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Total War: PHARAOH - Announce Trailer
Total War

Total War

Published on 1 week ago

Can you stand against the collapse of a civilisation?

Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the zenith of its power and experience the events that threaten its destruction in Total War: PHARAOH - coming October 2023.

TOTAL WAR: PHARAOH PRE-ORDER NOW - https://store.totalwar.com/en/total-war/total-war-pharaoh

Purchase from the official Total War Store: https://store.totalwar.com/en/total-war/total-war-pharaoh
Purchase on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1937780/Total_War_PHARAOH/
Purchase on Epic: https://store.epicgames.com/p/total-war-pharaoh
Any questions? Check out the FAQ: https://pharaoh.totalwar.com/news/announce-faq


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Finn Over

Finn Over . 50 minutes ago

That scarab beetle literally was sent flying when someone shot the s**t.
Daniel Acosta

Daniel Acosta . 1 hour ago

Lautaro Martinez!!!
Виктор Виденицкий

Виктор Виденицкий . 2 hours ago

who's going to play this? 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂
ras sc

ras sc . 2 hours ago

Yeah but, we're still waiting for medieval 3
Kevin Lopez

Kevin Lopez . 3 hours ago

The lack of gameplay is scary, almost like their hiding it.

Kol . 4 hours ago

What we need is some 200gb Alexander Campaign,to have Persia,Egypt,India,Indonesia,Malaysia,China,Japan! Shaolin and Tibet,neutral with some top monks army like example Papal states in Medieval!!
Super Waffle Lady

Super Waffle Lady . 5 hours ago

Give me Victoria total war or disband already. Much love
A grumpy white dude

A grumpy white dude . 6 hours ago

I see people saying they want this to be historical. Well historicallg speaking aliens were involved in ancient egypt so be ready for aliens guys😃
Николай Скалин

Николай Скалин . 6 hours ago

Where is the medieval 3 suka blyat?
The After Project

The After Project . 7 hours ago

stupidest trailer i ever seen? total war Dung Beetle? i dont get it. super shitty trailer

Steezart . 7 hours ago

Total war sage egypt lol

Rambo_Lambo_Bear . 8 hours ago

Can’t wait for the Aliens Faction DLC

Silveira . 10 hours ago

Why is it so hard to give what we want? We want medieval 3 or empire 2, Bro wasn't Troy enough ? Listen to your costumers!

PRIMAL HUNTER 💀 . 11 hours ago

The woke army attacking EGYPT to arms
Mark Crasto

Mark Crasto . 11 hours ago

But ser, Cleopatra was black!

Lowry . 12 hours ago

Please just don't bring in magic
Andy S

Andy S . 13 hours ago

Please , dont include in the game black pharaons and women- wariors, otherwise you will kill the game

Toadling . 14 hours ago

Pharaoh, let my game series go!

LordFaceWannabe . 15 hours ago

Jada getting exactly what she wanted.
franklin kernan

franklin kernan . 15 hours ago

Cant wait to play as an empire even more even the Romans or Mongols (Assyria)
general cho

general cho . 15 hours ago

medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3 medieval3
Michael Fick

Michael Fick . 17 hours ago

This company clearly doesn’t know how to read its player base

Hampter . 17 hours ago

Hmm will there ever be a chance for them to make a tw empire 2?
Walter Morris

Walter Morris . 18 hours ago

ugh would love to see a Europe from Renaissance to 1700s (Empire Total War) so much history that is not quite known but still exciting...
Dawid Scout

Dawid Scout . 21 hours ago

We dont need this crap, please make Lord of the rings total war or Medieval 3!
Zack C

Zack C . 22 hours ago


youtoob4life . 22 hours ago

God this is one of the worst game trailers for a total war game.
CT Rdnaskelo

CT Rdnaskelo . 22 hours ago

why pyramids aren't flying?

TheToledoTrumpton . 23 hours ago

Very odd choice after making historical fans wait so long. Severely underwhelming.

Rezadyn . 24 hours ago

uh? after ruining 3K you chose that direction? LMAO
Artur Vasques

Artur Vasques . 24 hours ago

Ramdom white hodded medjay appears

Casualfield . 24 hours ago

Nice 5 DLCs at launch. FU CA.

Casualfield . 24 hours ago

I see why WH3 was so bad, busy making two games at the same time. So both will be bad.
Knight Templar

Knight Templar . 1 day ago

We want a medieval 3
Chris Chutko

Chris Chutko . 1 day ago

Please include the entire Bronze Age world and not this micro crap

Please include the entire Bronze Age world and not this micro crap

Slvrbuu . 1 day ago

So... are they saying they are literally pushing crap and you should buy it. Or they were pushing crap, but the arrow means it's time for some actual total war? Because I'll be honest, I don't think CA has it in them to make a non-fantasy game anymore.
Poison Bemhole

Poison Bemhole . 1 day ago

It’s gunna suck like Troy, sorry
Cameron Thornley

Cameron Thornley . 1 day ago

Yeeeeah. Looking forward to the smallest unit rosters CA have ever had in a game. I can't believe how disappointing this is to see.
Valentijn Barendse

Valentijn Barendse . 1 day ago

That just made Troy but reskinned everything prob

Tom . 1 day ago

A Bug's Life: Total War
Martin Neumeyer

Martin Neumeyer . 1 day ago

What a crap. There haven`t been black pharaos anywhere in ancient Egypt. This is historically just wrong
romain garcin

romain garcin . 1 day ago

Medieval III ?
Álvaro Gil Navarro

Álvaro Gil Navarro . 1 day ago

Está chulo el nuevo rework de khemri

MrAwsomenoob . 1 day ago

"Those who reached my boundaries their seed dose not. Their hearts and souls are finished forever and ever.
As for those who have assembled before them on the seas, the full flame was their front before the harbor mouth, and a wall of metal on the shore surrounded them.
they were dragged, overturned, and laid low upon the beach, slain and made heaps from stern to bow of their gallies while all their things were cast upon the waters."
Don Dokhmesy

Don Dokhmesy . 1 day ago

Gladly the Pharaoh is not black... unlike what her grandma said.

L_Armstronger . 1 day ago

Total War : dung beetle
John Perri

John Perri . 1 day ago

Fans: "boy i hope we get Medieval 3 or Empire 2!!"
CA: "Troy reskin? got it!"
Ali Hussein Talib

Ali Hussein Talib . 1 day ago


conor845 . 1 day ago

Is this a historical Total War game? Can I come back to the series now?
Bari Blanius

Bari Blanius . 1 day ago

Very nice CA 😍 Very nice but i also want a LOTR Total War... Please tell me you are working on this 🤲🏼

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