XO, MaCenna

XO, MaCenna

Published on 2 weeks ago

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After a month of work, our guest bathroom is really starting to take shape and we are making MAJOR changes this week by installing the penny tile and bringing in our restored vintage clawfoot tub!

Penny Tile: Canvas Ceramic Mixed from Floor and Decor (I couldn’t find it online
Grout: Permacolor in Chestnut brown
Thin set (to stick the tiles down): Versabond in Gray for ceramic and porcelain tiles

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❥ XO, MaCenna

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Ana C

Ana C . 16 hours ago

Please share with us brand of shorts you're wearing! I find it so hard to find high waisted shorts that are not suuuuper short
Linda Williams

Linda Williams . 16 hours ago

Girl your work ethic is unbelievable!! You made me exhausted!! Lol! Give yourself credit for everything you’ve done!! You go girl!!! I’m excited for you!!! Linda
Audrey Caffrey

Audrey Caffrey . 1 day ago

I wat watch u every Sunday
Audrey Caffrey

Audrey Caffrey . 1 day ago

Missed you last night
Raymond Salcido

Raymond Salcido . 1 day ago

What happened to our Sunday video lol

sarah . 2 days ago

Where does the tub drain to, I don’t see the pluming for it.

watchyoutubeaccount . 2 days ago

hey, you need a waterproof layer before you put your tiles in, even if water doesn't get on it, moisture will build up.
Patricia Page

Patricia Page . 2 days ago

Love the tub too.
Laura Ayala

Laura Ayala . 2 days ago

I think a thin piece of marble or other stone trim as a transition between the tile and floor/wall would look nice :)
Pam W

Pam W . 3 days ago

Wait why doesn’t the flusher thing on the toilet match the rest of the brass fittings?

CE DINKE . 3 days ago

I love this, but I will say, after having a tile shower, installing a waterproof liner/pan, is a good practice. Tile and grout wear down and need to be resealed over time and we had some major water issues because the contractors didn’t install a pan. We had to rip out the shower and redo it two years after it was put in.
Stephanie V.

Stephanie V. . 4 days ago

This might seem like a dumb question but where is the drain hole for the clawfoot bathtub? BTW the whole house is going to look amazing!

Mecca'sHeaven . 4 days ago

I'm so invested in this journey, MaCenna. It's truly inspiring. I do have a question about the guest bath. No shower? Is that practical for anyone staying at your home? I would feel slightly awkward taking a bath at someone's home. Additionally, what if you have multiple people staying? Are they to all share the tub? Who cleans the tub between each guest if there are several people at the same time? Cleaning the tub before use is essential for women if you get my drift lol. What if you are on somewhat of a time sensitive schedule? How do guests account for the amount of time to actually take a bath versus jumping in the shower? If there is a shower and I just missed it, disregard lol. Just curious. Not a criticism, just questions. 🤗😊
Renee Renney

Renee Renney . 4 days ago

Beautiful, where did you find the trophy mirror?
Barbara Leonard

Barbara Leonard . 4 days ago

Hello love your channel I really want to book the trip you took to Europe was there a name or web site service you used? Your so talented love watching your work Barb
La Kid

La Kid . 4 days ago

LOve that penny tile, looks beautiful
loving life as emma

loving life as emma . 4 days ago

did anyone else see that the sealer was called impregnator?? am I misreading that? 😂
ashley gerlaine

ashley gerlaine . 4 days ago


hoi122 . 4 days ago

Where is the Thursday Vlog? 😍😍

missAnniekay . 5 days ago

Screaming! So excited to see this come to life even more. MaCenna, you are so patient and hardworking❤️✊🏼
Paris Harley

Paris Harley . 5 days ago

MaCenna, I had just stumbled across your videos and I can’t help fall in love with them. Not only do I enjoy antiquing as much as you do, and the love we share for that beautiful old house you’re restoring, but nothing brings me more joy than to see someone who’s generally so happy!!! I pray no one ever robs that joy from you! It lifts my spirits, and I cannot wait to see this home finished and to see many more projects! Xoxo.

Ka’iulani . 5 days ago

Let’s get this girl to 1 million subscribers! And her own HGTV show!!! 🤙🏽 she’s so talented!
Roberta Y Kavel

Roberta Y Kavel . 5 days ago

Are you going to continue the Tuesday and Thursday utube? Keep looking for you /no luck????

Nivimar . 5 days ago

Beautiful and meticulous work you’ve done there, MaCenna! ♥️ your vlogs so much!!

