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“get the look” q+a with ariana grande | r.e.m. beauty
r.e.m. beauty

r.e.m. beauty

Published on 1 year ago

surprise! we’re sending you to the sixties with a brand new #rembeauty makeup tutorial, featuring some of our favorite products from chapters 1 + 2 (and more…)

keep watching as Ariana Grande answers some burning questions from our #remflightcrew while creating this stunning lavender graphic eye glam 💜

featured products:
#mistthing calming face mist: https://rem.beauty/3sstESH
#fullnightssleep cooling blurring undereye balm: https://rem.beauty/3N7xUPm
#midnightshadows eyeshadow palette (groovy baby): https://rem.beauty/3PkpO83
#midnightshadows eyeshadow palette (gogo boots): https://rem.beauty/3PiMepX
#midnightshadows eyeshadow palette (smitten kitten): https://rem.beauty/3FHFXA3
#midnightshadows metallic gel eyeshadow (affirmation): https://rem.beauty/3yzYflc
#attheborderline eyeliner marker (midnight black): https://rem.beauty/3FK3h04
#attheborderline kohl eyeliner pencil (so mod): https://rem.beauty/3PfOFtv
#flourishing lengthening mascara (midnight black): https://rem.beauty/3FI9Wrn
#eclipse cheek + lip stick (audition): https://rem.beauty/3N8Pm63
#onyourcollar plumping lip gloss (vcr): https://rem.beauty/3FEte0I
#utmostimportance plumping lip gloss (clear): https://rem.beauty/3l3VyQK

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Anonsense . 6 hours ago

Ari drop a tutorial for your natural look sis, we need it :(
Try again

Try again . 8 hours ago

This is to help you. Take some pointers from rare beauty and fenty beauty when promoting your brand.
Use your makeup, talk about it what the formula is like, why you like it, why you made your brand, why you use your products, zoom the camera in (not far away like this.. its deceptive.) Show off the items you're using.
Personally, it feels like you are not invested in your brand and relying on You, as your acting/music brand to sell it.
Sophie Wordsworth

Sophie Wordsworth . 2 days ago

You’re so naturally beautiful you don’t need all that make up! 💖
Nina Möller

Nina Möller . 1 week ago

Hi You are so cute and butiful 💗
No matter what Make-up 💗🫶🏼
Nathan Goodey Nasty

Nathan Goodey Nasty . 2 weeks ago

Anne Müller

Anne Müller . 2 weeks ago

*because of the filter its difficult to see when she appies something*

grndeglinda . 2 weeks ago

still obssased with this video !!
Sean P. J. Hayrup

Sean P. J. Hayrup . 3 weeks ago

You can't send sensitive én formation
Maia Maia

Maia Maia . 3 weeks ago

Te amo de Curaçao 😂
Maia Maia

Maia Maia . 3 weeks ago

Meu amor 😍
Danielle Haran

Danielle Haran . 3 weeks ago

I love your mascara but I wish it was waterproof and the the eyeliner pencil. Do ur lashes come with glue? When is the other items will be back like eyebrow gel and the lavender lip oil. I hope it’s like a lip mask. U can go redo ur mascara with eyeliner need to be water proof
mercy r

mercy r . 3 weeks ago

Wow those are dark undereyes to her? Im screwed! I wouldnt mind having no makeup on if i looked like her

ᵃʳⁱᵃⁿᵃᵗᵒʳ . 4 weeks ago

Dulce-maria Castro

Dulce-maria Castro . 4 weeks ago

Yes I’m enjoyed ! Because I’m a great fan of you and I love your unique style your unique great incredible voice your unique beauty and talent 👌👍👏👏🫶💖 I love your natural spontaneity and I wish you all my best God blessed you I have got a great share time with you and I feel good thank you your makeup is so beautiful your eyes are so lovely have a great day with many thousand beautiful things take care yourself bye bye see you soon bye bye 👋👏👏🫶🤩💝💝💝💖💖
raelyn denial

raelyn denial . 4 weeks ago

she is so pretty god damnnn
Stephanie Bartlett

Stephanie Bartlett . 1 month ago

I luv ari sm ❤
Scarlett Redd

Scarlett Redd . 1 month ago

Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

You hansd me
Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Te p nerviosa momi
Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Te g prof beso momi
Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Me g tocarte
Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Vine por tu beso prof

KILLBILL . 1 month ago

this was almost a year ago and I want to cry🤧
Kristi Lewis

Kristi Lewis . 1 month ago

Lol and her mom loves everything, so cute 🤍
Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Q negro hoy
Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Pablo adduci

Pablo adduci . 1 month ago

Ok jodamos
Ariana Grande Is are Queen!!

Ariana Grande Is are Queen!! . 1 month ago

pretty no matter what

Angel . 1 month ago

She is literally so beautiful I love her so much such a sweetheart
Meropi Anagnostopoulou

Meropi Anagnostopoulou . 1 month ago

I love her influencer era 😻
Aksi Sandy

Aksi Sandy . 1 month ago

she's so well spoken ❤

Richard . 1 month ago


Bologna . 1 month ago

The lawnmower 😂
Anna W.

Anna W. . 1 month ago

We need a skincare routine!!!!!
Cynthia Martinez

Cynthia Martinez . 1 month ago

Ur beautiful 😍😍😍
lc Tasos

lc Tasos . 1 month ago

fifa one town

fifa one town . 1 month ago

April B

April B . 2 months ago

She looks so different now in the face. Wow. She’s pretty though
Nicolas Mendez

Nicolas Mendez . 2 months ago

She don’t look
The same
Jenny 000x7

Jenny 000x7 . 2 months ago

Ariii Ilyyyy <3
A- lX S

A- lX S . 2 months ago

omg the tatoos on hands ruin it all
Kate Eskina

Kate Eskina . 2 months ago

The worst video I’ve ever seen literally

AleeyaPlaysGames . 2 months ago

I have the new mod perfume
Scott Bryant

Scott Bryant . 2 months ago


Carrolinea . 2 months ago

What shade of concealer is She using ?

JellO . 2 months ago

She used to have a super low brow and she lifted it to the point her double eyelid disappeared.

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