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Published on 1 month ago

Marvel Studios R rated future and future r rated projects coming to Marvel's phase 4 in the MCU and how they will appear on Disney Plus. With films like Deadpool 3 coming to the MCU, Marvel and Disney have announced their adult content section of Disney plus that will have movies like Logan from the Fox X-Men universe and other Rated R properties like the upcoming Deadpool movies! What does this mean for the MCU and for Disney moving forward? We will talk about Deadpool 3, Blade, the Punisher and other rated R Marvel Projects in this video! Deadpool 3 will be a part of Marvels Phase 4 or phase 5 lineup which includes Spider-Man No Way Home, The Fantastic Four, Thor Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision, the loki series, Hawkeye series, Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania, the Fantastic Four, the Eternals, Captain Marvel 2 the Marvels, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Marvels What IF?

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Comments :

Jordan the Crazy

Jordan the Crazy . 6 days ago

zemo getting a rated R movie would be awesome


BoomerBoi . 7 days ago

There has to be a meta joke about keeping it pg-13 when and if Deadpool enters the MCU

Xavier Glass

Xavier Glass . 1 week ago


Philip Baca

Philip Baca . 2 weeks ago

Stan lee touched me in 1979. I've been scared ever since. Thanks 4 the memories marvel

Gravity Crush

Gravity Crush . 3 weeks ago

Deadpool might be rated R, but it's hard for me to believe he's going to be doing half the stuff he did in previous movies.

Branlee Rivas

Branlee Rivas . 3 weeks ago


Tek Services

Tek Services . 3 weeks ago

Yea, I mean Disney only began with heavy racist, drug and sexual innuendo in they’re cartoons. I’m sure Deadpool will be a stretch

Hawk Man

Hawk Man . 3 weeks ago

I just hope it doesn’t come out until after I graduate so I can watch it 😂

Hawk Man

Hawk Man . 3 weeks ago

I can’t wait for Charlie Cox daredevil to come back

Scorpion Regent

Scorpion Regent . 4 weeks ago

Star all ready exists. It is a Disney+ option for streaming services outside of the USA. I has a lot of Hulu/Fox content. Disney+ all ready has ways to configure viewing to allow or prevent content. That is how R rated content will likely be controlled.


jotting23 . 4 weeks ago

Hold up i thought Deadpool 2 was pg13 was there a rated r version


MR AC . 4 weeks ago

Can't wait to see Deadpool 3


talgwatr . 4 weeks ago

I have 0...ZERO confidence in future MCU media......ALL media!!...F'K em ALL!!!!

Juan Del Real

Juan Del Real . 4 weeks ago

Man, just found your YouTube channel the other day. I like it so far. I hope I win. Totally cosplay as a fat Thor. Keep doing what you are doing. So you know next month my birthday...jk.

Josh Kent

Josh Kent . 4 weeks ago

Moon Knight rated R cause if I remember correctly. The goddess Nyx that gives the guy his powers. Wore extremely revealing costume.


STEVE WESKER . 4 weeks ago

We already have Star in the U.K. because we don’t have Hulu.

Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 4 weeks ago

Punisher needs to come back!

Sean Nolan

Sean Nolan . 4 weeks ago

Spider man n dead pool comedy cross over Xmas special if ok Disney

geff Demon

geff Demon . 1 month ago

Ghost rider should be r moonknight morbius daredevil. I would like to see them make a elektra rated r movie


OUTCAST 19 . 1 month ago

Finally Deadpool in the MCU can’t wait

peter hiengslough

peter hiengslough . 1 month ago

I sure hope this means we can FINALLY get a Punisher that isn't a let down. Punisher War Zone wasn't bad but it could have brought more to the table. The other two seemed to have spent more of their limited budgets on star power than on scripts.


mmmkeg527 . 1 month ago

"Marvel has done everything very well." Except how they treat the Hulk...

Cannibal Autopsy

Cannibal Autopsy . 1 month ago

I heard Blade was going to be PG-13

Kingston Phillips

Kingston Phillips . 1 month ago

If disney wants to live, Blade will be Rated-R

Julieta Carrillo

Julieta Carrillo . 1 month ago

All the Karens would have complete meltdowns 😂😂

Raymond Garcia

Raymond Garcia . 1 month ago

I'm looking forward to BLADE!!! Loved the original trilogy. Cant wait to see what Marvel does. I think Blade needs to be rated R for sure. And as far as Deadpool I can't wait for his awesome one liner when he appears in a Blade movie or teams up with him at whatever point in the MCU

Devry 792

Devry 792 . 1 month ago

I could think of 4. Deadpool, punisher, morbius the living vampire, and blade. And a 5 one would be ghost rider because of having the mcu version of the devil

John Stocks

John Stocks . 1 month ago

This will be glorious!!!!!


