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iPhone 15 Pro - EVERYONE is WRONG!


Published on 1 week ago

There was a lot of criticism this year about the iPhone 15 Pro being a small update, but it looks like this update turned out to be bigger than most people give it credit for and here are a few reasons why I think it sold out to be the most popular iPhone model by far.

Chad J

Chad J . 1 hour ago

I just ordered the pro max and its showing up before November sooo..
Helen Fire

Helen Fire . 6 hours ago

I don’t think it’s necessarily a production issue as much as apple probably anticipated this to be a slow less exciting iPhone release this year and didn’t think that as many people would buy one this year with inflation and all.

Julz . 12 hours ago

The 15 Pro is the best version of iPhone they've come up with for YEARS
Steve Ittner

Steve Ittner . 16 hours ago

I’m so glad Apple “invented” USB-C on the iPhone 😂
Will R

Will R . 1 day ago

Agree with your commentary and assessment! I’m interested in the 15 Pro Max but not as anxious to upgrade as some. I will wait awhile, not in a hurry and don’t need anything specific that the 15 offers BUT will probably upgrade eventually. Maybe next year when things calm down. lol.

Also, while it may not be a huge deal, there are things to consider. Many of them just a small hassle or nuisance but still, plus additional expenses related to upgrading.

I’ll need a new case, new charging cables for the home and car, will need to un-pair & re-pair my Apple Watch (from old phone to new phone), probably log back into a bunch of apps/accounts that don’t retain password, re-enable Face ID on logins, setup Apple Pay on both the new iPhone and on the Watch that had to be re-paired, and other possible small tweaks here & there, after the initial iCloud backup restoration, to get everything back to how it is now on current phone/watch.

I know this sounds worse than it is, but it does take some time to get up and running with new phone, especially if you’re re-adding a Watch, too.

It’s not just restore the iCloud backup & done. At least it never has been that simple for me.

So it’s not a huge deal but it is a little bit of a hassle, tedious. If you ask me. lol

If I’m really ready to upgrade or really need a new phone, then it’s not a problem but if I’m not ready or still happy with my current iPhone, then why go through that? Just my two cents.

Zodiac_Blue . 1 day ago

The Mother Earth portion of the pre-recorded crap was so cringe. Good video, found you recently, might sub.
That One Guy

That One Guy . 1 day ago

I upgraded from a 12 Pro Max that was broken in numerous ways, but functioned just enough to last till I got my 15 Pro Max.

Since it was a 3 year jump for me, it was an INCREDIBLE change. Immediately, I noticed the phone was a bit lighter. Not a crazy difference, but enough for me to notice the difference and appreciate it. The 120hz is the #1 thing I was most excited for since I'm that kind of guy who really notices those things. The camera's better, but that's not what I got it for. I'm a huge supporter for USB C everything, so the fact that my most used device is finally USB C is awesome.

Sure, I could have gotten a lot of these newer features with the 14 Pro Max, minus the USB C and weight difference, but I'm happy I got a 15 Pro Max. My only regret is I got black instead of the natural color.
Hugo Wells

Hugo Wells . 2 days ago

The obvious changes, such as the USB c and the titanium means that this will probably be a super cycle
SHODAN TriOptimum Corporation

SHODAN TriOptimum Corporation . 2 days ago

Literally getting it because of resident evil

PwnstarUK . 2 days ago

You can only get the cool colours on the pros. All the none pros are pastel girls colours. So the choice is pro or pro max.. which is to that much price wise.. nobody cares about the difference between a 14 or 13 camera
Ellias Jafari

Ellias Jafari . 3 days ago

I predicted the voice you have just from watching the silent preview lol. Dont worry, you are delivering exactly what we would expect from you :P
Mortaza Abduli

Mortaza Abduli . 3 days ago

I preordered 2 15 pro max iPhones and both came in yesterday shipped to my house. 🤷🏼‍♂️

a10sim . 3 days ago

Got my pre ordered 15 Pro Max yesterday as expected. No problems.🤔😁
Mr Higgins

Mr Higgins . 3 days ago

Got mine. I’m all set.

