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Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform 'Super Bass' 11 Years Later


Published on 2 weeks ago

Ellen first met Sophia Grace and Rosie in 2011 and became one of the show's most memorable kid guests with over 30 appearances on the show. Now teens, they're back to talk about their favorite moments on Ellen, and even gave a show stopping performance of the song that first put them on the map, "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj.

Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen *all videos* (Playlist): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL091E526B417A982D

Rosie McClelland Official YouTube Channel: @Rosie McClelland
Rosie McClelland Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosiergm

Sophia Grace Official YouTube Channel: @Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealsophiagrace

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Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform 'Super Bass' 11 Years Later

Mary Denny

Mary Denny . 11 minutes ago

What a cute story
Todd Upchurch

Todd Upchurch . 17 minutes ago


BF . 38 minutes ago

Gosh I wish someone would have helped the blonde with her makeup, I mean Tom he eyebrows and pale lips are so awful
Natalie Staheli

Natalie Staheli . 55 minutes ago

I was sooooo expecting Nikki Minaj to come out! Good to see these girls putting their talents to use!
thompson J

thompson J . 56 minutes ago

wow they have really grown…
Junno Junno

Junno Junno . 1 hour ago

Wow....they sounded better on that acapella version than most music artists nowadays with a whole production !! I watched Coachella for days and 90 of the time was cringeworthy

GINA GOMEZ . 2 hours ago

Pamela Woodsum

Pamela Woodsum . 2 hours ago

Love these girls such wonderful memories thanks Ellen
Mommy Garcia

Mommy Garcia . 2 hours ago

They were soooo cute then & so beautiful now !
Essence The Artist

Essence The Artist . 2 hours ago

They randomly came to min when I played Super Bass and this just happened 😆

Alison . 3 hours ago

I fast forwarded to see if Nicki came out again
Gabrielle Desouter

Gabrielle Desouter . 4 hours ago

I can’t believe those little girls grown so fast wow 🤩 they are incredible beautiful 😍 love ❤️
debra bolton

debra bolton . 4 hours ago

So nice to see how well the girls have grown up!
Casey Casey

Casey Casey . 4 hours ago

I’m new to this phenomenon, but, that was really cute! And their performance was shockingly good! Thanks for posting this
kolim jone

kolim jone . 5 hours ago

The way ellen watch them with memories roaming in her mind makes my heart feel something..

bighearts4 . 6 hours ago

they grew omg!!!!

bighearts4 . 6 hours ago

OMG what!???????
Natasha Michelle

Natasha Michelle . 7 hours ago

They are so sweet
mars Rivera

mars Rivera . 9 hours ago

They aren’t as cute anymore….I liked the little girl version better 😂
Ambzer Ambzer

Ambzer Ambzer . 10 hours ago

Wow 11 years of practicing that song paid off :)

I’m so glad Rosie sang too their harmonies actually sound SOOO GOOD ;)
Kgomotso Molobi

Kgomotso Molobi . 11 hours ago

This is so cool🤍🤌🏼
Jeniel Cadiz Delgado

Jeniel Cadiz Delgado . 11 hours ago

Anna Livi

Anna Livi . 12 hours ago

But can we talk about how much of a QUEEN Rosie is? Her voice is GORGEOUS
Swasty Sharma

Swasty Sharma . 14 hours ago

How they singed it, is just perfect

luvDYL4N . 17 hours ago

I remember first seeing these guys on Sam & cat
Cyndi X

Cyndi X . 17 hours ago

Time flew so fast they grew up in a blink of an eye omg

brookkIynns . 17 hours ago

love this
Victor Vergara

Victor Vergara . 18 hours ago

hi ellen i just wanted to say my littel girl is sophie grace and rosies biggest fan she watched the super bass like all day.
Bobbi Jo Chestang

Bobbi Jo Chestang . 18 hours ago

my brain cannot process the fact that their older than me 😨
Toca Blinks 🖤💖

Toca Blinks 🖤💖 . 18 hours ago

Sam and cat’s British brat 😅
dark_sid2030(I'm a girl) I'm a bi

dark_sid2030(I'm a girl) I'm a bi . 19 hours ago

I love there voices im 11 nd I'm a girl they make me wanna sing my heart out ngl

Terriney . 20 hours ago

I still have their movie on dvd😭
suzanna Margarjan

suzanna Margarjan . 21 hours ago

I knew them from Sam and cat
Nina Ross

Nina Ross . 22 hours ago

i love that song
Hooperflash ☑️

Hooperflash ☑️ . 22 hours ago

Star Hamilton

Star Hamilton . 22 hours ago

I love how they are wearing those dresses with the matching sneakers 🔥🔥🔥
Star Hamilton

Star Hamilton . 22 hours ago

11 years later Nicki is still making girls happy with her music 😍
Sanford Fahy

Sanford Fahy . 23 hours ago

You must know how to fake your private parts for those cowards in LGBQHollywoodIndustry first.
Sanford Fahy

Sanford Fahy . 23 hours ago

People must be able to fake their personalities and giant private parts as decoys to lure tech money instead.
Stacy Williams

Stacy Williams . 23 hours ago

I can never forget that episode when I first saw Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen. That was so uplifting and had me ecstatic to see how they got to meet Nicki Minaj. No lie, super bass is one of my best songs and such music to my ears. Sophia Grace and Rosie definitely sounded amazing singing super bass for the last time on this show. The tape will always be here. Best of Sophia Grace and Rosie.
Nusse Charles™

Nusse Charles™ . 23 hours ago

I think they're should have performed they're own songs

Siimplystrxwberry . 1 day ago

Sophia Sharkey

Sophia Sharkey . 1 day ago

Rosie outfit is so pretty
Zizul Sulaiman

Zizul Sulaiman . 1 day ago

The way ellen watch them with memories roaming in her mind makes my heart feel something.. 🌺
Zizul Sulaiman

Zizul Sulaiman . 1 day ago

OmG i remembered this girls too.. 🌺🌺

Rosebud . 1 day ago

How quickly does time go by?! Madness!
luvlylexi ☻

luvlylexi ☻ . 1 day ago

There such an iconic duo! I love that Rosie is starting to get more confidence and that she’s starting to sing with Sofia now, even better- making her own music! It’s honestly great seeing her come into her own. They have honestly just grown up so much they used to be so cute and innocent, but now there woman! It shocks me so much. Still love em tho, u also gotta admire how they kinda came with there iconic puffy skirts. There honestly just so amazing, I love them 😊❤✨💜💖
K Rob

K Rob . 1 day ago

It’s so interesting how welcoming America is to these people. In their home country of Britain there’s an agenda against these types of people. I.e. people from the county of Essex.

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