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Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay – Part 2


Published on 2 weeks ago

NEW VIDEO: "Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay – Part 3"
https://d-yt.com/watch/FHg5MLmYJOc --~--
We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!

► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map

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Comments :

Kian Sarma

Kian Sarma . 37 minutes ago

Ana Rita Costa

Ana Rita Costa . 60 minutes ago

Do pollis
San 4811

San 4811 . 1 hour ago

What tablet are you using?
Salitta Supanam

Salitta Supanam . 1 hour ago

This is crazy!!
Shahad •

Shahad • . 2 hours ago

There’s a bunch of stuff I didn’t pay attention to
Xander Constantine

Xander Constantine . 2 hours ago

i somehow make it out alive
Coffee Bear UwU

Coffee Bear UwU . 2 hours ago

Thé boxes are filled with sad mini crew mates and inside the box is a happy play land for the sad mini crew mates

DanielJustDaniel . 2 hours ago

Why do you keep saying map Designers? Puffballs United was the only person who designed the maps ( you do know among us was made by only 3 people right?)
silversan offacial

silversan offacial . 2 hours ago

Can you make the cafetria
Helen WU

Helen WU . 2 hours ago

It is so good he should put it on sale and get money
Helen WU

Helen WU . 2 hours ago

Lol got rekt
Owner Owner

Owner Owner . 2 hours ago

Clay claim you should make the polis map from among us
Mikhadin Dina

Mikhadin Dina . 2 hours ago

Oh my God this is so good
Gamerzi Plays

Gamerzi Plays . 3 hours ago

when he's making storage he says "small canister filled with milk" when its a fuel canister

Bluehax6 . 3 hours ago

the boxes are for the bodies of the crewmates killed by the impostors
Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson . 3 hours ago

Bruh electrical is gonna be so hard
Mr. Turtle Murtel

Mr. Turtle Murtel . 3 hours ago

Let’s have some fun with the hot glue gun
dean ronde

dean ronde . 3 hours ago

Once upon a time the dinosaurus went to venus and most of them died there, the Among us astronauts tried to take back those dinosaurus so in the boxes in storage are tiny dino embryos so the among us astraunats can create Among JurUSic park

Jamesyboi . 4 hours ago

Inside the boxes: dead bodies
benedikt anton

benedikt anton . 4 hours ago

benedikt anton

benedikt anton . 4 hours ago

ProGamer Girl

ProGamer Girl . 4 hours ago

I think inside the boxes are dead bodies stored after being reported...

D Z . 4 hours ago

My favourite part of the video is when he was talking.
Avelyn Pfeifer

Avelyn Pfeifer . 5 hours ago

It looks sooooo realistic
Fabricio García

Fabricio García . 5 hours ago

This is amazing!
คําตัน ศรีอินคํา

คําตัน ศรีอินคํา . 5 hours ago

It is very beautiful. Actually very realistic.
Melanie Sagarino

Melanie Sagarino . 5 hours ago

Did he memorize the ship
Melanie Sagarino

Melanie Sagarino . 5 hours ago

Zomdado012 !!

Zomdado012 !! . 5 hours ago

In the canister is fuel. There ist a Task. The lever is to get Out the Trash. There ist a Task too.
Joseph Sargent

Joseph Sargent . 5 hours ago

So cool
Chito Ymballa

Chito Ymballa . 6 hours ago

These days i have become so good i go in electrical and always come back Edit: those headphones are probably a reference to charles in the henry stickmin collection

Rae . 6 hours ago

Careful the lights may melt the hot glue!
Danil Game

Danil Game . 6 hours ago

Which map will be next?
Renee Davis

Renee Davis . 7 hours ago

He forgot every wire
Mayuresh Dawkhar

Mayuresh Dawkhar . 7 hours ago

Map designer was not harmed while making this video.


The Awesome YT

The Awesome YT . 7 hours ago

This is a comment. 👇🏾 This is how many people like this comment.
Kate Statt

Kate Statt . 8 hours ago

if the no feeling in your pinky remains you should definitely get it checked, it could be the carpal tunnel syndrome
Ebony Radcliffe

Ebony Radcliffe . 8 hours ago

that's easy inside the container is James bond!!!!😁😁😁😁
kiara hayley viray

kiara hayley viray . 8 hours ago

i like how he putted subscribe on the computer in communications 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jamie Ruston

Jamie Ruston . 8 hours ago

Comdoms are in the boxes

Barbielife . 8 hours ago

I think u should put all of them together

WisterTwister . 8 hours ago

Space Stuff's in the boxe's
Игорь Чубенко

Игорь Чубенко . 8 hours ago

I really love the game Amon As
Игорь Чубенко

Игорь Чубенко . 8 hours ago

i want to be like you i am your fan
Игорь Чубенко

Игорь Чубенко . 9 hours ago

u vas ochen' klassnye padelki iz gliny you have very cool clay pads

joe2.0 . 9 hours ago

he is like the teacher i always wanted but never had
pickachu Ketchum

pickachu Ketchum . 9 hours ago

the boxes are filled with pasta
mohd shamsul azuan hamzah

mohd shamsul azuan hamzah . 9 hours ago

Hi ClayClaim I'm from MALAYSIA 😸 I your new subscriber 😊
Hazem Elhassan

Hazem Elhassan . 9 hours ago

He can make the blue guy holding a knife and he is killing orange and he goes to the vent

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