Andy . 3 days ago

are these AAA games ray tracing going to work on the ipad m2 and m1???
The Voyagers

The Voyagers . 3 days ago

November date for me. Cries
tonar wodi

tonar wodi . 3 days ago

Hey, when I ordered the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the UK last year, I went through the exact same Hell as you! I therefore began asking questions regarding the upgrade program in advance.
Bianca Rainha

Bianca Rainha . 3 days ago

Man i feel you. I lost the pre order day. I was checking the website instead of the apple app. I waited for the release date and i woke up around 7am and i found an apple store with the 15 pro max natural titanium 512gb an hour away from my home. I scheduled the earliest pick up that was available 2:45pm. When i went to pick up at the store people got crazy when i told my story. Man it was my lucky day 😂
Dan Dan the gamer

Dan Dan the gamer . 3 days ago

My 15pro max came in today
Jonas Viatte

Jonas Viatte . 3 days ago

I already hear people saying things like "do you have an iPhone charger cable, the old kind?"
Lightning cables have been old and outdated for years. Now all old phones will feel very old quickly.
Mike The Hog_A_Nator

Mike The Hog_A_Nator . 3 days ago

I can get any color & model on Oct 6th through my carrier. Which doesn't actually finance.
You just pay the amount over 24 months. 37.50x24= $900 512g
Mike The Hog_A_Nator

Mike The Hog_A_Nator . 3 days ago

Most people will be disappointed.
I've seen videos on the 15 Pro & Max gets around 5hrs on screen time, overheating while recording, camera's not as good as the 14's according to professional photographer videos.
My 13 Pro has never seen below 65%. Mostly it's 70% for a days use in Sept 2023. I think the Stainless Bands made the iPhones look more expensive or premium. Even though I run a clear case
Charmin Baer

Charmin Baer . 3 days ago

I was busy all day last Friday during the preorder. I finally went in to T-Mobile in the early evening to place my order. I ended going with the iPhone 15 Pro Max Black Titanium, and my phone is on its way right now. It should be here any minute now and today is Sep 22, release day. My sister on the other hand, went with the iPhone 15 Pro Max White Titanium, and hers has a ship date of October 10. Maybe she'll get it sooner. I actually had a ship date of September 27, and mine is getting here today.
Juan Pérez

Juan Pérez . 4 days ago

My pre-order of the 15 was a smooth sailing, I made my order the night before and when the online store opened everything came up easily. I am waiting for my pro to be delivered right now.

LBenn302 . 4 days ago

For me, Verizon is having an insane deal. Turn in my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I get $830 towards the iPhone 15 series. Paying $200 for an iPhone 15 pro is crazy to me lol. That’s the only reason I’m upgrading

Didedes . 4 days ago

Yes, Einstein, they have production problems but I got mine today 😂😂😂
HT Fab

HT Fab . 4 days ago

Was waiting for the apple site to refresh and ordered within 5 minutes
Michael Galanos

Michael Galanos . 4 days ago

No need to update my 12 mini still rocking this is the reason I phone is appealing and performance is equal to there latest phones keep the updates coming apple you have too many sheep that will buy a new phone every two years even though there phones are good for at least 5 years

Erindale . 4 days ago

Glad I pre-registered my pre-order so I could just go through checkout fast. Mine got shipped today so that date didn't slip.
Adam Goebel

Adam Goebel . 4 days ago

This thing being lighter for once is the main selling point. Also liking the smaller bezels and other refinements.
We'll see if i can find one. Definitely would get blue. .
Didn't like the white color from what ive seen. Natural titanium just looks like a metal slab...kinda boring and pretty overrated to me. I heard the pre orders are different than in store stock but im sure the tent campers are in line already.

moby1kanob . 4 days ago

I guess I am smarter than you, I knew there would be giant delays when they first announced it would be USB-C... Man its hard being the smartest person pretty much anywhere..
T Hall

T Hall . 4 days ago

There are so many good deal for the 14 pro max I'm considering that one but I'm wondering if the weight of it is a problem? I keep hearing that.
Kevin Cruz

Kevin Cruz . 4 days ago

The only reason it’s sold out because they cut production by 11 million units. They knew it wasn’t gonna sell.
David Aldrich

David Aldrich . 4 days ago

Pre ordered my Pro Max through T-Mobile and its already shipped and will be here tomorrow 🤷🏻‍♂️

Diverstory . 4 days ago

iPhones have become so boring, I am switching from iPhone 12 pro to Samsung S23 Ultra. Apple isn’t even trying anymore. I am so annoyed with IOS and its numerous limitations. One UI 6 finally fixes my main complains in Android: the one swipe to open control center and more readable notifications grouped by app.

