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Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart

Published on 1 week ago

I built my dog a $25,000 dream dog house for his birthday! It had things like an elevator, a pool, and so much more...

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Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart . 1 week ago

Subscribe to wish Roger a happy birthday ❤️
amaal Moalim

amaal Moalim . 2 hours ago

Jester stop being gay
april cruz

april cruz . 2 hours ago

Hana Ngirailemesang

Hana Ngirailemesang . 3 hours ago

Get back together your ex

SAHO NISHIMURA . 3 hours ago


CG21 . 3 hours ago

Can I get a shout out out I’ve been watching u for years
latha Nischay

latha Nischay . 3 hours ago

I❤ roger
latha Nischay

latha Nischay . 3 hours ago


minaloveshellokitty2344 . 3 hours ago

Roger isn't cute he is. Umm CUTEST dpg
wenting lu

wenting lu . 3 hours ago

i think ben should upload another vid.
wenting lu

wenting lu . 3 hours ago

wenting lu

wenting lu . 3 hours ago

mason wash the butter off
wenting lu

wenting lu . 4 hours ago

what a gold toilet?

minaloveshellokitty2344 . 4 hours ago

Lol love when u said chill
Eric Arce

Eric Arce . 4 hours ago

Jesser why did you say can i be your dog 😂
Jane Brown

Jane Brown . 4 hours ago

Happy birthday. done

kage7464 . 4 hours ago

jessica gorden

jessica gorden . 5 hours ago

Shelley Cockerill

Shelley Cockerill . 5 hours ago

Me out loud slayyy

Zmantuber . 5 hours ago

That prank was funny
Jasmine Fletcher

Jasmine Fletcher . 6 hours ago

Ben Roger Azelart
Ezra Phillips

Ezra Phillips . 6 hours ago

10 out of 10
Monster Truck

Monster Truck . 6 hours ago

He playing with them hoes all right
Bella Garcia

Bella Garcia . 6 hours ago

Happy birthday roger🎂🍰🍬🍭

Nyla_keelz123 . 6 hours ago

Ben plsss can u do another hide n seek box challenge they are my favorite 📦😀
علي غريب

علي غريب . 6 hours ago

happy breakfast day
Ashli Reineck

Ashli Reineck . 7 hours ago

Question is how are you? Are you not broke yet? Do you spend so much money?😊
Giovanni Franco

Giovanni Franco . 7 hours ago

Hey jesser tell Ben if he can be in his video
Yaniv Bar

Yaniv Bar . 7 hours ago

Shannon Schaefer

Shannon Schaefer . 7 hours ago

Wyatt Smith

Wyatt Smith . 7 hours ago

Cute dog
Shannon Schaefer

Shannon Schaefer . 7 hours ago

Shamanda Palmer

Shamanda Palmer . 7 hours ago

Can I be your doggy?
Fnaf king /JCTVR

Fnaf king /JCTVR . 7 hours ago

Nicole Matoon

Nicole Matoon . 7 hours ago

Brent made a better one for doggy charly
Julie Taillon

Julie Taillon . 8 hours ago

Done !!!!!!!!!! 🎉
Alejandro Sanchezreyes

Alejandro Sanchezreyes . 8 hours ago

I loves your videos so I want to be in the shout-out in the next video
Walkiria Felix

Walkiria Felix . 8 hours ago

I’m not trying to be a hater or anything or being rude, but I just noticed that, so I just wanted to say it
Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max . 8 hours ago

Walkiria Felix

Walkiria Felix . 8 hours ago

Don’t you guys find it weird that Brent did the same thing for Charlie his dog for her birthday and now Ben’s doing it for his dog don’t you guys find it weird that they both have the same title so weird
Kristopher Duwve

Kristopher Duwve . 9 hours ago

It's so cute!!!!!!
Jaun Engelbrecht

Jaun Engelbrecht . 9 hours ago

Hi can i get a shout out pls!!
Gabriella Druzan

Gabriella Druzan . 9 hours ago

So you're Brent Roger Azelart?
Lincoln Saafi

Lincoln Saafi . 9 hours ago

Hannah and you should do a naked kiss unblered
Minecraft siuuuuuuuuuu

Minecraft siuuuuuuuuuu . 9 hours ago

Happy birthday Roger

Steeltown_122 . 9 hours ago

Wait is that a golden doodle I have a golden doodle his name is snickerdoodle he’s the same color but a mini
Jarow 64

Jarow 64 . 9 hours ago

My middle name is Robert

MARY BENDER . 10 hours ago

You took that from Brent

Kalli PATTON . 10 hours ago


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