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This Mistake Cost 16 Skydivers Their Lives (Lake Erie Disaster)
Dark Records

Dark Records

Published on 1 week ago

The in-depth story of the Lake Erie Skydiving Disaster 1967.
Twenty skydivers eagerly board a World War Two Bomber plane for a complimentary high-altitude jump. Little do they know it would turn into the deadliest disaster in the history of recreational skydiving. As the plane ascends, they prepare for the exhilarating jump. But then, the weather worsens, and a thick layer of clouds engulfs the sky. Despite the golden rule of skydiving - "don't jump if you can't see the target" - the thrill-seekers leap into the abyss below, and sixteen fall to their deaths in the cold waters of Lake Erie in Ohio.

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Footage used under fair-use. With additional footage from:
Steve Svann https://www.youtube.com/@td12308
Nando W https://www.youtube.com/@beentheredronedthat
and footage courtesy of Gold Focus Productions https://www.youtube.com/@Goldfocusproductions

We reveal the world's darkest and greatest disasters all based on true stories.
This disaster documentary is inspired by the fantastic "Fascinating Horror".

Judy L.

Judy L. . 18 minutes ago

Incompetence disgusts me.

S C . 5 hours ago

Was any of this footage of the actual event?
kendall farnsworth

kendall farnsworth . 7 hours ago

Of course this unknown would be rescuer who refused to help would be portrayed in this video as someone with a little less than white skin.
boli milda

boli milda . 11 hours ago

body flight in freefall is the ultimate experience of freedom from the drudgery of mere existence. Roy Hughes D581 South Africa 🇿🇦
Bobby M.

Bobby M. . 12 hours ago

I gave you a thumbs up but you never said what year this happened

jtsct . 16 hours ago

It's the same old story, NOTHING CAN GO WRONG WE'RE PROFESSIONALS. I have no compassion for people like that. You do dangerous crap expect to get hurt or killed.
Jim Black

Jim Black . 18 hours ago

Horrible documentary, and I wouldn't believe anything presented here as factual. With all the planes used in the footage, surprised we weren't shown them jumping from a 747.
Jon Spikes

Jon Spikes . 19 hours ago

I could imagine why so close to spinning propellers
Ben Bazy

Ben Bazy . 20 hours ago

I question the accuracy of this story. Why would a Coast Guard boat be on Lake Erie.
Robert Goodman

Robert Goodman . 21 hours ago

Was I the only one seeing this who was reminded of Flight 19?

STU POC . 21 hours ago

It's lake Erie and he mentions the "Sea Conditions".
Geee Wiz

Geee Wiz . 1 day ago

OMG I can only imagine the horror of it all.

JZEMS . 1 day ago

Only in Ohio 💀(i'm sorry)
French Fries

French Fries . 1 day ago

My God. It really had to take these deaths to figure out that jumps ought not be taken anywhere near bodies of water? Incredible.
Mike Poitras

Mike Poitras . 1 day ago

I'm amazed that ANYONE could survive a fall from such a height---even landing in water. I'm guessing you slow down a bit after reaching 'terminal velocity?' And the bodies they recovered were basically intact? Sorry for the ignorance. Any Canadian involved with putting this clip together(I'm in Halifax,NS)? Noticed a vessel with Yarmouth,NS printed on it. Just wondering.
Randall Briggs

Randall Briggs . 1 day ago

The video here has nothing to do with the actual events.
Terri Quinlan

Terri Quinlan . 1 day ago

Thanks for this. I had not heard this story. It's disturbing, it would make a hell of a movie.
The moral of the story: ignore what you know at your own peril.
Navin Singh

Navin Singh . 1 day ago

So, we better design floats integrated to the parachute

Heathen . 1 day ago

I love the mix of brick and Adobe on your house at the end of the video. It’s pretty. So excited to see how mt4 travels.
M3 Photo

M3 Photo . 1 day ago

Rule number one: before flight check weather.
James12345 James

James12345 James . 1 day ago

They said one coast guard boat sprung into action. And did what?
Dave Sherry

Dave Sherry . 2 days ago

The pilot wore it for the incompetence of the FAA and the stupidity of the skydivers.
Big P

Big P . 2 days ago

How effing funny!! You drop into the clouds....and fall out towards the sea.
Ryan Hampson

