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Russ - NASTY (Official Audio)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Russ - "NASTY" (Official Audio)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/russdiemon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/russ/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/russtheone
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@russ

Produced by Russ

℗ 2023 DIEMON



Russ . 4 days ago


I added two more verses and they’re nuts 😂👀
Katie Stanford

Katie Stanford . 1 hour ago

Uhmmm yas and I see he made it longer I was going to say uhhh we need a longer version PLZ 🥰

CRYbaby . 7 hours ago

this is so good. chefs kiss 🤌🏻

🌺big_anime_babe21🌺 . 12 hours ago

I love this song ❤
Taz Tajzahe

Taz Tajzahe . 13 hours ago

Fye fye
Rush Campbell

Rush Campbell . 13 hours ago

Whew this is fire 🔥🔥🔥
Lex Levi

Lex Levi . 14 hours ago

He got the gain to high it sound like
jane morales

jane morales . 17 hours ago

My man sent this to me. This definitely our song ❤❤❤ 🤭🤭🤭
douglas gonzalez medina

douglas gonzalez medina . 1 day ago

Nasty rompiendo en Cuba🇨🇺🇨🇺
John Paul Hit

John Paul Hit . 1 day ago

Btches pulling titanic but going under Atlantic
They a sex addict Drowning with cum, you mean body count? tragic? Nah Pathetic hold Up! He pretty Boy maybe we can fuck down in my attic you see the Bottle put in my Crack like cardi, smack it so i can spit on it ama put the bottle innn so you can drink it✏️📝
Money Marvelous Multi-Media Tv Network

Money Marvelous Multi-Media Tv Network . 1 day ago

I rock with these
Suzanne Martinez

Suzanne Martinez . 1 day ago

Pamela Bell

Pamela Bell . 1 day ago

I love all your music,

Eynas . 2 days ago

This with Michael Minnelli >>>>>
Bailey Timmeica

Bailey Timmeica . 2 days ago

I have been following this on tik tok for days it's like an obsession
Casey Brown

Casey Brown . 2 days ago

Katlyn raps needs in on this one
Denise Sullivan-Stotts

Denise Sullivan-Stotts . 2 days ago

You sure do know how to deliver 😅 That bass in this song also hits 🥴🫠
🥀rose petals on the floor🥀

🥀rose petals on the floor🥀 . 2 days ago

RUSS im begging for a SoMo feature
James Rivera

James Rivera . 3 days ago

I need more music like this to fuck to..................... LIKE IF YOU FEEL THE SAMEEEEEEE
James Rivera

James Rivera . 3 days ago

Reaching Buffalo, New York
Tyler Danahy

Tyler Danahy . 3 days ago

Love it amazing club hit 100% remix with jaymacc !
allan decker

allan decker . 3 days ago

Russ is a genius 🔥

Jeppezi . 3 days ago

Ah i love this😍😍
Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie . 3 days ago

Woke up doing the shoulder dip 🕺🏻😂 straight fye 🔥💯
Ratan official..

Ratan official.. . 3 days ago

Russ teri makichud... Emiway always legend bro,,,,, you mother fucker...... Don't comment to emiway........ And krishan v mother fucker hai..... You Randi 😅
István Szamkó

István Szamkó . 3 days ago

Good girl band again
Yokii Desalegn

Yokii Desalegn . 3 days ago

...she a shy girllll😌🔥

James . 3 days ago

I got a lap dance to this song it was fire 🔥
Ashley Seay

Ashley Seay . 3 days ago

I was thinking it was more intense with that hook... I hope you will do a full version
Sydney Mclachlan

Sydney Mclachlan . 3 days ago

Why’s the quality so terrible though. Such a dope track but for some reason the distortion ruins the track. Bumping in your car it sounds so badly produced. Super annoying. Have tried all different streaming sites & it’s just the song. Sounds like shit.

OkwP . 3 days ago

It's always the short songs that are the best like if you agree
Ricardo Orozco

Ricardo Orozco . 3 days ago

This man is the best rapper alive.
Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez . 4 days ago

Yolan Dharshan Govender

Yolan Dharshan Govender . 4 days ago

Fuck yeah💥
Rob Garza

Rob Garza . 4 days ago

Britany B

Britany B . 4 days ago

Jennifer Dejesus

Jennifer Dejesus . 4 days ago

I love you and all your songs Russ been listening for years and you have never disappointed!!! ❤❤❤
Leah Butler

Leah Butler . 4 days ago

Would be #1 if he would have added the spank me and good girl good girl more then just once. Needed to be in the song at least 2-3 times in my opinion
Larry Medina

Larry Medina . 4 days ago

What up Russ!!!
Tibike Kovacs

Tibike Kovacs . 5 days ago

killing it all the time man, love u bro 🤙🏽👊🏼❤️
Sue Miller

Sue Miller . 5 days ago

U did the damn thing with this one russ
Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown . 5 days ago

Russ we know you made this for #booktok thank you 😘🔥
Emanuel Yohannes

Emanuel Yohannes . 5 days ago

የምትዘፍነው ዘፈን በጣም ነው የምወደው ግን እኛ ሀገር ላይ እንደዚ አይነት ዘፈን አልተለመደም እኔ ያለሁት ኢትዮጵያ ነው ። በርታ 🥰👏👏👏
Malayzia Ritch

Malayzia Ritch . 5 days ago

Yessssssss now waiting for an EXTENDED EDITION
Tatyana Jeppeson🍩

Tatyana Jeppeson🍩 . 5 days ago

Waios Vyao

Waios Vyao . 5 days ago

Russ your amazing we love your music!!
together tuning

together tuning . 5 days ago

We need the ak version
maria Vasquez

maria Vasquez . 5 days ago

Jay mac
Fabrice Macnamara

Fabrice Macnamara . 5 days ago

😂😂 I think I blew my speakers to this banger ❤❤
Paige Strayer

Paige Strayer . 6 days ago


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