TheyCallMeStacey . 5 days ago

Saying hello to the unboxed toilet 😆
Ellie McDonald

Ellie McDonald . 5 days ago

Love how in depth you get into your thought process! These videos are great
Kinjal Katariya

Kinjal Katariya . 5 days ago

Hey.. I have a concern regarding your penny tiles ... Over a period of time there are chances of scalling in penny tiles gaps and this may change the overall look... Means the color may become dull... Yep if the material is such that it won't allow to stick ... In India specially in Gujarat we have certain such tiles which don't allow to stick particles on it, scalling and even the lizards also.. means lizard can't walk on these tiles.. generally we preffer such tiles in kitchen and bathrooms
Devree Bunnis

Devree Bunnis . 6 days ago

Did the knot of the wood fall at 19:30?? Idk why that caught my eye so much, anyone else? 😂
Bilge Karakas Diker

Bilge Karakas Diker . 6 days ago

Looks amazing! I wish you were living in Ottawa, Canada! You are so talented and have an amazing taste in design! 🤗

Nina.Harmony . 6 days ago

OMG it’s all coming together!! All these finishes were the perfect choice! I can’t get over the Tudor brown window trim.
osnat bu

osnat bu . 7 days ago

Beautiful!!! Welldone!!!
Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Jackson . 7 days ago

Just as I was thinking, “how is she doing that without knee pads!?” You stood up in the dark and had knee pads on. 😍 everything has come out so lovely! As always, I’m so impressed with your sense of adventure to try it all!!!! Great Job!

N P . 7 days ago

I feel like the tub is off center? Like considering its alignment to the window
zijuiy wttuy

zijuiy wttuy . 7 days ago

bathroom looks great, I aspire to have your work ethics one day x
Pat Kow

Pat Kow . 7 days ago

Bathtub is too close the wall in my opinion, make it central ! :) nice overall x
Xiomara Rivera

Xiomara Rivera . 1 week ago

La bañera 🛀 no lleva drenaje en el piso? Por donde va a salir el agua?

Romina . 1 week ago

Um idk about you guys and I'm sorry Macenna but I myself is a perfectionist and attention to tiniest details, but are you going to put like a small thin trim on the 2 wall corners of the penny tiles? Because it looks like there's still some space where it meets and it doesn't look perfect ( I'm sorry for saying this😅 ) and the rough edges where you cut the penny tiles.. I just hope you do something about that 😅✌🏻

Does anyone notice that too?

meganpage8788 . 1 week ago

MaCenna, it's beautiful! So fun to see all your ideas come to life together!
Tambi Jo

Tambi Jo . 1 week ago

🌺 WoW I Absolutely Love the tile in your guest Bathroom!! You have done an Amazing job 😁. And it’s so exciting & rewarding to see the Beautiful/Gorgeous Plumbing Supplies. From Bathtub Faucet to the Toilets. Girl you did it. “YOU BROUGHT YOUR DREAM TO LIFE”. I THINK YOU ARE AWESOME 👏🏼
Maria Kamińska

Maria Kamińska . 1 week ago

I admire you, really, beautiful
hen ko

hen ko . 1 week ago

your vision, good job and well done.

Elsie . 1 week ago

A toilet on the wood floor can be a slight problem . If urine gets on the floor it will soak into the wood. just a thought.
Kourtney C

Kourtney C . 1 week ago

When you were first talking about having a brown bathroom, I was a non-believer and thought it was not going to look good....now I want to redo my bathroom exactly like this! It's gorgeous!
Manuel Builes

Manuel Builes . 1 week ago

12:20 doesn't this process scratch the tiles? 🥲
Astry Palacios

Astry Palacios . 1 week ago

Got the penny tile from floor & decor! I work there & I had a feeling I recognized that penny mosaic 😂
Francisco Romero

Francisco Romero . 1 week ago

omg maam the color and that tile I love everything you pick for this bathroom!!!!
Cammy Australis

Cammy Australis . 1 week ago

Wow, MaCenna…the repurposed trim painted in the Tudor Brown looks AMAZING around the windows!! It’s giving me so much joy and excitement to see your guest bathroom done. Penny tile looks amazing also! I am loving it all! 😍
Sohni Pathan

Sohni Pathan . 1 week ago

Macenna, I think it would be super helpful if you did a video on every single tool that you purchased/rented for this project and how you factored it into your budget! (Not sure if you've already made a video on it already) For me personally, I think one of the more daunting tasks is literally the tools needed to even start renovations. Thanks!
Dennice Burgess

Dennice Burgess . 1 week ago


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