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Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Mother's Day Edition)


Published on 7 months ago

This is a special moment in time and for Mother’s Day we wanted to give you all this memory. Thank you for sending in your stuck with u mom videos and hope u enjoy

SB Projects along with longtime clients Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber release “Stuck with U” to benefit First Responders Children’s Foundation: https://stuckwithu.lnk.to/agjbPV

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and to help further bolster relief efforts, all net proceeds from the streams and sales of “Stuck with U” will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation to fund grants and scholarships for children of healthcare workers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, police officers and firefighters serving at the front lines during the global pandemic.

That means that by listening, watching, and sharing – you are helping to support families in need. If you would like to make an additional contribution to First Responders Children's Foundation, click the donate button.

Thank you to all the fans, friends and first responders who participated.

Created & directed by: Rory Kramer, Alfredo Flores, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun

#JustinBieber #ArianaGrande #StuckwithU

Music video by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber performing Stuck with U (Mother's Day Edition). © 2020 Silent Records Ventures, LLC, Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments :

Wieslaw Sobocinski

Wieslaw Sobocinski . 6 hours ago

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber
Rihanna Parr

Rihanna Parr . 10 hours ago

I love this song is my favourite 💕💕💕
Dioglisses Francis Biasi

Dioglisses Francis Biasi . 1 day ago

Never go back Justin!
Xyla Martin

Xyla Martin . 2 days ago

love it keep it up
Giacomo Vitiello

Giacomo Vitiello . 2 days ago

Hasti Gaming

Hasti Gaming . 3 days ago

Imagine you being in that video
Rihanna Parr

Rihanna Parr . 3 days ago

When I first heard this song I cried 😭😭
Raffaele Zagami

Raffaele Zagami . 3 days ago

Анастасия Вебер

Анастасия Вебер . 4 days ago

yuriko ruy

yuriko ruy . 4 days ago

2020 suck coved 19 uh I’m stuck home all day and we need masks 😷
Ashley M

Ashley M . 4 days ago

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Joackson Rodrigues

Joackson Rodrigues . 5 days ago

A vida sempre é melhor entenda✌

FH FAIZA . 5 days ago

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bounabi sabrina

bounabi sabrina . 6 days ago

A little bit of love is good too!💖
Nevaeh crane

Nevaeh crane . 6 days ago

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ❤️ broken
Tina Tina

Tina Tina . 1 week ago

This is such a cute video😭❤️
Isioma Okoabah

Isioma Okoabah . 1 week ago

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L what a wonderful song!!! {we're all in this together} STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!
Landie Saint Aude

Landie Saint Aude . 1 week ago

Thanks so much for putting me in the music ❤️

guada . 1 week ago

1M✅ 10M✔️ It's such a tune! And it's so important for me! #arianator Stan Ari and Little Mix Ps: thanks Justin for this amazing song love u too!
Joss S

Joss S . 1 week ago


PAOLA RANGEL LARA . 1 week ago

Jhosy Sousa

Jhosy Sousa . 1 week ago

Elyce Conroy

Elyce Conroy . 1 week ago

Sorry forgot to put great the thumbs up meant great
Elyce Conroy

Elyce Conroy . 1 week ago

To all the moms out there you guys are 👍 have a great day or night byeeeeeee
Moonlight SkyFlyer

Moonlight SkyFlyer . 1 week ago

Who ever comments may your parents live until 100
Sophia Sharkey

Sophia Sharkey . 1 week ago

Wait does she know all these people or fans. Cause I want to be in it 😭
Gungaginga guy

Gungaginga guy . 1 week ago

I don't have someone to love ☹️
Ann Connors

Ann Connors . 1 week ago

Nana Fahs

Nana Fahs . 1 week ago

This vid rly makes me cry
Hector Ojeda

Hector Ojeda . 2 weeks ago

Heidi Toce

Heidi Toce . 2 weeks ago

❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜😇so cute

Konrider95 . 2 weeks ago

Mhmmmm Ariana i Love your name baby hmmm Konrad Love you ;))) <3
kelly grieco

kelly grieco . 2 weeks ago

love this song
Ahmed Guessad

Ahmed Guessad . 2 weeks ago

Justin sings his verse divinely
Roselynne Campbell

Roselynne Campbell . 2 weeks ago

cute dog
Akbar ismail

Akbar ismail . 2 weeks ago

Tolong dong orang indonesia yang masuk di dalem video ini sebutin ig nya gw mo kepo
talita batista

talita batista . 2 weeks ago

adoroooo essa musica da ARI
Alfredo Diaz

Alfredo Diaz . 2 weeks ago

Ariannas dog is like can yah let me sleep
CxndyBxba :D

CxndyBxba :D . 2 weeks ago

I only like it when your with together with Ariana Grande :)
Priya Singh

Priya Singh . 2 weeks ago

Every time a hear this I find it new

yusufyana20 . 2 weeks ago

The 2 minute 3 seconds one the mom looks like a rabbit
Bo Chitchitzaw2003

Bo Chitchitzaw2003 . 2 weeks ago


misspandesal . 2 weeks ago

hahahah this video was amazing. Hailey, you got a keeper!
Ramon Edneia

Ramon Edneia . 2 weeks ago

Que pena que ele não e do Brasil 😭😭😭😭😭 mais eu amo eles eu Chip
Hanifah Handayani

Hanifah Handayani . 2 weeks ago

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MiaTheQueen . 3 weeks ago



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Embagg . 3 weeks ago

1:50 hi Anwar

RIYADH CHOWDHURY . 3 weeks ago

I can’t believe people put thumbs down

R O S H A N . 3 weeks ago

I swear by God, the King is my right, the most beautiful voice of a man in the world, believing that he is 26 years old, married and an adult. His songs are MB Rap and always innovate and coordinate the words, the frankness wins, {King in every sense of the word} + I am sure Mako Belieber loves him very much love I am sure I am the only one in the world that I love. 😭💜. اقسمبالله الكينغ حقي اجمل صوت رجل ب العالم مصدقين ان عمره 26 سنه ومتزوج وبالغ يعني المفروض يكون صوته اضخم من كذه😭 بموت صوته مره هادي و ناعم كرجل و راحه نفسيه بنفس الوقت ما اتخيل انه يصرخ من شدة جمال صوته اقيمه %10000 بمووتتت ياررربيي غير انه اغانيه مب راب ودائمن يبدع و تنسيق الكلمات يفوز الصراحه ، { كينغ بكل معنى الكلمه } + متأكده ماكو بليبر تحبه حب شديد بدرجتي متأكده انا الوحيده ب الكره الارضيه الي احبه انا هي اكبر بليبر ب العالم 💜 مستعده اكمل هذي الرساله من هنه ل بكره ما اطفش 😭💜. كل الحب لك 💜💜 واريانا بعد صوتها يجنن يدخل القلب بسرعه❤

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