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We Upgraded our Homemade Bike Camper!
Dangie Bros

Dangie Bros

Published on 1 week ago

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We upgraded our homemade bike camper with an electric motor and fixed all the other problems with the old version.

Dangie Bros

Dangie Bros . 1 week ago

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Kevinn . 2 minutes ago

This is the content that I like, I hope and you might also want part 3
Jess Angel Quilicol

Jess Angel Quilicol . 53 minutes ago

If that is 10 feet tall how.tall are you

notmyname . 1 hour ago

Hard rubber tires :/
Melinda Williams

Melinda Williams . 2 hours ago

Double seats and double pedals. No reason for one to sit in back.
Rusty Nickle

Rusty Nickle . 3 hours ago

Just out of curiosity if there's two of you, why didn't you put a tandem bike up front?
Stephen Skierski

Stephen Skierski . 3 hours ago

No solar panels on the roof?
Arender Bros

Arender Bros . 3 hours ago

Bro made it to santa maria beach in san andreas
Brandon Ascencio Guevara

Brandon Ascencio Guevara . 4 hours ago

Your videos are cool and sick
pataya touring

pataya touring . 4 hours ago

Hello very good your clip and Thank you for sharing. I”m very like it.

suedefringe . 4 hours ago

The whole time I'm like i hope they packed a spare !

Cla1234 . 4 hours ago

I love when y’all build things, I honestly learn so much!
Andrea Grady

Andrea Grady . 5 hours ago

can you make a third one?
Andrea Grady

Andrea Grady . 5 hours ago

A mususe?
Rudy Fisher

Rudy Fisher . 5 hours ago

Another way you could do with it is those 4 wheel paddle bikes that you know you can get for 4 people or 2 people. Take one of those split it. And I have make the same project with the 2 seats in the front. With the 2 paddling sections, then add your motor that we can't put on the back of that. And you'll be able to both paddle in the front
Rudy Fisher

Rudy Fisher . 6 hours ago

I just might the front section a little longer. And taken at another seat up there, or a little wider at the front. To where you can add another seat up or with the steering wheel in the center

zachsamp . 6 hours ago

Does the blonde dude like boys?

cokomairena . 6 hours ago

I would like an expandable part for your feet that pops to the back so you can sleep better

Amazonhippie . 6 hours ago

You guys have got to go on some grand adventure with that thing. It’d be extremely lame if you made it just for videos.
Jay L

Jay L . 6 hours ago

Next model could be built upon a tandem bike so one person does not get a free ride lol. Perhaps a slide out for a bunk bed so no sharing
Bud Lamy

Bud Lamy . 7 hours ago

Saw the first one and other than the horrible choice of tires this was great!
Yajaira Sanchez

Yajaira Sanchez . 8 hours ago


Duke00x . 8 hours ago

Solar panels on the top and the back (above the back window).
the lala skating

the lala skating . 9 hours ago

I miss him
the lala skating

the lala skating . 9 hours ago

Were is Robert
Jack Hemsworth

Jack Hemsworth . 10 hours ago

bike camper without an electric motor you need the legs of a tour de france athlete. otherwise it is just pure pain. So i'm glad you made it to your goal
Darsh Khanna

Darsh Khanna . 10 hours ago

Congratulations on 7 million subscribers❤❤❤
Sbtr Aein

Sbtr Aein . 16 hours ago

You should wrap your wheel's inner rim (where the inner tube rests against the spokes) with electrical tape for future reference. Having tires that are carrying that much weight
Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan . 22 hours ago

You should make them for homeless people😊

AlIVE YUNA KING . 24 hours ago

Why u telling me?? Xx wife 26 years ago. Roger that Jerry!!! Ok u will most definitely getting a federal order of protection permanently I'm positive...ohhhh rich.. lmao.. I didn't ask you get involved in anything I could care less I'm who in charge who rich????.ummm what I can't hear you!!!! I'm tell you how name KING CONAN?!!! Enuff said...ain't worried about nuthin I'm positive...I travel alone Solo to my new location..

Mariana146A3 . 1 day ago

This would be a great idea for able-bodied homeless too. It would give a secure place that they could move about as needed/required. I wish the government put more research into solutions like this.

WallieTube . 1 day ago

wayy better than the last lol


Honestly it would be amazing to be in one of your guys videos I noticed that you guys went to Lake Havasu which is in Arizona so if you guys live in Arizona I would also like to be part of the mystery button challenge

MGuntherDVM . 1 day ago

Double bikes would have been so cool.

doublecupshawn . 1 day ago

u should make it into a car
caden dance

caden dance . 1 day ago

I think a more practical model would be a horizontal layout; something a person could sleep in rather than sit and drink water. Really cool though, just more a novelty then it is a serious product.

MrCumminz . 1 day ago

what idiot would go on a trip and not plan on fixing a flat. you guys a stupid

Mattbro . 1 day ago

You guys live near me omg
Luis Arriaga

Luis Arriaga . 1 day ago

I love yalls vids
4x4 RC off-road tractors

4x4 RC off-road tractors . 1 day ago

Why did you guys choose to use a generator he could have bought solar panels for so much cheaper and it would have been less weight on the back of that poor bike
Manny V

Manny V . 1 day ago


PlNKUHOSHI . 1 day ago

For Camper Nr.3 I would suggest:
1. Solid rubber tyres 2. Small passenger seat at the front or a larger window facing forward so you can see and talk to each other, 3. Larger batteries
raymond schuman

raymond schuman . 1 day ago

Homeless people would love this bycycle camper
Josue Osorio

Josue Osorio . 1 day ago

You guys should make a video about the bike camper 2.0 on a 200 mile road trip
Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones . 1 day ago

What you can do to help with flat tires, you can get a piece of a plastic window shade, cut to size and place between the tire or inner tube and use the green glue in the inner tube.
Jinat Sharma

Jinat Sharma . 1 day ago

Can u make a video with your mom like the old videos

EarlyNoob . 1 day ago

My friend showed me this video cuz he is the kid at 8:30
Yuji Kuzasa

Yuji Kuzasa . 1 day ago

A great improvement would be solar panels in the roof. Idk it might be somewhat cool 😎

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