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And the Winner of The Voice Is... | The Voice Live Finale | NBC
The Voice

The Voice

Published on 1 week ago

Host Carson Daly reveals the winner of Season 23 of The Voice.

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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.

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Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star Chance the Rapper and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Niall Horan claim their red chairs alongside returning coaches Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton as they vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon. The competition is tougher than ever as Shelton goes for the win in his final season.

And the Winner of The Voice Is... | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

The Voice

Алена Егоркина

Алена Егоркина . 38 minutes ago

Почему-то в этот раз я не согласна
Mariana Pedro

Mariana Pedro . 5 hours ago

What a surprise 🙄 The voice keeps disappointing me. Why didn't D.Smooth win? WHY?? Third place? Really?? Because of this I think The voice is not real about voice, if you had a cute style plus a beautiful voice and sang country songs... YOU WIN no matter what.
Shiny Hunter Alana

Shiny Hunter Alana . 12 hours ago

Blake has officially bowed out from being a judge on the voice
greg stahley

greg stahley . 17 hours ago

It will be interesting to see how the ratings go next season, can't wait to see.
Kat Young

Kat Young . 19 hours ago

I love how Blake and Niall had their little competition/bantering relationship all throughout the season and in the end it was their last two people from their teams standing. Such a sweet ending!
Jacklin 2.0

Jacklin 2.0 . 21 hours ago

Congratulations Gina Miles for winning the voice. It was a big success and I am just so proud of you. I have watched you on the voice and you have a magnificent voice.

literaturese . 1 day ago

NIALL is awesome and so is Gina!

Deorin.... . 1 day ago

Gonna Miss you Blake...😢
Collins Sadyalunda

Collins Sadyalunda . 1 day ago

finally my favourite won.....i cant wait to support her actual original songs
Rena Harris-Falgout

Rena Harris-Falgout . 1 day ago

Sadly, i missed the original broadcast due to attending my niece's high school graduation. However, i didn't let anyone spoil the outcome for me till i was able to watch on my own. Congratulations, to Niall and to Gina! I could not be happier for both. I am also, ecstatic that Niall will be returning. Can't wait to see what Gina's future brings us. WTG ❣️

Vip COP . 1 day ago

From only 2 chairs that turned for her to being the big winner. Incredible.!!!❤❤
She killed the entire season 23.
Ñahui Apaza Alessandro Del Piero

Ñahui Apaza Alessandro Del Piero . 2 days ago

Not even she knew she was going to win. XD
Egypt B

Egypt B . 2 days ago

Sorelle was ROBBED!
Osma Farith Chacon Lajo

Osma Farith Chacon Lajo . 2 days ago

Por fin!!!!!!
Después de varias temporadas una chica ganó
Gaja Muthu - The Elephant Diary

Gaja Muthu - The Elephant Diary . 2 days ago

Curious Question - How did Blake have 2 contestants for the Final ?
Regdu Geht

Regdu Geht . 2 days ago

I'm no expert but I do vote and those ballads. They really be hitting those people doing. Those loud karaoke songs at the finale was not a good choice you have to do a sing that.
Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson . 2 days ago

Rachel and Kala were both better than Gina... The Voice is a FRAUD
Kenny Lilipaly

Kenny Lilipaly . 2 days ago

This season is rigged
Ch. Arham

Ch. Arham . 2 days ago

Good night everybody. Good night Blake 😂
Kayla Chavez

Kayla Chavez . 3 days ago

I was upset that this season was going to be so short at the start but now that this season is over and seeing Gina win, it honestly has to be my favorite season. I’ve never been so happy about a win on the voice. It was unexpected but so well deserved. I can’t wait to see what she does next.
Harry Wild

Harry Wild . 3 days ago

Poor Blake!😂 Go out in 2nd place!😮
Marylou Loretizo E

Marylou Loretizo E . 3 days ago

Nice , Gina Miles

frenz2enz . 3 days ago

Wow! They are each so blessed and talented and deserve to win. I just love them all!
But am super happy Gina won!!🤗
Congrats Gina and Niall!
Daniel Pos

