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Worst MMO Ever? - Sherwood Dungeon
Josh Strife Hayes

Josh Strife Hayes

Published on 1 week ago

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Sometimes, the past should stay in the past.

I never played this as a kid, so I haven't ruined any old memories, I've just created terrible new ones.

Strangely despite being called Sherwood, there are surprisingly few references to Robin Hood.

Thanks as usual to all the supporters on Patreon, Youtube and Twitch x

banan bananowy

banan bananowy . 15 minutes ago

So which one is the worst MMO ever?

Bone-Marrow . 18 minutes ago

I've been trying to figure out the name of this game for months, now here we are.
Christian Shakespeare

Christian Shakespeare . 39 minutes ago

This really gave me a flash from the past - this, Wizard101 and Toontown Online were the MMOs of my childhood.

I got all my youth club to play those MMOs and remember it vividly.

Jorilla . 1 hour ago

Well if were playing this who remembers the moon simulator game that was online?

szith . 2 hours ago

Finding out your parents installed a new hook on the ceiling of your childhood bedroom 😂😂😂

Khariismatic . 3 hours ago

Just got out of Bootcamp and immediately came back to this gem of a channel. Missed you dearly and keep up the good work my man 💜☕️

Maadiverse . 3 hours ago

i was playing this shit before mfin iphones
Danz McNabb

Danz McNabb . 3 hours ago

Hey now, Russel Crowe's Robin Hood was actually pretty decent (it's a guilty pleasure of mine)
Kyle J. Osborne

Kyle J. Osborne . 3 hours ago

Love that you chose to do this classic, is Tune Town next?

95keat . 4 hours ago

Playing this game is a young child the world was a alot smaller.
You had the castle and some woods around it, thats it.

neverescence . 4 hours ago

Put some respect on sherwood's name. Some strangers bought a membership for me and I still use the password they set for that as my primary password in general life today. Whenever I give it to my family for streaming services or anything they ask why it's that and I just say it's a long story. I loved loved loved this game. It was so fun to open the lil chests and it was always so fun when people would all have their little colors in their little teams. Omg I loved the other ones, too. I played the one on the moon pretty often
Imperial Larch

Imperial Larch . 5 hours ago

I don't know if you're taking suggestions for bad MMOs to look at for this series, but I'd love to see a video about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.
Comunista de Xiaomi

Comunista de Xiaomi . 6 hours ago

Josh will you ever do ultima online?

Crumb . 6 hours ago

Omg Sherwood Dungeon you just unlocked a memory I didn't know I had
James Wayne

James Wayne . 7 hours ago

Had to subscribe just for that outro.
And you're right, the game is pretty bad but what made it so good was our imagination and our low standards as children. Good memories
hannes karlbom

hannes karlbom . 7 hours ago

It's just one of those random things everyone remembers.
hannes karlbom

hannes karlbom . 7 hours ago

This is legit one of the first games I ever played and the game that got me into MMOs.
Morten v

Morten v . 9 hours ago

I was told that Cocaine is not rising or falling in price from inflation. Arguably this makes it a very stable product to enjoy if you don't like change. 🤷‍♂
Thanks for the video <3
Kurkum purr

Kurkum purr . 9 hours ago

That game was dope like 15 years ago :D i remember when i played as a kid in library pc this

HighMinds . 9 hours ago

Dont you dare disrepect this gem of my childhood

MaxEnvy . 10 hours ago

As a kiddo in the age of 10 i really loved and enjoyed it playing. But this is now 17 years ago

Juntercole . 10 hours ago

i played this as a kid

MrKarateMan100 . 10 hours ago

Wow, I was thinking about this game just a few days ago randomly as a passing thought.... and here we are apparently with a video on it 9 days ago... very coincidental haha

Roshi . 11 hours ago

Idc what anyones says this game was the best back then

KapSLoK . 12 hours ago

memory unlocked

Kaliek . 12 hours ago

Oh hey, looks like they use stolen assets on this as well.

