The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 2 months ago

Marvel Studios Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings official Teaser Trailer breakdown! In this I'll go over Simu Liu's Shang Chi, the Mandarin and what the Ten Rings organization is and what the Ten Rings artifacts powers are! Shang Chi plot revealed in the Shang Chi trailer, Shang Chi was trained to be the master of kung fu and a killer but left home and now his father the Mandarin has decided that it's time for him to come back. Shang Chi is the first Asian superhero introduced in the mcu and is apart of Marvel's phase 4.

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 2 months ago

I'm so pumped for this movie! Looks like a great combination of real fighting with some slight CGI thrown in! Who's pumped?! Woof woof! GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture ---

edward sarhuda

edward sarhuda . 4 weeks ago

Since a part of the street takes place at san franscisco i would love a shang chi and ant man team up


林白Vinu . 1 month ago

10 rings and 10 years ...hmmm.

FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer . 1 month ago

Why are the rings bracelets?


music44life . 2 months ago

FINALLY someone outside of the Marvel studio pronounced "Shang Chi" correctly


mrK00lness . 2 months ago

They got Tony Leung in here so this movie better be EPIC!

Antonio Atienza III

Antonio Atienza III . 2 months ago

Will there be a movie called Iron Man vs. The Mandarin as the main sequel to this movie? In my analysis, the plot can only take place in 2014, the time between Iron Man 3 and the existence of Vision and Ultron.


glennxi . 2 months ago

Shang Chi or Iron Fist.... wish they coulda done Iron Fist instead :P


NETVO TV . 2 months ago

If Shang Chi fight Kung Fury, who will win? It will be fun if Kung Fury in this movie thp!

Horsey Poney

Horsey Poney . 2 months ago

If razor fist only want to capture shang chi then why he try to cut shang chi by his razor fist

Victor Weii

Victor Weii . 2 months ago

The bus girl at the end kinda ruined the whole trailer for me, it was good until that unfunny failed comedic moment.

Sean Ehrgott {Greatest Wrestler NEVER Known}

Sean Ehrgott {Greatest Wrestler NEVER Known} . 2 months ago

I must've missed the part where Razor Fist(and I used to have his 1st appearance in a Marvel Presents; ironically, Shang-Chi had a story in there too) was created in Mandripor to defeat Patch/Wolverine and became a Shang-Chi villain {Obviously, after his character sheet was created for the TSR Marvel Role-playing Game}


Plew_D . 2 months ago

It’s nice to see more martial arts brought into the MCU. They should definitely take this style of movie to a higher plateau than a normal martial arts movie. I personally feel it’s a must see just to find out who the real mandarin is going to be portrayed by and how he inter grates into the rest of the MC Universe storyline. I hope everyone else is excited and getting ready for this movie and everything else that the MCU has and will have coming out in production.


Plew_D . 2 months ago

Can’t wait to see this movie. I’m imagining Bruce Lee with super powers!! Also kinda like a Kung Fu Hustle without the excessive comic relief and better choreography.

Mister Who

Mister Who . 2 months ago

I'm wondering is The Mandarin immortal because of the Ten Rings he wore on both of his forearms, the trailer showed flashbacks in ancient times, and if you watched the Marvel One Shot movie All Hail the King, where the Ten Rings operative interviewed the fake Mandarin Trevor Slattery, and said "He was a warrior-king. Inspired generations of men through the Middle Ages, perhaps even further back in time".

Yong Hyeok Lee

Yong Hyeok Lee . 2 months ago

Can't wait this movie! This is going to best martial arts action marvel movie!

Owen Huyser

Owen Huyser . 2 months ago

I’ve watched this trailer multiple times and I’m so excited because this is so different than the stuff we’re used to. I wonder if Ant Man will have a cameo during the San Francisco scenes

kiran Neog

kiran Neog . 2 months ago

Chinese influence must stop ..fundings ha


Jupiter . 2 months ago

if theres one line i want to be said in this movie it's this....... Shang-Chi : So father do people still consider you a Terrorist ? Mandarin : No but i still consider myself a teacher

Tyrus Nicolas

Tyrus Nicolas . 2 months ago

it's not a captain america shield it's the madripoor flag. u can tell by the moon and the star in the middle, if it was the captaina america shield it would come full circle


Loutzenheiser . 2 months ago

Don't know much about Shang-Chi. But this looks good!

Nabeel Mahomed

Nabeel Mahomed . 2 months ago

Actually, if you look at that point where we don't know who the guy is with the ten rings, he's standing in front of the same army seen toward the end of the trailer. That seems more like a flashback or something because the movie is called the LEGEND of the ten rings... So maybe someone's telling the legend of how they were used to defeat an entire army?

Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas . 2 months ago

Daniel Vargas again. This feels kinda like Mortal Kombat and a little little bit of Kung fu Panda. Love the trailer and could hardly wait to see it.

