The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

There's a lot of Spider-Man 3 No Way Home talk going around right now! Let's talk about Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire showing up alongside Tom Holland's Spider-Man! Who would you like to see play Norman Osborn?

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Comments :

Waymond Childs

Waymond Childs . 2 weeks ago

18:36 Jaden Smith is rumored to play Miles Morales.

Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess . 3 weeks ago

Great vid


MrMemerman . 1 month ago

Interviewer: "So Mr. Garfield. Will you be in Spiderman: No Way Home?" Andrew Garfield: *"Have you ever hada dream that that you um you had you'd you would you could you'd do you wi you wants you you could do so you you'd do you could you you want you want him to do you so much you could do anything?"*


RickC137 . 1 month ago

I can't wait for Tobey maguire to be in Spiderman no way home

Adrian Housego

Adrian Housego . 1 month ago

I'll honestly be really disappointed at this point if it's not a spider verse film


Tiago . 1 month ago

Nice vid 👏


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

All the Spideys are totally showing up in this movie!

Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 1 month ago

The trio lives on!

Zaika with Ammi

Zaika with Ammi . 1 month ago

What if by multiverse they mean bringing Tom Holland's spiderman from different realities??

Taylor Elwell

Taylor Elwell . 2 months ago

Making tobey look old

H. Haussermann

H. Haussermann . 2 months ago

Alfred Molina already confirmed A Spider-Verse.


Spudzy . 2 months ago

Can I have stormbreaker

Random Fandom

Random Fandom . 2 months ago

Andrew is digging a hole

Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall . 2 months ago

Why is he even bothering to do interviews... couldn’t they just pay him to not do them... bcoz nobody actually interested in him other than spider man...


englandmp152 . 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing Warren!


J M . 2 months ago

What the hell is this werewolf and mafia crap? I’m sorry I never heard of this game

Miki Mikaili

Miki Mikaili . 2 months ago

I need timestamps

Green screen movie guy T.V

Green screen movie guy T.V . 2 months ago

I’m just thinking of the guy who plays Ned making a video reacting to the script and going crazy and I’m hoping this is why but it’s gotta be hopefully

Lord Vortech

Lord Vortech . 2 months ago

What's funny is how quickly he jumps to the exact same thing every interview, which is so hilarious to the point where its obvious it was scripted. Favorite supervillain is Doctor Victor Von Doom. Also just subscribed to The Amazing Intergalactic Cosmic Culture.

jaziel de la cruz

jaziel de la cruz . 2 months ago

So that's your buddy C. Culture 👍🤩, cool...

Sir Stan

Sir Stan . 2 months ago

marvel and disney have been doing gods work since wanda and now falcon and now loki and now the andrew and toby are joining tom in the new spider man! this will be awesome

awesome fam

awesome fam . 2 months ago

Awesome awesome

Anthony Romeo

Anthony Romeo . 2 months ago

They are so bad at denying. 😂🤣

The Culinary Mercenary

The Culinary Mercenary . 2 months ago

Isn’t Eric Voss from the Newrockstars the Mephisto guy


kwaku . 2 months ago

Bruh when u watch the movie and there are no Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire I am gonna laugh soooo much


kwaku . 2 months ago


Robert Nickerson

Robert Nickerson . 2 months ago

Who cares if Andrew Garfield is lying, or not lying about being in Spider-Man... If you know he is going to be in it, why keep hassling them if you know, they cannot talk about being in it..... I know, that, I am not too fanatical about it. I give the actors prop because they have to keep secrets even if it gets the fans mad at them..

Mike White

Mike White . 2 months ago

Then there is this 3rd interview and he is just way to calm and says i didn’t talk to anyone


6 BOY Z . 2 months ago

They just leaked a photo with tom Holland’s aunt may and Andrew’s aunt may together on set so I mean 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Epic Movie Maker

Epic Movie Maker . 2 months ago



CJ . 2 months ago

I can't wait to see Loki.

DDD 1989

DDD 1989 . 2 months ago

Bad actors Tobey and Andrew

Rafael Ortiz

Rafael Ortiz . 2 months ago

Lol they can say no if they want

Paige Strecker

Paige Strecker . 2 months ago

So are tom holland and Zendaya also in?

Lauren Bernard Frio

Lauren Bernard Frio . 2 months ago

If Tobey and Andrew are not in Spiderman No Way Home, this will might be the outcome... 1.) The movie will be forgotten 2.) No more Spiderman fans 3.) They will never cast Tom Holland in future movies 4.) MCU will be no more I may be crazy, but it might sucked if they are not in the movie...

Emmanuel Pacheco

Emmanuel Pacheco . 2 months ago

Imagine the stunt doubles were actually playing them and it's cgi on their faces. So they're basically in the movie but not

Billybug News

Billybug News . 2 months ago

Hopefully Tobey and Andrew will appear in No Way Home. Love the livestreams that u and Chris are doing. Keep it up. See u next Tuesday for the next livestream

just gamin

just gamin . 2 months ago

Damn boy!!

Nicholas DeMonte

Nicholas DeMonte . 2 months ago

Awesome live stream very enjoyable to see you guys talk about this I couldn’t agree more with your balls is absolutely in the movie come on he would be bored at first LOL

Eric James

Eric James . 2 months ago

Part of me wants it to be not true because of how “confident” everyone is. However, I REALLY want it to happen! Also, it’s Mephisto and Mark Hammil...

Jack Plumb

Jack Plumb . 2 months ago

Marvel telling Andrew not to say he’s in No Way Home is like when Rocket told baby Groot to not push that red button in Vol. 2

Addison Wang

Addison Wang . 2 months ago

Toby and Anthony have really changed

Max Urdien

Max Urdien . 2 months ago

Dang Tobey Maguire's face is still hilariously funny I still love his Spiderman

Barton Bagnes

Barton Bagnes . 2 months ago

How about Cosmic Core? They better not be pulling another Ralf Boner on us.

Gado Palmer

Gado Palmer . 2 months ago

All I want is peter to become his own hero


Reno . 2 months ago

does anyone knows if ever andrew garfield is in it? is he the type of a guy that willingly admit that he is?

Ronnie Eubanks

Ronnie Eubanks . 2 months ago

We all know he's in the film 🎥

Ghassan Radwan

Ghassan Radwan . 2 months ago

Here's a rumor that I heard: Tom Holland is gonna be in the movie.

Chigs BS

Chigs BS . 2 months ago

I'm subscribed

mazares castido

mazares castido . 2 months ago

I think they will show tobey and andrew be in the trailer because some fans want to see the movie because of them and sony wants money

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