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TEKKEN 8 – King Gameplay Trailer
Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Published on 2 weeks ago

You don't need a crown to be a King.
Wrestle your way to the top in #TEKKEN8!

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Lance . 2 hours ago

king is the best wrestler in video games

Kingy . 3 hours ago

You know a game company is good when they can make a man with a cheetah head and lions roar a popular character.

ANGEL GUERREROx . 4 hours ago

Aguebo king
Dream State Films

Dream State Films . 4 hours ago

I’m okay with Tag 1&2
Andrew Yugftg

Andrew Yugftg . 5 hours ago

Стас карпов

Стас карпов . 7 hours ago

Tekken 3❤

Synysterpain . 8 hours ago

I now want to be a king main lol
Pain Raskolov

Pain Raskolov . 8 hours ago

That's my boooy!!! He's the real KING OF THE BEASTS!!!!
waseem Asif

waseem Asif . 12 hours ago

Good game I like it and good work 👍
Kane The Unsettled

Kane The Unsettled . 13 hours ago

So glad they made him more flashy like a wrestler.
Martin Korn

Martin Korn . 13 hours ago

I hate Stupid charakter with Swords Magic this game is for kids and it's not fun anymore
Rishav Rauthan

Rishav Rauthan . 18 hours ago

tomas maestrale

tomas maestrale . 19 hours ago

Return of the Mack!
siddhant kumar

siddhant kumar . 20 hours ago


Bruul619 . 22 hours ago

So it hasn't changed in 20 years great
Harald Bull

Harald Bull . 1 day ago

Weird head, 0 animation.
LVX BackslashAirslash

LVX BackslashAirslash . 1 day ago

I hope that camera man is okay. King went Moonsault Body Press at him towards the end.
Lunga Mvundla

Lunga Mvundla . 1 day ago

I can't wait for Lil Majin to play King💪🙇
Mavis Grace

Mavis Grace . 1 day ago

This looks like a ps4 game you'd think that fighting games would look hyper realistic since all the game is just character models and solitary stages and backgrounds, not an open world, not an MMORPG that are limited graphics wise because it's a huge open world but fighting games cheap out

Golddie🤴🏾 . 1 day ago

Rack'm, Sling'm, Break'm. King is going to be a formidable opponent lol.
Raju Mondal

Raju Mondal . 1 day ago

Bryan Galdamez

Bryan Galdamez . 1 day ago

King and Yoshimitsu got the most moves in tekken.
Swag Goku

Swag Goku . 1 day ago

Osmário Brito

Osmário Brito . 1 day ago

A pantera mais violenta do mundo!
Ravenlino Soriano

Ravenlino Soriano . 1 day ago

You had me at King making a promo through jaguar growling
תומר צרור

תומר צרור . 2 days ago

When ?

Chris . 2 days ago

I always thought that was a leopard mask and not his actual head, oops
Riko Martin

Riko Martin . 2 days ago

Dunno why but it feels worse than T7
Leandro Souza

Leandro Souza . 2 days ago

Smziho chega chora

BERSERK™ . 2 days ago

Кинг хорош 💪
Lasse K

Lasse K . 2 days ago

WWE lol

¿BOOM? . 2 days ago

Fortnite Katze Skin

Fortnite Katze Skin . 2 days ago

Im stronger
Bryan Galdamez

Bryan Galdamez . 2 days ago

that cape with feathers look sick!
Antonino Kevin Reitano

Antonino Kevin Reitano . 2 days ago

When will they start adding blood and wounds into characters?
Rodolfo BOImarinho

Rodolfo BOImarinho . 2 days ago

The came rotation is too confuse.

Baja . 2 days ago

We need Joe Rogan in the background
Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange . 2 days ago

my childhood video game

nader . 3 days ago

TeamRonin Z3

TeamRonin Z3 . 3 days ago

Still hoping for jinpachi
Tony Chapo

Tony Chapo . 3 days ago

Alexis Beltran

Alexis Beltran . 3 days ago

I can't stand the announcers voice. Hopefully we can change it like in mortal kombat
Андрей Сотников

Андрей Сотников . 3 days ago

Bring back Bruce Irvin
Rahel Miah

Rahel Miah . 3 days ago

Lookin for lil majins comment
ducati forza M

ducati forza M . 3 days ago

king is the king most strong fighter

TeemoText . 3 days ago

Lil Majin will be hype
Honey Baba

Honey Baba . 3 days ago

Playing tekken since its first release and over these years, King has been my favourite character.

Kokolo . 3 days ago

Ughh daddy.. ummm I mean King yeah 👀
Allen Logan

Allen Logan . 3 days ago

Fun fact: Lil Majin has demonstrated the King for this video


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