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The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 2 months ago

This honestly sounds AMAZING! And let’s hope the trailer report is accurate! What do you think? Woof woof!

Devaughn Barnett

Devaughn Barnett . 1 week ago

I dont need believe

The Lazer Brick Lego

The Lazer Brick Lego . 2 weeks ago

Yes I will be so excited for this ngl 😁😀😃🙂😊😇

Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess . 3 weeks ago

Great vid


T6 . 1 month ago

I feel like the leaks are always more interesting than the movie and this seems to be the case but who knows. Idk if they'll ever have the balls to do this

Mister Pervert

Mister Pervert . 1 month ago

if spider man no way home has all 3 spider men what are they going to be referred to as since they are all named Peter Parker


-.- . 1 month ago

I think it will come out around mid June

Jacob Essentials

Jacob Essentials . 1 month ago

The salty clover disturbingly disarm because fuel socioeconomically mourn against a separate hedge. subsequent, lovely lake

Reji Hiru

Reji Hiru . 1 month ago

If you think about it the multiverse has already converged, if you think about it, J Jonah Jamison in far from home 🤷🏾‍♂️ he was definitely the first crossover, both foreshadowing and confirming the multiverse or “spider-verse” story that’s about to be shown in the most epic way possible

David Schweighofer

David Schweighofer . 1 month ago

4:04 norman look sus *insert among us drip music*

Little Boe

Little Boe . 1 month ago

Actually, it is something I’m excited for :)

Mr Mud

Mr Mud . 1 month ago

I bet next movie is no more home where his aunt will die

Ty breezy James

Ty breezy James . 1 month ago

I prefer to be realistic about that tom holland spider man third movie yes it will be a good movie from his 2 previous but about seeing tobey maguire and andrew garfield we are not 100% sure they gonna appear!!


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

I can appreciate that there's a vague timeline, but that's still a 61-day range.

MCU Theories & News

MCU Theories & News . 1 month ago

Wow. 5 plot leaks a week that all contradict each other? They must all be true!


DALEK CAAN . 1 month ago

Where have we heard that all the Spiderman will be in it? I mean solid evidence and rumors, not just speculation like Doctor Strange or Maphisto in WandaVision. At least I wasn't disappointed because I knew how to restrain my beliefs.


KEKW . 1 month ago


Craig Bell

Craig Bell . 1 month ago

So awesome

SeBoThE eMo

SeBoThE eMo . 1 month ago

Is anyone going to realize that at 1:38 it says No Way Ho

Loren Bucko

Loren Bucko . 2 months ago

I don't wanna see Andrew Garfield at all in another SM movie. Steal Hollands thunder and wash out the movie with more spider men and more vilians. Honestly not to excited after watching this.. 😕

Sarah W

Sarah W . 2 months ago

Norman Osborn being in the MCU means we could get Harry as well


RandomFlot . 2 months ago

Yes bully maguire is back

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson . 2 months ago

1:38, When an only fans girl asks for your money

Tyler J.O.

Tyler J.O. . 2 months ago

If they do somehow happened to be in the movie Disney better do a good job of explaining why they still have the same name as but different faces


SouthsideSerpents04 . 2 months ago

Is everyone forgetting that norman died in raimis spiderman


HocusPocus . 2 months ago

I need my spidies

T Malin

T Malin . 2 months ago

I wish I cared more about Spider-Man.

Maria Rosado

Maria Rosado . 2 months ago

Hey what do you think the battle is? Electro venom or lizard vulture no can’t be culture he won the fight in homecoming hmmm

RagerRaiZenC K.O.

RagerRaiZenC K.O. . 2 months ago

If the Spiderman's are back This will be the biggest mcu movie and I'm pretty sure there GONNA MAKE lots of money


BenTheDude😙✌️🍕 . 2 months ago

why does Andrew Garfield look like the og Rodrick from the diary of the wimpy kid movies

Zak Koehler

Zak Koehler . 2 months ago

I cant wait for this.


Justin . 2 months ago



peppler99 . 2 months ago

when you realize it already said that on google for a long time

Marr Tinn

Marr Tinn . 2 months ago

We all can’t really wait for the trailer tho

lain iwakura

lain iwakura . 2 months ago

Tobey McGuire Spidey better do the dance from Spider-Man 3. And does this mean the best Spider-Man movie will on Disney+? And I do mean Into the Spider-Verse.

Dylan Brouwer

Dylan Brouwer . 2 months ago

Imagine a reveal trailer where we see Iron Patriot fly into the screen, shot from behind as the helmet goes off and it's the back of Norman's head, cut to black.

Sam Bagnall

Sam Bagnall . 2 months ago

He didn’t get a call. He got an email.


L-JEY . 2 months ago

So when do the Spiderman movies come to Disney+ ?


kivkus . 2 months ago

What if all the spidermans are the same but different parallel universe and its a all for doktor strange multiversum?


PoppyBoy555 . 2 months ago

It would be cool if all three spider-men met each other like in that comic picture, where they are pointing at eache other :-D

Bruce Gabion

Bruce Gabion . 2 months ago

Mephisto will be there!

Niranjan R

Niranjan R . 2 months ago

Isn’t Sam raimi’s version of Norman Osborne dead? If they go back in time, at the time of Osborne being alive, doc. Ock wouldn’t exist!

Anthony Mania

Anthony Mania . 2 months ago

Dafoes green goblin is one of the best super hero movie villains ever, I can’t wait to see him in action again

Hudson Idle

Hudson Idle . 2 months ago

Look as cool as this all sounds I don’t think it will happen as the cast said neither one of the original spider men will be in it but don’t say it will happen as the doctor strange movie said all three will be in it and that comes out after the Spider-Man movie

Oluwafemi Ogedengbe

Oluwafemi Ogedengbe . 2 months ago

3:18 men in red

Bonaccorsi Anna

Bonaccorsi Anna . 2 months ago

Si ma è una cacata con tutti e tre c’è non sa di niente

El Capitán Marvel

El Capitán Marvel . 2 months ago

Who cares about these spider boi movies. We want Venom

bruno semanco

bruno semanco . 2 months ago

stop this please

Mekhi White

Mekhi White . 2 months ago

I’m starting to hope this stuff all turns out to be fake so I can be surprised

EllaBella 123

EllaBella 123 . 2 months ago

I like how it says spiderman no way home trailer but then doesn't actually show it... how great is that

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