Sean NJ

Sean NJ . 2 months ago

can’t wait for this!

Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams . 2 months ago

Whoever that was with the glowing purple arm, I think it's a woman.

Mary Rose Lalli

Mary Rose Lalli . 2 months ago

Am I the only one with no interest?

Mary Rose Lalli

Mary Rose Lalli . 2 months ago

He’s the actor from that Canadian sit com

Kayla Rangel

Kayla Rangel . 2 months ago

I think the art on the wall might be the flag/sign of madripoor

Taylor Elwell

Taylor Elwell . 2 months ago

Thanks for the breakdown


MR AC . 2 months ago

Damn! Super excited to see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I really hope Shang-Chi team up with Iron Fist.

Daniel Bassin

Daniel Bassin . 2 months ago

This. Trailer. Was. Nut. So excited!!!


kenz . 2 months ago

And his power would be...... (Batman : Im rich)


Idontknowmyyname . 2 months ago

I'm so excited 😆


RoTeNdO . 2 months ago

It's not a shield. It's a crescent and a star.


Fetty . 2 months ago

Dallas liu fighting shang chi? I thought it was the Mandarin himself?

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez . 2 months ago

I don't think that's the Captain America Shield it's a star with a half crest moon around it,It's a symbol you see in the Marvel universe I forget what it's called.

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez . 2 months ago

I hope the reason the 10 rings are so big and fit around the Mandarins arms are because there the Alien Dragon Fin-Fang'Fooms rings and fit around his ten fingers,I really hope Fin Fang is in this film...


jdhi5 . 2 months ago

Anyway to win that shield without following your social networks? I dont have any. I havent used any social networks for almost 10 years. Soo... lol

Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp

Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp . 2 months ago

Wowww:) beautiful

Fatherless Bastard

Fatherless Bastard . 2 months ago

I like how the elites are making money of Asian hate by releasing a movie about an Asian super hero in a midst of Asian hate:)

Ceici Du'moi

Ceici Du'moi . 2 months ago

This is mind blowing.. I want to see where the rings originally came from.

Matthew Barhou

Matthew Barhou . 2 months ago

New rockstars posted about the “captain America shield”, turns out it’s the logo or flag of madripoor


joncacosta23 . 2 months ago

This looks so dope. Can’t wait for this one

Leonardo Santos

Leonardo Santos . 2 months ago

Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we might know more about the first teaser trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Now, the breakdown of the teaser trailer is super awesome and really helpful in many ways, in regards to what could possibly happen in the movie. First, like for Shang-Chi's story, we can see it really wasn't that good for him. Speaking of Shang-Chi's story moving forward to the present, it did seem really great that Shang-Chi was able to live ten years as his own person, but it does make sense that this is something like a "you can't deny who you are" story like his father mentions. Speaking of Shang-Chi's father, it was super surprising to me that he's actually the Mandarin in the movie, unlike what it was in the comics. But even though the Mandarin has changed a little, at least he still has the very thing that possesses: the Ten Rings, and even though they change a little, it should be no doubt that each ring still has its own specific power. Next for that tiny easter egg, it really does seem hard to tell what it is for certain but it does look like Captain America's shield, but we don't know for sure. Speaking of connecting, I absolutely hope that the movie will connect to the Iron Man movies so that there can be callbacks. Lastly for the fight scenes and new characters, everything does seem absolutely perfect to make the movie more impactful knowing that Shang-Chi will have to go up against people he used to know. So hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings being as awesome as the teaser trailer was when it releases this September. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'll be absolutely looking forward to the Marvel Legends Captain America Shield giveaway. I absolutely hope that I'll be the winner on YouTube because I don't have any Marvel merchandise of any kind.

Denny Chen

Denny Chen . 2 months ago

Hehehe extra story' to make completed secuel in future Marvel, nice nice plot, hey United states got heavy story' to the Chinese torturing is it really that bad?


CAJH . 2 months ago

Marvel Studios revealed during Disney Investor Day back in December that Michelle Yeoh's character is named Jiang Nan. And Funko Pop! confirms that the woman in green and yellow clothes is Fala Chen's character Jiang Li, who is likely either Jiang Nan's daughter or otherwise related to her.

Ricardo Machado

Ricardo Machado . 2 months ago

The guy using the rings on a battle is his father in the past , cause his father is very old , and the guy flying fighting the woman is his father as well not Shamg Chi.

Andrea Reiche Guerra

Andrea Reiche Guerra . 2 months ago

HI, is not Cap American Sheild is Madripoor's logo a moon and a star

Nicholas DeMonte

Nicholas DeMonte . 2 months ago

Awesome breakdown and amazing trailer

Alexander McBryde

Alexander McBryde . 2 months ago

OMG this movie has me so hyped. As a comics fan and student of the Martial Arts. The only thing that could be better than seeing this film close to my birthday would be winning a PS5

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