MaX MaXIMUS . 1 month ago

Dead pool and Spiderman deadly combination ❤️❤️❤️

Prince Bartholomew

Prince Bartholomew . 1 month ago

@ 6:33 He uses the term "karens" incorrectly. The only thing on Disney+ that has the Karens outraged so far is that Isaiah Bradley did not have to return to prison to finish his sentence

Everyday Outdoors Adventures

Everyday Outdoors Adventures . 1 month ago

I think John Burnthal stays as the punisher and keeps it rated R. He did a knock out job and wouldn’t want anyone else playing him. Deadpool has to be R no if’s ands or buts. The only way to be pg-13 would be cameos in other films

Chris Stjohn

Chris Stjohn . 1 month ago


Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor . 1 month ago

Karens 😂

Nick Lopez

Nick Lopez . 1 month ago

I'd like to see a rated r Howard the Duck series.

Joshua Martinez

Joshua Martinez . 1 month ago

Disney is making all our dreams come true as they have always promised. Thank you Mickey. 🤣💪🏼

Bubba Iowa

Bubba Iowa . 1 month ago

Disney is far from clean.

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo . 1 month ago

Excellent video

Daryl Lindsey

Daryl Lindsey . 1 month ago

Incredible Hulk w/Norton would have been a great Rated R movie.


MK MK . 1 month ago

Why do they need to keep Disney so clean. Kids know everything these days anyway. All the kids I know personally, they love blood and gore. Disney don’t really care about exposing children to things that are too mature for them, they only care about the money they make from family friendly content.

Syahmi Zamri

Syahmi Zamri . 1 month ago

If Marvel Studios and Disney want to start producing R-rated movies, then what about the change of director happened to Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness?

Sumy Schick

Sumy Schick . 1 month ago

Good one about the Karens!

Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell . 1 month ago

Maybe the Howling Commandos.

Hobo assistant

Hobo assistant . 1 month ago

I hope they do integrate the rates R movie characters into main MCU movies at some point, like for example an avengers 4 with Galactus. They might have to tone down the rated R characters personalities but they could still hint at some innuendos and subtle messages about them. Also I don’t believe that kids need to watch the rated r films to be up to date in the mcu as I’m sure they will be some sort of explanation on who they are in the regular mcu and they will probably pick up their characters.

Rich Chappell

Rich Chappell . 1 month ago

When I went to see the first Deadpool movie at the theater, there was a woman there with a boy about 5 to 7 years old. I was like, "OMG, she has no idea. This is going to be epic." They left about 10 minutes into the movie, and she did not look pleased. It's her own fault though. She could easily have checked the Parents Guide on IMDB before taking her kid to that movie. It lists "Sex & Nudity", "Violence & Gore", and "Profanity" all as "severe" for Deadpool.


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

If a Wolverine solo movie does appear in the MCU, it should be rated R as well

Jico Santos

Jico Santos . 1 month ago

n r-rated howard the duck movie, you know he's been making fun of for quite a while now, make him a brutal bot-riding death-machine duck.

Glynn Smith

Glynn Smith . 1 month ago

I would have been crazy for Disney to mess with what is working with Deadpool

Bob Monty

Bob Monty . 1 month ago

We need Deadpool three now

Infinite Catto

Infinite Catto . 1 month ago

Ya know what? Marvel, if your reading this comment, make an R rated Marvel movie based on Absolute Carnage from the comics! Now that would be the best. I am currently on Absolute Carnage #3 but still, add some Knull, some Scream, Riot, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) maybe as Doppelganger, Toxin, Hybrid, etc. Make it take place after Venom: Let There Be Carnage and somhow put it in the MCU or maybe even an alternate timeline but still close enough to the main MCU where different Spider-Men come out of nowhere like Spider-Verse... BUT BETTER!!!!


Ricechrispy0527 . 1 month ago

They just need to have the same people working on DP3 and just have K.F. consult on the story and background stuff, so they can seemlesly incorporate Deadpool in to the MCU.

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