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chaotic quarantine Chili’s mukbang *we got so fried before :(*
Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Published on 8 months ago

also side note our 5 roommates finished the food after we DON'T WASTE CHILI'S ROUND HERE :)
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Filmed & Edited by: Ieuan Thomas (https://bit.ly/2X6b2ca) & Tana Mongeau

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Comments :


roflitsdani . 2 weeks ago

Tana and Imari need a sitcom of just them being high as fuck. Thank you.
Gurl Guess what

Gurl Guess what . 2 weeks ago

I don’t see a difference in her because she is always high😂🤣 i’m sorry tana i love you 🤣🤣
Tess Cundiff

Tess Cundiff . 2 weeks ago

Tana talks about herself like she’s a piece of shit but she’s so funny and real and clearly puts a ton of effort in ur videos i just love 🥰this is so funny
Kimberly Larios

Kimberly Larios . 3 weeks ago

I don’t think the DoorDash link works
Satisfying Videos

Satisfying Videos . 3 weeks ago

me being high watching this and everytime the screen shakes im over here like is this my head or just the video just me ok
Katie Greenberg

Katie Greenberg . 3 weeks ago

I wanted to buy a Dizzy hoodie and their all sold out I hope more come out 💕
Emma Goodchild

Emma Goodchild . 3 weeks ago

I wish I could like this video 100 times AHAHHA literally my favourite youtube vid ever
Olivia Vercellin

Olivia Vercellin . 4 weeks ago

tana i like your hair when you don’t have Extensions in it looks pretty in the ponytail too
Arielle Jeanne

Arielle Jeanne . 4 weeks ago

The editing just makes it so much better
Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan . 1 month ago

what's in the spring rolls? IDK SPRING! AAHAHAHAHAH
Leighanna Christine

Leighanna Christine . 1 month ago

This is the only thing that makes me happy
Jasmine shaw

Jasmine shaw . 1 month ago

Rori Piearcy

Rori Piearcy . 1 month ago

Someone tell Tana to brush her tongue 💀 I love her but cmonnnnn
Samantha Iverson

Samantha Iverson . 1 month ago

I feel like you should collab with Chris klemens, because you are both huge stoners
itsmesnitches xx

itsmesnitches xx . 1 month ago

me tryna know what they ordered lmao
Colby Ball

Colby Ball . 1 month ago

"I'll drink this" me with ranch and mambo sauce
Katarzyna Nowak

Katarzyna Nowak . 1 month ago

so... i watched it during quarantine, and didnt understand shit. i am watching it now... and i realize... it just is like that, theres nothing wrong with me, it is just the video, and i love it
Rebecca Buchanan

Rebecca Buchanan . 2 months ago

Way to short! I loved this video sooooo fucking much! Please please please do it again!!!
Fribble, just frib-

Fribble, just frib- . 2 months ago

"what's in the spring rolls??" "...spring" I love these guys xD
Brianna Smith

Brianna Smith . 2 months ago

Does anyone else smoke a blunt while watching her videos 💨 or starts smoking a blunt when she starts just so you can smoke with her
Nicole Patterson

Nicole Patterson . 2 months ago

OK so you put the word CHARITY in the same sentence about Food Stamps. As someone who has food stamps and struggles to get by day by day... if you even ever tried to start a proper charity event? I'd decline your offer. You basically just told people that have food stamps that they're good for nothing but charity. You're canceled.
Jesse Hutchinson

Jesse Hutchinson . 2 months ago

Tana , quit trying to make the phrase “movie” happen.
Arielle Lavallee

Arielle Lavallee . 2 months ago

Me, 8 months pregnant watching them be high and eat: 👁️👅👁️
Brianna Will

Brianna Will . 2 months ago

I've actually never had Chiles ever
Fandango Yeet

Fandango Yeet . 2 months ago

I love how tana can go quarantine vibes to model vibes
allison cuteday

allison cuteday . 2 months ago

You better make more videos like this like I literally watch this video may be like five times because it’s my favourite so you better make some more
Lake Davies

Lake Davies . 3 months ago

Sorry not sorry but getting high is like.... the best.. especially with friends
Hannah Mendez

Hannah Mendez . 3 months ago

how do i get the doordash link to work? i’m alone with no foid and got the munchies.
theeblack girlplayz

theeblack girlplayz . 3 months ago

amari anit black he is an abomnation to the black commuity he anit black he needs to find hes own race
Ashton Martin

Ashton Martin . 3 months ago


Vandalla . 3 months ago

You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?
Ty DaDonnie

Ty DaDonnie . 3 months ago

Yo their really the reason why I make vlogs high. Or smoke in my videos in general 🤣‼️‼️
Chana Raphael

Chana Raphael . 3 months ago

im fugh ASF wachinf im hOOT Hppptt
Chasiti Cercone

Chasiti Cercone . 3 months ago

But like. How the door dash shi work
kiki keoho

kiki keoho . 3 months ago

We want more high mukbangs with only you two pleeeeeeaaasssseee

GypsyPage . 3 months ago

You can find me on OnlyFans: gypsypage
Lily Armstrong

Lily Armstrong . 3 months ago

with vids like this i could watch her all day....... and i do lmaooo
Clementine Weeke

Clementine Weeke . 3 months ago

me and my sister always come back to this video whenever we get high and eat fast food
Rebecca O

Rebecca O . 3 months ago

This channel is so completely boring. Idk how ppl watch two adults who have acne like they’re 14, pretend to smoke weed, and talk about absolutely nothing. Tana seems like she took a hit of meth straight up.
Taylor Durst

Taylor Durst . 3 months ago

I miss her vids so I’m rewatching them
lilly n

lilly n . 3 months ago

wait what does the door dash link do haha does it work,, a bit needs some food
jasleen khakharu

jasleen khakharu . 3 months ago

this was fun being high w u
blue bird films

blue bird films . 3 months ago

She got fried :)
Kasden Smith

Kasden Smith . 4 months ago

I purchased this hoodie last week and it’s my favorite piece in my closet.
fart head

fart head . 4 months ago

ok but tanas hair is so cute here
Candice Ortiz

Candice Ortiz . 4 months ago

Collecting box tops😂
Candice Ortiz

Candice Ortiz . 4 months ago

Its not food stamps its wic lol

lexbbyxo . 4 months ago

i’ve watched this when it first came out & rewatched it today & i laughed all over again ily tana i swear me & u act the same way 😭 let’s roll up
MacBook Air

MacBook Air . 4 months ago

I LOVE responsible Tana. We stan a bad bitch rolemodel
fookie bookie

fookie bookie . 4 months ago

i can’t get the door dash link to work!! help?

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