PersnameLastname . 4 days ago

WTF Theyve always sold out.. they sold out last year when i got my 14 pro max. Yall need to act like this isnt new to you.

LC1918 . 4 days ago

I’m keeping my max 14 plus as I don’t think the 15 is any better ? I’ll save my money for a few years as have no problem with it .

Jadxn . 4 days ago

I’m not getting mine until oct 16… my girlfriend getting her Friday tho

Pleshette . 4 days ago

9:00 Yeah ya got me. I'm switching from my Note 20 Ultra to an iPhone for the first time in a while. My last iPhone was the 6s and didn't upgrade because of the lack of headphone jack (RIP)
I was considering switching to apple ever since Samsung removed the charger in their boxes, making them no different than apple, along with them kinda killing off the note line of phones. What really sealed the deal for me was the USB-c and the fact that apple IMO makes much better watches than anyone else can.

Saavykas . 4 days ago

It's a bit surreal seeing how so many people had difficulty preordering this time around. I had lined up the purchase with the Apple online store the day before, trade-in/color/size/etc was all entered. At the appointed hour I refreshed a few times on the site until it came online from its pre-preorder downtime, completed the preorder from my bag and within 5 minutes it was done, pickup was arranged and there's naught to do but wait for the 22nd to roll around. Great experience overall.

Is this a humble brag? I guess, kind of. I'm just surprised people had such difficulty when it went smoothly for me.
Shawn Yeager

Shawn Yeager . 4 days ago

I changed back to iphone after being on a samsung for the past 4 years. 1) ios 17 / Widgets, that are more like samsungs UI & 2) USB-C, the rest of the reasons have to do more with Samsung's digression to the middle of the road. No expandable memory, and them becoming more and more tied to Google, and not advancing the pen capability platform. Now most of the sideloading you have to do on those phones, is to get things that are standard with ios operating platform. Just my experience...

Kni . 4 days ago

Buy in store :)
Sean Christopher

Sean Christopher . 4 days ago

iPhone XS 64gig and I’m upgrading to the 15 Pro Max 256gb. My phone is finally old enough and I’m tired of deleting stuff to make space. The camera was the deciding factor and also the 1000 trade in from Verizon 😂. USB C also helped. This should be a good phone until the iPhone 20?

SquirrelGirl94 . 4 days ago

I had no clue people had issues preordering…. Did you do the pre order pre fill of choosing the phone and trade in etc. before pre order day? I was able to preorder my pro max in the new natural titanium within five minutes of when official preorders started…
Linda Capra

Linda Capra . 4 days ago

I have an eleven and waited all this time to upgrade specifically for the end to the lightning connection. Also as a photographer I am impressed by the camera with all it has to offer. I was going to try getting one in the store tomorrow because there are none left on their website for buying and picking it up in store. Only delivery in the end of October. I have an unexpected dental expense so I need to wait.
Jessica Lynn Ripko

Jessica Lynn Ripko . 4 days ago

I’m not a techie person, but we wanted the new phones. I would have been okay with waiting, but my husband wanted it the day it came out. The day before pre order, I got all my pre order info ready so on the day of, I could just order. I woke up at 5am to order it. Got us both the white. Got him the pro max and myself the pro. Getting it on launch day. 👍🏻

josue0685 . 4 days ago

Yeah cause they made 50 % less units this year.😂😂
Alt-Key Here

Alt-Key Here . 4 days ago

I've heard some thing about the yield of the 3nm A17 Pro chips being fairly low. Maybe it's a chip shortage?
John Doe

John Doe . 4 days ago

New material, smaller bezels, curvier design, usb c, 5x camera; people are crazy saying it's not "different " enough.
Khoi Dang

Khoi Dang . 5 days ago

carrier trade in deal makes a lot of people upgrade every year.

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