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Shadow HedgeHOGs the Spotlight in DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 3 months ago

The edgelord hedgehog is back to claim a victory beyond a Shadow of a doubt!
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Comments :

Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 2 weeks ago

LIVE AND LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rman Nayr

Rman Nayr . 2 weeks ago


Ruben Lewies

Ruben Lewies . 2 months ago

I hat shadow

the Longneck Man

the Longneck Man . 2 months ago

tengen toppa gurren lagann

Ridge Gamer

Ridge Gamer . 2 months ago

Please Tell me What the song Is called used for Shadow's Analysing 00:49

Jamari Stanley

Jamari Stanley . 2 months ago

Do The Dora milaje vs kyoshi warriors death battle

alli335 tv

alli335 tv . 3 months ago

Chaos blast

Philip Barlow

Philip Barlow . 3 months ago

Any idea what that background music was? I’d like to look it up

Fancy chicken

Fancy chicken . 3 months ago

The one and only, shadow the hedgehog *Shadow androids and shadow prototypes in the arc*


MIT TJY . 3 months ago

OOoo make some more X-Men battles I got some Magneto VS Madera Psylocke VS Hiei Gambit VS Hisoka Cable VS Future Trunks Magik VS Asta (black clover) Mystique VS Chrollo (hxh) Rogue VS Ryuko (kill la kill) Mr Sinister VS Orochimaru Sabretooth VS Katakuri (one piece) ShatterStar (Xforce) VS Zoro (One Piece) Onslaught (xmen) VS Aizen (bleach) Storm VS Kakashi Apocalypse VS Lord Beerus


こうさか . 3 months ago


Ryder Draconis

Ryder Draconis . 3 months ago

I'm getting sick of death battle using speed of light as an easily attainable feat. Dodging lazers isn't light speed and it never should be considered so.


thebigEdziu . 3 months ago

So how many super powers has Boomstick have ?? Or would love to have ?? :)


Chaffy . 3 months ago

First person to comment after the battle oh yeah yeah I am so great

Tristan Daniel

Tristan Daniel . 3 months ago

Shadow might win. He has more power than speed compared to Sonic. I haven’t had the chance to get into Kill La Kill.

Luis angel Tamayo dominguez

Luis angel Tamayo dominguez . 3 months ago

They're gonna nerf the sonic franchise like they always do

Jensen Gong

Jensen Gong . 3 months ago

Superman vs home lander


YehaaMedia . 3 months ago

I just hope they don’t lowball shadow this time.

Ezra Wyvern

Ezra Wyvern . 3 months ago

Death Battle: I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU DEAD! Shadow: Excuse me?!


HyperSonicXtreme . 3 months ago

Here come the first members.

Sikk Flo

Sikk Flo . 3 months ago

Can we get a death battle with at least one of these Dante dmc vs meliodas 7 deadly sins Trevor philips vs Johnny Gat (GTA vs Saints row) Baki hanma vs ohma tokita Taskmaster vs deathstroke Deadshot vs punisher Cell vs ultron

Ruchelle Miller

Ruchelle Miller . 3 months ago

You forgot about super shadow

Ruchelle Miller

Ruchelle Miller . 3 months ago

If shadow wins he will win the same amount that sonic has won


syndiquaza . 3 months ago

This entire fight will be incredibly unfair to Ryuko


langbo9999 . 3 months ago

Does that mean boomstick is the owner of dead note


lssjgabriel . 3 months ago

I hope for once shadow wins a death battle


Accelarater . 3 months ago

When did Cell get the Nickname "Shadow"? Lol

Seth Hardy V2

Seth Hardy V2 . 3 months ago

I know these comments are about the death battle, but I still remember the good old fashion Mario VS Sonic Death Battle. Since then, Ive hyped myself for all the upcoming death battles. I wonder. Will Chaos Control beat the Pogchamp meme, or will the pog stay alive and live another day?

red boi

red boi . 3 months ago

I remember when yall use to listen to us where are yall getting these stupid death battle ideas from

Travis Derby

Travis Derby . 3 months ago

To be honest buu saga vegeta should have lost to shadow but if we use post TOP vegeta that would be a different story

James your average anime protagonist

James your average anime protagonist . 3 months ago

Oh no shadow its seems you have to fight your waifu.

Jake The fox

Jake The fox . 3 months ago

As much as I HATE to say it, he's probably gonna lose again

D. San

D. San . 3 months ago

Putting a super speedster against her seems unfair

Sir Minty

Sir Minty . 3 months ago

So against Vegeta, Shadow should've won. Mewtwo he should have won, and now they're putting him against someone who he'll OBLITERATE to make sonic fans less upset about it. For you Vegeta fans out there, Vegeta wins nowadays. But back when they first made it, Shadow should've won with no difficulty. At the time, Vegeta was not low-multiversal at full power. Nowadays he'd give Super Shadow a good smackdown. If they stick to the video game version of Shadow.

Corey Hall

Corey Hall . 3 months ago

They are finally giving Shadow the proper analysis he deserves. I hope they include Shadow's powers from Sonic Battle as well.

Crimson Butterfly

Crimson Butterfly . 3 months ago

Blares "I am all of me" from the highest possible peak You got this, Shadow! I believe in you!

Anthony Rabi

Anthony Rabi . 3 months ago

Maybe this time shadow can take the gold

Thomas Vineyard

Thomas Vineyard . 3 months ago

Alright hear me out Carol Baskins vs Thatveganteacher

Haulin Heavy

Haulin Heavy . 3 months ago

I hope they put in Hyper Shadow so that he could up the odds.

Deon Knight

Deon Knight . 3 months ago

remember shadow last to death battles shadow lost so the winner is ryuko


ArchieSatAMfan17 . 3 months ago

Infinite the jackal vs Vlad Plazmius. Sonic the hedgehog vs danny phantom


ArchieSatAMfan17 . 3 months ago

Aku vs Bill cipher plz. Samurai Jack vs Gravity Falls.


NAV615 . 3 months ago

I can already tell shadow is gonna lose 😑

Charon GràBuen

Charon GràBuen . 3 months ago

Can you answer the age old question? Who would win? John wick or agent 47?


Sharingantwist . 3 months ago

Y’all doing my boy dirty!!

Enlightened Perry

Enlightened Perry . 3 months ago

The dark mouse vs the dark night with 3 hours prep time

Arelis Ricardo

Arelis Ricardo . 3 months ago

Please give shadow a chance to win this death battle

Sebastian James

Sebastian James . 3 months ago

first a edgy spiky haired guy, then a edgy spoon wielding frieza looking thing now a edgy goth gf? death battle you've done it again

Zach Mansfield

Zach Mansfield . 3 months ago


Stick Bush

Stick Bush . 3 months ago

I just realized that egg man has a sister

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