damn good

katmandoot . 3 days ago

OK, so I am just getting around to watching this 10 days after it came out and I am so happy that Keith recognizes how the chalupa is similar to Native American frybread. That is literally why I only order chalupas bc I love Indian tacos (frybread tacos).
Sid Klovstad

Sid Klovstad . 3 days ago

am i the only one who thinks keugene is the most iconic gay and bi friendship on the internet right now? (yes i know keith is not bi but he gives the theater bi energy and you cant convince me otherwise) anyways i love their chaos <3
Hope Gold

Hope Gold . 3 days ago

maggie mae

maggie mae . 3 days ago

i need this energy in every keith eats the menu they are sooo hilarious together

NWR Fan . 3 days ago

Taco bell has dr pepper though
Jamie Geissler

Jamie Geissler . 3 days ago

You should do subway
Melissa Rivera

Melissa Rivera . 3 days ago

19:43 💜🫰

MissyMagoo87 . 3 days ago

It was the hand jobbing of the burrito that brought me here

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