Ryan Hampson . 2 days ago

Wow, that guy driving the boat deserves a special place in hell. I fly helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico and even though I don’t have to I always keep my eye out for something out of place. One time something orange caught my eye in the water and I circled back just to check. It was just some debris but it was that rescue orange color of life vests and rafts. I’m usually 80 miles off shore so if I see that color or any weird debris I always double back just to make sure it’s not someone in the water. It’s the least I can do and I know I’d want someone to do the same for me.
Jeff Cahill

Jeff Cahill . 2 days ago

S Kirk

S Kirk . 2 days ago


ROOKTABULA . 2 days ago

16 Darwin Awards.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Jonny Gertmunger

Jonny Gertmunger . 2 days ago

when it is foggy I like to run across the road
Pucca Dawn

Pucca Dawn . 2 days ago

Wow. How tragic.

tdurbo . 2 days ago

My algorithms are so messed up. If anyone went missing round here and they saw my playlists, subscriptions, and suggestions, I’d be ‘helping the police with their enquiries’ faster than you could smash that like button.
Plus I’ve got a dodgy-looking face. One that annoys wasps. And dogs.

Mizera . 2 days ago

My cousin's kid was into skydiving but quit when his daughter was born. He's always made good choices but that remains his best one. Thank God too after seeing this!
Graham Black

Graham Black . 2 days ago

Can you imagine the horror they felt when they broke through the clouds and saw what was beneath them.
j.d. thompson

j.d. thompson . 2 days ago

Skydiving? Sure! What could go wrong Mr. Darwin!

fuqui035 . 2 days ago

I jumped out of my basement window what a thrill

fuqui035 . 2 days ago

Play stupid games
Greasy Flight

Greasy Flight . 2 days ago

I have never heard this story before...brutal

peacefulruler1 . 2 days ago

The Cessna chase plane caused this tragedy. 3:08
Laurie Berry

Laurie Berry . 2 days ago

My ex friend’s daughter was going to jump out of a plane, but she told her not to and she didn’t jump.

Sandweiler . 2 days ago

When I was in my twenties I wanted to try sky diving but then I told my self naaahhh jumping from a plane that is perfectly fine does not seem like a natural thing to do 😅
Robert Mack

Robert Mack . 2 days ago

Curious why a pilot would rely on ATC for vectors to the drop zone and why he didn’t utilize ground navigational aids (VORTAC) (extremely poor operational planning). Also, what about the B-25’s transponder? Maybe I missed something but did it refer to Cleveland Tower because Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control would (should) have been his frequency. Lastly, as a recreational or sport skydiver, why would you depart the aircraft without having a visual on your target? The Pilot, Jump master, and skydivers share responsibility for the tragedy. (45-year career pilot w/ 17,038 hours, expat contractor, 98 countries on six continents, and 406 jumps USPA “C License).
bryan findley

bryan findley . 2 days ago

great job
Sami Elkhayri

Sami Elkhayri . 2 days ago

There is a reason why many life insurance policies become nullified if the insured person engages in dangerous and potentially fatal recreational activities like race car driving or skydiving. The momentary adrenalin rush that you get from skydiving is not worth the risk to life and limb that it entails. I understand that rescue personnel might have to take that risk as part of their regular duties but I could never justify doing such a thing just for a bit of fun.
Luke Flyswatter

Luke Flyswatter . 2 days ago

Summary: the skydivers accidentally jumped into Lake Erie and drowned to death.
Cruise Crazy

Cruise Crazy . 2 days ago

The pilot should have gone to jail for allowing the jump with no visibility.
True Patriots

True Patriots . 2 days ago

What a tragedy

somecargoship . 2 days ago

Only in Ohio💀
Marty McSuperFly!

Marty McSuperFly! . 2 days ago

The Wanna Be
"I wanna be a bird! ... No! ... I wanna be a fish!... Wait!... Now I´m fish food!"
Ghost lover

Ghost lover . 2 days ago

The ocean is my biggest fear. People don't realize how dangerous it really is
Brenda Rooker

Brenda Rooker . 2 days ago

Lake Erie is not cold in August....
Earl Greco

Earl Greco . 2 days ago

Rules were already in place that could have avoided the whole thing. The takeaway lesson is when so much is at stake, don't be too anxious.

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