Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 2 months ago

Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald . 2 months ago

We’ve got 24 hours left guys! If you wanna help us on this final push - please download the song on iTunes or Amazon!


Ron Skaggs

Ron Skaggs . 2 days ago

Most police officers are more concerned about serving the WEF and the local council meeting,than the constitution of the USA
Virginia Baker

Virginia Baker . 2 days ago

Lisa Wrightson

Lisa Wrightson . 2 days ago

Deborah Mann

Deborah Mann . 3 days ago

All kinds of awesomeness and then some,damn you even got excellent -O taste on your wardrobe you ever thought about starting your own clothing line ,so to speak,you have many talents,💯✨🏆👏🔱😇🌹

chicklet1959 . 6 days ago

You did a great job.
bosko peklar

bosko peklar . 7 days ago

I like your sister to❤❤❤❤
Sharon B.

Sharon B. . 1 week ago

Y'all are the BEST!!! I have never downloaded a song in my life but I did after watching the interview you and John Rich did together! Keep it going. We LOVE everything y'all do!! And that's so cool, didn't know that was your dad!!!
Insom Niavisions

Insom Niavisions . 1 week ago

That was such an awesome collaboration!
Edward Turner

Edward Turner . 2 weeks ago

TMac. Man you never cease to amaze. You are indeed a prolific artist Bro.

Samanthae . 2 weeks ago

love love love ..all your content. I admit initially did not want to give you or your music a chance, but thanks to my son, love you Jake... I play your music and love your lyrics. NEVER give in. ALWAYS fight. praise GOD!
Kenneth Ginanni

Kenneth Ginanni . 2 weeks ago

I absolutely love your stuff, I’m an old rocker. I really enjoy your music. Keep up the great work.
Kevin Way

Kevin Way . 2 weeks ago

Cool I know I'll never get to meet you but listen to. Country but now I can't wait till you bring new stuff out love you man. O an my birthday is on Donald Trumps birthday 6 14 flag day
dee jay

dee jay . 3 weeks ago

Wait. The UFOs weren't real? Freakin fake! 🤣
Lor Aberly

Lor Aberly . 4 weeks ago

I ❤❤❤❤
The Adventures of the Bayvilla Family🥰

The Adventures of the Bayvilla Family🥰 . 4 weeks ago

Omg what a cool dad he has❤❤❤
T Live

T Live . 4 weeks ago

Thats a great collab bro, super blessed to have so much love on your side! Great work man!
Just Breathe

Just Breathe . 4 weeks ago

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
Donna Marie

Donna Marie . 4 weeks ago

I'm so glad your family never stopped believing in you!

F J H . 4 weeks ago

LOVE this song! Originality is applauding!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! 👌🫶
Eddie Welch

Eddie Welch . 1 month ago

Loved the video
Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt . 1 month ago

Awesome love the song
Michelle Guy

Michelle Guy . 1 month ago

I would love to make your out outfits. Just to get my daughter and I out there. My daughter can draw beautiful stuff. I can design and make it. Going to send you a drawing.
Providance. Tears Fall Up

Providance. Tears Fall Up . 1 month ago

❤😂 your like so happy when your together I said it once before
Your like watching a love movie
So evident to see the love between you
I hope I can find a someone who
Loves me as much
Did they want your autograph ?
Or harrass you😅
I ask because I remember your line
I don't hate all police
Which I assume the man with a badge would have appreciated
Why didn't you cg the desert or use
Greenscreen or something
You are dedicated
But why subject yourself to that
Kinda crazy you don't want to get a sore throat Tom
Protect your assets

I like being hot
Never seen the snow even tho it looks amazing on film
It can snow not to far away from me
But Never really want too 😅
I would prob snap freeze

The journey is often better then destination tho usually
I am sure you will
Remember it more in retrospect
Despite freezing out there
The video is pretty awesome tho
I agree great work
But I can't see the end of the world
Happening anytime soon sorry
But I did like it
I'm sure many will love it
Appreciate you both tho
You are different and refreshingly unique
which I like
I love that you speak as one
At the beginning too
Hope you stick together
You are cute together
And I like seeing couples
Who support one another
So Kudos for you both
I pray that nothing comes between you and your like bubble gum in each other's hair
Hard to seperate
Are you ever going to get married ?
That will be great to hear that news
Anyway love your work
Tom And Nova
You have come a long way recently
Not just across a desert
Awesome to see you get what you worked so hard to deserve
Hope to hear a dance track soon tho
🕺💃✌️All the best ✌️
James Goswick

James Goswick . 1 month ago

James Goswick

James Goswick . 1 month ago

Allota work coulda got you tied down 10 bucks untie grande
Darlene Bertocci

Darlene Bertocci . 1 month ago

I am not tech savy. Can someone explain to me what I gotta do or site I need to go to to listen to his song. Thanku

JD14 . 1 month ago

Very creative people
Susan Osman

Susan Osman . 1 month ago


Patty . 1 month ago

Awesome Song
Rev. Ken Shostad

Rev. Ken Shostad . 1 month ago

Love the song, no cus words thus I can share it EVERYWHERE...
Thanks, Brother...
GOD Bless ALL the Patriots of the World... AMEN...

StephM . 1 month ago

Love the video! Had no idea his dad was in it!!!!!
Julie Mcdougall

Julie Mcdougall . 1 month ago


R3cKl3ss3x . 1 month ago

Hope I get to meet you one day man

7SpiritualCompass . 1 month ago

I hope you made it to #1. You guys deserve it!! I downloaded the song via Amizon.

WhatJamesonFound . 1 month ago

Our cops are chill AF. Even brought my wallet to my house when I lost it.
cindy hawthorne sanders

cindy hawthorne sanders . 1 month ago

I loved it and it's really thought's like woah this is really where we are in this life
The Angry Archie Show

The Angry Archie Show . 1 month ago

KuroVan Adventures

KuroVan Adventures . 1 month ago

ryan little

ryan little . 1 month ago

Carlos Vieira

Carlos Vieira . 1 month ago

don't stop
apple engisch

apple engisch . 1 month ago

Aww Yayy the backstory! ❤😂😊
Aaron L

Aaron L . 1 month ago

Bacon is a good breakfast food. Not healthy but great. Hogs and pigs go the slaughter house that's sad but that's how we get bacon
Jeff Webster

Jeff Webster . 1 month ago

You act like people know who john rich is. All I know about him is he didnt want to shoot your gay ass video with you. Sounds like a real collaboration. Do everything separate in different cities with a guy nobody has ever heard of. Let me guess. You guys sing about trans people and gas prices. Heard it all before.
Jeff Webster

Jeff Webster . 1 month ago

You didnt get pulled over by the cops. You recorded someone else getting pulled over.
Dawn Kennedy

Dawn Kennedy . 1 month ago

Awesome 🎉

VeritasAboveAll . 1 month ago

I AM a whistleblower a mother a Christian and ex small business owner who has world news! The swamp is real and Satans children are running just about everything Renee Craynon

Angry . 1 month ago

I'm an old fat white guy and don't like rap. BUT, I like your music and will continue to support you. BTW, my three kids love your stuff. Keep up the good work!
David Hammond

David Hammond . 1 month ago

algorithm promote. tom win great

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