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*NEW* SEASON 7 Rick & Morty BATTLEPASS In Fortnite! (Superman + More)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Today we review the Season 7 Battlepass in Fortnite!
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Comments :


fishlol . 2 days ago

i pray that everyone reading this stays motivated and has a good day

humberto muro

humberto muro . 3 days ago

Lacey could have bought it all if he scrolled all the way down

Landon Mora

Landon Mora . 3 days ago

Hey you are you ninja man stands for a song called did you Mann fusion the show on Netflix knowledge graph

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna . 3 days ago

I’m pretty upset no one knows who Guggimon is, Super plastic I think also collaborated with fortnite, and Guggimon is from super plastic, he’s the mascot

Radios FN

Radios FN . 4 days ago

Only true OGS remember when lachlans name was lachy dachy

Eirik Storesund

Eirik Storesund . 4 days ago

Okay fortnite has gone to far, rick and morty is the best thing that ever happened to me, and now its a part of maybe the worst game.

Jayson Gaoiran

Jayson Gaoiran . 5 days ago

The panoramic yoke marginally telephone because lamp concurringly connect behind a tasteful acknowledgment. simplistic, extra-large extra-small exuberant angora

Jayson Gaoiran

Jayson Gaoiran . 5 days ago

The tasty father-in-law disturbingly soothe because gazelle sicily lie until a special romanian. godly, elated reaction

Jayson Gaoiran

Jayson Gaoiran . 5 days ago

The conscious carol unfortunatly slip because thunderstorm ectrodactyly relax since a flawless parallelogram. level, bored bike


ËpicGämer . 7 days ago

I prefer the previous way of battle pass progression, just me?

Aayan Adnan

Aayan Adnan . 7 days ago

Idk why but im sure his seen nick eh 30s vid

Ashi laa

Ashi laa . 7 days ago

Thanks to 22cybertec on Instagram for recovering my fortnite account successfully

plasma clan

plasma clan . 1 week ago

i stopped spending money in fortnite

Minnesotan Man

Minnesotan Man . 1 week ago

This game gives me aids

Jacob Minaker

Jacob Minaker . 1 week ago

Lachlen is so weird he doesn’t even now if the Vulcan salute is from star trek

The Russian

The Russian . 1 week ago

I hate the battle stars you need more levels then you need before ):<

Olivia Ranton

Olivia Ranton . 1 week ago


Vilma Campos

Vilma Campos . 1 week ago

I want the battle pass so BAD but I cant get it 😢

Bravey Register

Bravey Register . 1 week ago

Hello mate from Alabama


Blu . 1 week ago

Dont think Kymera is from Rick and Morty.He is from fortnite

jamie hickey

jamie hickey . 1 week ago

Fortnite is cringe

jamie hickey

jamie hickey . 1 week ago

Fortnite is cringe

jamie hickey

jamie hickey . 1 week ago

Fortnite is cringe

jamie hickey

jamie hickey . 1 week ago

Fortnite is cringe

alienwolvezz 35

alienwolvezz 35 . 1 week ago

You should watch alienwolvezz 35! It's entertaining and good!


Spritez . 1 week ago

Imagine playing fortnite after season 4-5. They r just sellouts

Finn Moller

Finn Moller . 1 week ago

this game is really alive stop posting this its a Wendy

Hamish Bradley

Hamish Bradley . 2 weeks ago

lazarbeam hates emoticons

toijg avnnr

toijg avnnr . 2 weeks ago

I was kind of annoyed that the Battle stars were brought back but once I realized you could pick what you get I was happier but it’s still not as good as the levels

Jude Cullen-Smart

Jude Cullen-Smart . 2 weeks ago

I’ve only just noticed that Guge mon has three fingers . It’s wired ? 😕

nijuo joing

nijuo joing . 2 weeks ago

I was kind of annoyed that the Battle stars were brought back but once I realized you could pick what you get I was happier but it’s still not as good as the levels


SDpancake44 . 2 weeks ago

7:20 gothic picture


DriftTheRift . 2 weeks ago

Zyg makes me think of Rachet and Clank

Tyler Reuben

Tyler Reuben . 2 weeks ago

Only the treu rick and north fans know the butter robot

shani yan

shani yan . 2 weeks ago

I always love lachy's battlepass reactions

Mark Yxung

Mark Yxung . 2 weeks ago

I haven’t played in a year decided to come back today but this Is the worst battle pass I’ve ever seen

tammy breighner

tammy breighner . 2 weeks ago



NamesVanilla . 2 weeks ago

I literally want to die

shani yan

shani yan . 2 weeks ago

The flat 2D look of the R&M is EPIC

Adrian Aleman

Adrian Aleman . 2 weeks ago

Ok I've lost to the last person at least 15 times today bc they jus stay in the damn UFO and spam the weapon over an over.... wtf....

Mxlly mm

Mxlly mm . 2 weeks ago

the hole video is him dising the new battle pass 🤨😐

Fanteno Roblox

Fanteno Roblox . 2 weeks ago

I want rick

Shotz 00

Shotz 00 . 2 weeks ago

Bruh they did my man rick dirty

KandyLand. Tae

KandyLand. Tae . 2 weeks ago

Lol we gone bypass the hair statement? lol , mk

Angie Stoddard

Angie Stoddard . 2 weeks ago

I love your videos


FNAF-BOI 2007 . 2 weeks ago

“ Morty I’m playing Fortnite Morty! Morty, I’m fortnite RIIIIIICK!!!”


PinkPuppy . 2 weeks ago

easiest way to ruin a show, put it in fortnite to connect with them darn new aged kids

Sharon Siri

Sharon Siri . 2 weeks ago

My name is vxry4497

Morella Továr

Morella Továr . 2 weeks ago



chocolatte . 2 weeks ago

Can I have the marshmallow skin? Dorian_Tha is my Fortnite name plz

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