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Making liquid air
NileRed Shorts

NileRed Shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out my main channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/NileRed

Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.


Nile talks about lab safety: https://d-yt.com/watch/ftACSEJ6DZA


Comments :


Wumpus . 26 seconds ago

Do I dare ask what happens when the dial is turned all the way?
داليدا 「!」

داليدا 「!」 . 50 seconds ago

is it drinkable?

RaiderX . 11 minutes ago

Go to 100

syntax_error_7 . 22 minutes ago

You just watched him boil air, go do something.
Andrew Cradle

Andrew Cradle . 58 minutes ago

Why is it bubbling like that? Is it hot? Cold? Can you drink it?

Deadprez101 . 1 hour ago

Is liquid air just water?
Patrick Austin

Patrick Austin . 1 hour ago

What happens if you turn the dial all the way?!?!

catinabin . 1 hour ago

If Michael Reeves and him became a duo their villain arc would truly be something to see
Ja Lowery

Ja Lowery . 2 hours ago


UmiNoArashi . 2 hours ago

And this is the origin of McDonalds Sprite

Vulcan_GoF . 2 hours ago

I like the way you say nitrogen. 😁
Atlas Hellwalker

Atlas Hellwalker . 2 hours ago

I have a feeling that liquid oxygen is a bad idea near ignition sources, screw it, add some potassium to liquid oxygen

iReloadZz-Mini . 2 hours ago

Umm sorry of I'm rong but isn't liquid nitrogen the same

CsSilverSurfer . 2 hours ago

Stupid question but are fumes from liquid air safe?
Josip Bilandžić

Josip Bilandžić . 3 hours ago

Can you breath in that
THE Chrome Assasin

THE Chrome Assasin . 3 hours ago

How does it taste????

Lito . 3 hours ago

Forbidden sprite
King Celie

King Celie . 3 hours ago

Drink it.

Oofed . 3 hours ago

Yes we need more of these
Anton Krog

Anton Krog . 3 hours ago

What happens with the dial at 100 though....

Josh . 3 hours ago

Cool, thanks for sharing!
Antrun swag

Antrun swag . 3 hours ago

Can you drink that
Davi Gerhardt

Davi Gerhardt . 4 hours ago

what if i drink it?
zimanonline Thien

zimanonline Thien . 4 hours ago

Can you drink it ???
never gonna give you up

never gonna give you up . 4 hours ago

Is it dangerous to drink liquid air?
Fair Witness

Fair Witness . 5 hours ago

Now, if only I can bottle said liquid air and have compressed oxygen for my glass torch.....

CallMeBackup . 5 hours ago

Liquid Nitrogen*
The best Egg

The best Egg . 5 hours ago

The real question is can you drink it?-
Christian S

Christian S . 5 hours ago

If you rinse with it does it become liquid CO2 when you spit it out?
Hans Teeuwen

Hans Teeuwen . 7 hours ago

But the quistion is. Can you drink it
Cooper McCormick

Cooper McCormick . 7 hours ago

Can you drink liquid air? And if so, are you breathing?
Doc Nasty

Doc Nasty . 8 hours ago

Drink it
Christopher Venos

Christopher Venos . 8 hours ago

Where can you buy a cryocooler like that?
Code C

Code C . 8 hours ago

I want to touch it :)
Code C

Code C . 8 hours ago

I want to touch it :)

BelloNr14 . 8 hours ago

Could I drink an infinite amout of it?
Pete Zielinski

Pete Zielinski . 8 hours ago

Him: here i have a cryo-cooler.. Cryo-cooler: here i have a human that wants me to expel my fluids..
truccus himself

truccus himself . 8 hours ago

Corbin Davis

Corbin Davis . 9 hours ago

Can u breath liquid air🙃🤨
M.D. Customs

M.D. Customs . 9 hours ago

Is that not just liquid nitrogen?

saux.santamonica . 9 hours ago

can we drink it tho 🧍🏾‍♀️
Zach Keel

Zach Keel . 9 hours ago

What would happen if you drank that?
Phillip Margrave

Phillip Margrave . 10 hours ago

Wow. I bet If you tried to drink that your teeth would shatter
Anya Warrior

Anya Warrior . 10 hours ago

Man's like the Daily Dose Of Internet of chemistry
Joshua RomanCe

Joshua RomanCe . 10 hours ago

Ah yes, liquid air, or as I like to call it, Water
Bikram rongpi 18MCA01

Bikram rongpi 18MCA01 . 10 hours ago

You get my like
Ad il

Ad il . 11 hours ago

What if u drink it?
301 EZ

301 EZ . 11 hours ago

is liquid air not water???
Ample Abilities

Ample Abilities . 11 hours ago

You should of showed off the blue tinge.

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