Daniel Pos . 3 days ago

You know if Adam was coaching, he would be laughing his butt off that Blake lost

B.C TV . 3 days ago

Love you Gina and Niall!!!😮😊❤

shineonmai . 3 days ago

So deserving Gina!!!!!! Congrats!!!
judy valentne

judy valentne . 3 days ago

Gina and Grace gave us pagent vibes at the announcement. Happy for them both.
Aliza Ronario

Aliza Ronario . 3 days ago

Nabi Ahmad

Nabi Ahmad . 3 days ago

Congratulations to Niall and Gina
Mudkip S

Mudkip S . 4 days ago

I really thought they would give it to Grace especially since it’s Blake last season, very happy for Gina!

Joanna . 4 days ago

Gina and Niall’s friendship is so precious I hope it continues after the show
Kimberly Groher

Kimberly Groher . 4 days ago

I was gonna pick grace for the winning

but under the bottom of my heart I do wanted to have Gina Miles to win it and I mean I do want Gina win that show

and now she dose

and Gina congratulations on your victory on
TheVoice cause you rocked it cause you are my girl
and I wish I could be your best friend someday
That’s why your my girl and always winning the whole show

and so good luck whatever you do in music that you do in life and so good luck whatever you do

and again congratulations girlie on that Victory which that I’m proud of

Tschana1 . 4 days ago

I don't get why people in the comments hating on Gina bro and saying Noivas should've won like why don't y'all go audition then if it's such a problem damn leave the girl alone
Slap Jabber

Slap Jabber . 4 days ago

Cool, another perfect pitched, generic singer, unleashed on the world.
Evelyn Lauria DeRose

Evelyn Lauria DeRose . 4 days ago

I personally vote for the contestant no matter the team. I dont feel it is a popularity contest among the coaches.
Camila Ferreira Quadros

Camila Ferreira Quadros . 4 days ago

Aaaaaaa que orgulho ❤❤ ele todo feliz por ela 🥺🥺🤍

Ameiii que a Gina ganhou, tava torcendo por ela 💜💜
Evelyn Lauria DeRose

Evelyn Lauria DeRose . 4 days ago

Gina voice is unique,. She is authentic humble. Talk about a role model Took that learning curve fast! felt chills during skinny love and wicked games. How many times did you listen? I watched the voice and DVR american idol. When We Ani didn't move forward I didn't bother The talent on the voice was magically delicious! Grace & D Smooth were incredible. i enjoyed this season and I got it right insofar as top 5
Love the coaches / mentors as they seem honest and authentiic. critique and never criticize. They appear to have honest reactions to all the contestants no matter the team. As Blake shouted :hell yeah!' during wicked games.
Jen Cat

Jen Cat . 4 days ago

Wow! Just wow! I cried, how i love Niall! ❤❤❤ he won! Yhey!!!

S1X6X1S . 4 days ago

out of the finalé selection, Gina deserves the win. no one else comes close to the quality of the voice. it stands out above the rest.
Ruth Luna

Ruth Luna . 4 days ago

Well I didn’t think she has the best voice, unfortunately is about people’s votes 🤷‍♀️
Imkong Ozukum

Imkong Ozukum . 4 days ago

Team Blake was the champ❤❤❤

John316stillsaves . 4 days ago

All of them are winners. They will be successful.
Tenna J.

Tenna J. . 4 days ago

What a good win my favorite was grace but I believe Gina got them with that isaac song that was a great song for her...that's what won it fir her I believe they both great singers can't wait to hear both of them on the radio
Reanne Kim

Reanne Kim . 4 days ago

RyleyTate the Best! The real winner
RyleyTate's Blind Audition views is far more than the combined views of Top 5's performances (2 performances) in the finale in the FINALS 🙄😊
reign lopez

reign lopez . 4 days ago

Gina deserving winner ever
Nenita Mesias

Nenita Mesias . 4 days ago

Huge Congrats Team Gina & Niall...I thought so you both soar this season...
Drio Nascimento

Drio Nascimento . 5 days ago

Eu sou brasileiro, e como um brasileiro eu preferia o D Smoth.
Alexis Vargas Casanova

Alexis Vargas Casanova . 5 days ago

Chance 🥰

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