That hammer icon on your hotbar? Its a VERY SLIGHTLY modified Stormbolt icon from WC3 (WoW uses a more updated one I believe, but that icon DID make it from WC3 over to WoW as well. Though this game predates WoW its gotta be taken from WC3). Its like they photoshopped the cracks out of the hammer and changed the little gold bit but thats 100% just a stolen icon hastely modified.
That first icon with the sword? Thats Charge from WoW..which AFAIK didnt have a WC3 equivalent? So they either played WoW Beta or saw footage, and copied it from there (again since this game predates WoW)
Bet many others are stolen, too.

tostisgood . 12 hours ago

It seems like every weapon weighs a ton. Barely any animation involves swinging an arm higher than perpendicular to the body.

Suskie . 14 hours ago

Omg the nostalgia. I remember playing this and I would change my character so much I never really progressed in the game lol.
Jeffry B

Jeffry B . 16 hours ago

I was just thinking about this game a few days ago and wondered if it still existed, but I couldn't remember what it was called. It's crazy that it still exists despite a lack of content and plethora of bugs. Maybe the rented mounts and stuff are only 12 month durations because there's absolutely no way you can stretch the content out that long.

Nensha . 17 hours ago

OMG! This still exists!? I remember playing it with my brother in the library. Those were the times.

Pitéu . 18 hours ago

I remember playing this as a kid, getting some cool neon colored weapons and one shotting everyone and everything, nostalgic
Ulysse Mensah

Ulysse Mensah . 18 hours ago

my childhood...

LOVELESS . 19 hours ago

oh my god i remember this game vividly. seeing this in my feed blew my mind.

DaddyShrek . 19 hours ago

omg this game, been playing this for 15 years, i never expected you to review it xD

fun fact, while the game still ran through shockwave 3D or flash, the ship in the starting area actually sailed around the island and people would have PVP battles for the control of the ship, it was actually quite fun

then when they switched engines, the ship broke and now it never moves anymore
Sweet & Silky

Sweet & Silky . 20 hours ago

The animations look like they're supposed to be for some fighting game. The character looks like they're throwing punches and all the special moves are spinning kicks and stuff too. It's driving me nuts
Synth Hunters

Synth Hunters . 20 hours ago

Play Argentum20. The biggest MMORPG from Argentina. That's my good memories kind of old game.
Ben B

Ben B . 20 hours ago

If the words "How did you get to moon?" trigger nostalgia then you were a Maid Marion kid.

Lennic . 21 hours ago

I remember this, played this shit WoW clone when my parental account block would kick in lol
Kud Ptay

Kud Ptay . 23 hours ago

This is such a blast from the past, and I'm pleased it's still operational after so many years! The cashier doesn't appear particularly opportunistic, just a touch random, and the
Kovács Olivér

Kovács Olivér . 24 hours ago

Try Project: Gorgon next time!
Moltar The Great

Moltar The Great . 1 day ago

This, Runescape, GraalOnline, so many fond memories!

Ramgladore . 1 day ago

I don't think this game was made for the hard core MMORPG player but probably more for little kids who's criticisms of the game are not quite as harsh. If I were 8 years old, this game would be the tits. I might be more forgiving too if I knew it was made by a smaller game studio.

Daraygona . 1 day ago

That boat used to do periodically circles around the map in the water 😂 I remember because countless days I'd log on and hangout with folks on there.

Delta . 1 day ago

i actually looked for this game a couple months back and couldnt find it at all, saw this video and it looked somewhat familiar to what I remembered, checked the website cause I remembered a space game being made by the same people and holy shit this is really it, i played this when i was a little kid and had no idea wtf I was doing but its like a core memory for me for some reason lol
Scoop Woop

Scoop Woop . 1 day ago

I used to play this for hours and for years as a kid, Jesus Christ
Logan Martinez

Logan Martinez . 1 day ago

Broooo do a review of entropia
Big Nose

Big Nose . 1 day ago

Omg i remember playing this. Had lots of fun

TheGrowOp . 1 day ago

I'm glad someone else is acknowledging this games existence.
Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari . 1 day ago

Lords, have mercy, I was not expecting to be reminded of this game or any of its siblings anytime soon...

Man, the fucking distinct feel it had to it, I was DIGGING IT as a kid.
Although I was fully aware, even then, that the experience was extremely bare-bone...
But boi, the amount of fucks I gave was sub-atomically small, I loved it all the same.

Drewsifff . 1 day ago

maid marian was my brief escape from reality as a yout, i feel like nobody ever knew about this so i love to see everyone talking about it

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