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Mr. Kate

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Today we are transforming. our backyard into the most magical place ever! We DIY the most colorful play set, create a cozy and chic outdoor seating area, and plant our first vegetable garden (but make it chic). You're going to love this makeover, the before and after transformation is so dramatic and fun! If you are looking for inspiration for your backyard makeover that is perfect for both kids and adults look no further, we've got you colorfully covered!

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Editor: V Robitaille
Cam Op: Luke Aguinaldo
Cam Op: Valen Ahlo
Sound and Photos: Chris Badilio
Music: Eric Espiritu
Assistant: Tisha Schwartz
Art Assistant: Kyera Dalessandro
Art Assistant: Nicole
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Lisa Bell

Lisa Bell . 7 hours ago

That turned out great.
Jordy Renee

Jordy Renee . 22 hours ago

The episode style of filming is really making your skills shine you guys! You are far better and more interesting than anything on cable tv, cough.. cough. .... HGTV.
Amz Pixie

Amz Pixie . 2 days ago

There were two ads in the beginning and then MULTIPLE during the video which is just a vibe killer. Also, each time you guys speak I have to increase the volume and decrease it when there's music because the music is so loud. Please edit it like good old times. Music isn't that important specially when it's loud n annoying.
Nicole McMurray

Nicole McMurray . 2 days ago


jewel0411 . 2 days ago

I don't even have kids but I want that ship ect!!! It's great!!!

Kiya . 2 days ago

I don’t think I’ll ever get over “I’m Moon” in the intro EVER lol
Ava Smith

Ava Smith . 3 days ago

27:06 you missed a spot!!
Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke . 3 days ago

Amazing, I love it! The best yard ever!

Does the paint get sticky now from the sun and humidity?
Simonita Driver

Simonita Driver . 3 days ago

It came out amazing 🤩
Dina O.

Dina O. . 4 days ago

Mari Chrystina

Mari Chrystina . 4 days ago

where is the black two piece set from?
Hannah S.

Hannah S. . 4 days ago

I loved watching this video!
Savannah Friday

Savannah Friday . 4 days ago

Can you post the full gardening video with G-Ma?
Marta Juez

Marta Juez . 4 days ago

amazing, as usual <3
Veronica Hatton

Veronica Hatton . 5 days ago

Moon is so lucky to have you guys as his parents, teaching him so much about creativity, and self expression! I can't wait to see the amazing person he'll grow into!💛
Marcella Vereline

Marcella Vereline . 5 days ago

Walmart also relies on the government to subsidies in order to supplement their employees low low wages.
Jacqueline Barrera

Jacqueline Barrera . 5 days ago

Kate: good night 🥰
Sara Nena

Sara Nena . 5 days ago

I am simply shocked about how cool was the idea of the plumber solution for the fountain-boat
Sara Nena DIY
Divjot's Amazing Clay Creations

Divjot's Amazing Clay Creations . 5 days ago

I love the play house
Jody Mead

Jody Mead . 5 days ago

You guys are so creative! Moon is so lucky to grow up in this environment. You are all one lucky family! 💜💜💜 Can't wait to see what's next. 😘💑🌙
Talycia Terhall

Talycia Terhall . 6 days ago

If you watch bluey ... Joey was ready for stump fest!
Bre Adey

Bre Adey . 6 days ago

You made a hugelkultur! I have one in my backyard.
Jennah Harris

Jennah Harris . 6 days ago

Krystal Reyes

Krystal Reyes . 6 days ago

Your creativity, love, parenting, and design is all an inspiration!! Been following you guys since the apartment days and it makes me so happy to see you guys grow in so many ways!
Carolynjean Dorfner

Carolynjean Dorfner . 6 days ago

It looks wonderful, perfect love the boat and art work. God bless ❤️❤️❤️
Katie Nutt

Katie Nutt . 6 days ago

This is truly MAGICAL
Kaitlyn Gatto

Kaitlyn Gatto . 6 days ago

It would be so cool to give design control of the guest house to Moon. I don’t know how that would work but would love to see
Simply Alaina

Simply Alaina . 6 days ago

Everything looks amazing! That's playhouse is a kids dream playhouse! Have you ever thought of designing playhouses?! 🤔 You guys are giving him a wonderful childhood he will always remember and cherish!
B Viray

B Viray . 6 days ago

Copper rain gutters would look beautiful and then you could find a way to collect all that beautiful rain 🌧 🌈 ??!?
Maria Hendricks

Maria Hendricks . 6 days ago

the slide would look really cute if you turned it into a sea monster with like spikes on his back and eyes at the end of the slide!!!!

HouseJug . 6 days ago

At 2:08 joey definitely wanted to say ‘a f*ckton’ 😂 it’s an important unit of measurement
The Daily Dose of Sarah O

The Daily Dose of Sarah O . 6 days ago

It’s all coming together!!

Allison . 7 days ago

Looks awesome!

MochiFan . 7 days ago

Love this one
Rachel Ferrell

Rachel Ferrell . 7 days ago

I NEED that black two piece Kate had on! Does anyone know where it’s from 😭
Rocky Kanaka

Rocky Kanaka . 7 days ago

Major inspiration. Now on my project list to make one of these for my daughter AND the dogs 😆🤙
mllop aeet

mllop aeet . 7 days ago

I’m getting my tattoo sleeve finished on Tuesday AND starting our patio. Thank you for inspiring us Jojo, Wireback Candle Co.

T T . 7 days ago

I love what you've done and I love all of you!💖🐬
Claire Broadway

Claire Broadway . 7 days ago


Taylor . 1 week ago

you're just amazing. love you guys :)

katherine7444 . 1 week ago

Holy water wastage with that ship, especially at a time where Hawaii is facing water shortages and droughts

Moon . 1 week ago

Anyone else feel sorry for the tree 🌳😢 3:14
Cazza Mazza

Cazza Mazza . 1 week ago

As per usual, blown away by your creativity again

Aimee . 1 week ago

The play set is so amazing and beautiful but what is going to be done about water wastage while he plays with it ?? Is there away to later collect the water to be used for the vegetable garden
Albatoul Moahmmed

Albatoul Moahmmed . 1 week ago

Joy is more excited than moon 🤣💕
bowen voowy

bowen voowy . 1 week ago

I love how this looks like kids have been involved in the process. You make many things perfect, but kids need proof that there's room for growth. Great job!
Brenda Nevarez

Brenda Nevarez . 1 week ago

I can see Kate really loves those tattoos and is proud of them 😊

desertrose88 . 1 week ago

why are all the rich youtubers moving to Hawaii? the place is already struggling with gentrification.
Dull Rabbit

Dull Rabbit . 1 week ago

Love the playground! I suggest you guys put cinnamon in the sand to prevent ants and any other unwanted critters!!
ravit reitman

ravit reitman . 1 week ago

Moon is a very lucky little guy💗😍

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