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Seth Rollins past catches up to him on SmackDown: SmackDown, Oct. 16, 2020


Published on 2 weeks ago

After Seth Rollins interrupted Daniel Bryan’s return to SmackDown, Murphy, Rey & Dominik Mysterio get an opportunity for payback. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Comments :


ALunaticFringe . 49 minutes ago

"You don't want an ingrate like Murphy infiltrating your family." Incredible line from Graves.
Senju Clan Karate

Senju Clan Karate . 10 hours ago

Seth Rollins = GOAT of the modern era
Danely Benitez

Danely Benitez . 10 hours ago

Seth Rollins is still my favorite but DANIEL IS MY BEST FAVORITE
Ashley Covarrubias

Ashley Covarrubias . 23 hours ago

Rey and dominink Best im on ur side dominink my favorite wrestle on smack down 👍

SpookyDillz . 24 hours ago

I used to watch wwe, and now I’ve come back and now Seth Rollins is on smack down😐
Joan Ong

Joan Ong . 1 day ago

You the the mysterio family could be Murphy friend Murphy and Seth hit kendo sticks on dominik mysterio
Michael Brewer

Michael Brewer . 1 day ago

I'd team with Rey mysterious and Dom any day
Michael Brewer

Michael Brewer . 1 day ago

Seth Rollins is a coward
Rikiel Anasuli

Rikiel Anasuli . 2 days ago

2:51 *WHOOSH*
Aung Myo

Aung Myo . 3 days ago

'covid 19 in play wwe video warwo and fan are in coputer
Jhony Geremew

Jhony Geremew . 3 days ago

Can we take atime and talk about seth drip
Jhony Geremew

Jhony Geremew . 3 days ago

Can u take a time and talk about seth,s drip
Mannix Mannix

Mannix Mannix . 4 days ago

Seth those character doesn't suit you,just quit and return to your burn it down my Beast slayer
R Bogdan

R Bogdan . 5 days ago

Seth Rollins was cool from 2014 - 2016
The Plush Bois

The Plush Bois . 7 days ago

Messiah no more more like “lonely Messiah” Also I was kinda hoping they would accept Murphy’s handshake
Fabian Tangi

Fabian Tangi . 7 days ago

Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez . 7 days ago

I used to love wrestling back in the days. Nowadays it’s hard for me to watch more than 5 minutes
Ali King

Ali King . 7 days ago

James Mwangi

James Mwangi . 1 week ago

What goes around comes around
Whitney Butler

Whitney Butler . 1 week ago

x22 report
The Masked Unboxer

The Masked Unboxer . 1 week ago

You will be rich if you comment or like
Nick Falck

Nick Falck . 1 week ago

I think we can all agree Daniel Bryan is too pg now hes just too plain and bland for WWE I'm sorry he's a good wrestler but he is just too cringy to listen to on the mic 🎤 sorry butt hurt fans but it's just truth serum to what he really is a true indie pop wrestler

The JABS . 1 week ago


JOE ASHTON . 1 week ago

That slide was clean asf
Bukunmi Afolabi

Bukunmi Afolabi . 1 week ago

Smh Seth v the mysterios againnn
Oosha Oosha

Oosha Oosha . 1 week ago

Khalid Sarwari

Khalid Sarwari . 1 week ago

It’s dumb
Kung-Fu Kenny

Kung-Fu Kenny . 1 week ago

Well seth did tell Bryan its not dumb
beener 2025

beener 2025 . 1 week ago

3:49 so in other words ¿SUS?
beener 2025

beener 2025 . 1 week ago

¿So is the MurphyYah storyline is dropped? Damn I was really intrigued by this
Kalvin The Blue

Kalvin The Blue . 1 week ago

Wtf... the audience is all virtual??

That_Ranga_Guy . 1 week ago

Murphy broken gravity

AMMAR RAYAN . 1 week ago


thomashbooth . 1 week ago

Ahmed nasir Mahamud

Ahmed nasir Mahamud . 1 week ago

Go Murphy
Ahmed nasir Mahamud

Ahmed nasir Mahamud . 1 week ago

Go Daniel I hate Seth his a scary cat
samkelo samkelo

samkelo samkelo . 1 week ago

I wish Seth Rollins didn't change he was my favorite wrestler
Shafiq J

Shafiq J . 1 week ago

“Its not Dumb Bryan” new tag line...
Stacy MARIE Mecham

Stacy MARIE Mecham . 1 week ago

I hate to say it but i em a fan of the Messiah
Tekashi Lito

Tekashi Lito . 1 week ago

Wwe is hand picking I see .. you can’t force people to like someone the kid is trash
sannio komi

sannio komi . 1 week ago

Murphy deserves a push his moveset is incredible for a guy that muscular. Edit: Thanks for the likes guys really made my day

DougTheDon . 1 week ago

Daniel Bryan growing the beard and hair again
Aryanna Murphy

Aryanna Murphy . 1 week ago

Seth when Rey and Dominick came out he really said: 👁👄👁
Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson . 1 week ago

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King Bill88

King Bill88 . 1 week ago

The mysterios should just leave Rollins alone the fued is over
Steffi Nicole Rufin

Steffi Nicole Rufin . 1 week ago

3:15 when I decided to enter a room uncleaned for centuries.

ItzIbrahim . 1 week ago

I hope he's not Friday Night Messiah XD
Michari Norwood

Michari Norwood . 1 week ago

yes yes yes yes yes yes
seeriu ciihy

seeriu ciihy . 1 week ago

Expectation: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Reality: Seth Rollins vs The Mysterio family.
Profesor Vojtas

Profesor Vojtas . 1 week ago

Poor Seth xD

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