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I Bought a Diesel Dirtbike from the Marine Corps(1 of 214)
Bikes and Beards

Bikes and Beards

Published on 2 weeks ago

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I Cant believe I finally was able to buy the Diesel KLR that was made for the marine corps. and this bike has a few tricks up its sleeve.

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Dr D

Dr D . 11 minutes ago

I hopped up a KLR 250, had more power than a 650
Wonder how much power the diesel model has
John Kelley

John Kelley . 3 hours ago

Jesus they should not have touched it killing me right now
Alex Mikhael

Alex Mikhael . 3 hours ago

maryland, I am GUESSINg it was part of a S&R (search and rescue) operation package that got SOME use, but it wasn't the first bike officer hank jumped on cuz it made him smeel like a trucker (deesel...) his wife said.... wiat, where did that come from?
Matt Dee moto

Matt Dee moto . 3 hours ago

Sooo....the cops lied to you??DAMMMIT, nothing like getting robbed $8grand....😢
Marlo Breding

Marlo Breding . 4 hours ago

Lesson learned on Oldsmobile diesels in the 80s starting fluid will kill them but WD-40 is the perfect thing for lighting off a GM diesel and any other diesel for that matter way safer than ether. It's the 1001 uses for WD40
Teri Kleinschmidt

Teri Kleinschmidt . 5 hours ago

Is there no Glowplug????
Nunya Bidniz

Nunya Bidniz . 6 hours ago

How. Can. _I_. Get. One!
Ray Dreamer

Ray Dreamer . 6 hours ago

Always entertaining .....

farrell . 6 hours ago

The ending was hillarious
bogoljub djordjevic

bogoljub djordjevic . 7 hours ago

I think Russians have bike's on diesel and not just few try there!
Napolitano Tile

Napolitano Tile . 8 hours ago

Donovan Murphy

Donovan Murphy . 8 hours ago

Dam it come from my state even better there about a 50/50 chance I know the guy that owned the shop that maintained this bike
joe woodchuck

joe woodchuck . 8 hours ago

It never occurred to me there would be a diesel motorcycle. Cool!
william grissom

william grissom . 8 hours ago

Well that was a bummer.
Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson . 9 hours ago


getmeoutofiraq05 . 9 hours ago

blackout uses infrared light which is less visible to the eye, but very visible when using Night Vision Goggles

E S . 9 hours ago

Omg I want one!

spudnick1uk . 9 hours ago

Im sure you needed to do the sponge Bob dance to get it running!

Not1Edit . 10 hours ago

What is that song???
C Cooper

C Cooper . 10 hours ago

Back in the day I REALLY wanted a diesel bike. Somewhere in my filing "system" there are letters (yes, it was that long ago) between myself and Stuart McGuigan (?) who was leading a university team developing a military diesel bike.
Now, 40 years later, I am trundling around on an NC750X (wishing I had bought the DCT version)...
Somethings never change.
albert greenwood

albert greenwood . 10 hours ago

When I was in Afghanistan, there was a container with a few semi-crated diesel bikes. No one knew to whom they belonged so they just stayed in the container.

There were no markings, just olive drab paint. The petrol fuel was often of poor quality there whereas diesel was pretty constantly decent and not so prone to degradation due to ethanol.

Jus1ofTheRealOnes . 10 hours ago

Heck out Scott kind video just seen him review this same bike I would tag the video but I don’t know how too
Carlos vargas

Carlos vargas . 11 hours ago

I hated using my Nods with Blackout lights. You NEVER see the potholes too well
Pawel Dobosz

Pawel Dobosz . 11 hours ago

This is the motorcycle of my dreams - you refuel once and ride for a month :)
Unfortunately in our country such a motorcycle I do not have a chance to buy - sad.
Eli Akers

Eli Akers . 11 hours ago

We used the black outs more with nvg’s on
Jennifer Bond

Jennifer Bond . 12 hours ago

Can you please just STFU and start it please?
Balázs Pethő

Balázs Pethő . 12 hours ago

I never have heard about diesel bike. This one can be a cool thing.
Usher Friedman

Usher Friedman . 12 hours ago

Marines and Army are two different things Craig!

M . 12 hours ago

For that reason Germany manufacturers multi fuel vehicles like the Unimog or the Leopard etc… what ever is on hand.

steve1978ger . 13 hours ago

Bought it from the cops as "running"...
LMFAO, sorry but that's too funny.

Highly420 . 13 hours ago

Would love to see this bike running

MassiveTrackHunter . 13 hours ago

Owned a '13 KLR. Very cool, mildly underpowered bike with a big tall frame, runforever engine, simple to work, and a ton of after market. Lots of fans of the bike, and I can see why. If you want something inexpensive, easy to work on, that does the job reasonably well, that handles on the street and dirt very well, and was bought new for around $7k, you could not do much better. I am 6'3 and 300+, and once I added the 2" lift dogbones, and raised the front fork clamps to the top, it was the first bike I could jump on and still have the seat hitting me when on my tiptoes. It did 80mph on the highway, on stock Heidenau K60's, totally stable at that speed, and could rip around town or off road nicely. Great bike. Diesle would be interesting.
Paul M.

Paul M. . 13 hours ago

Diesel fuel does NOT explode when fired upon, gasoline does, this is why it is safer for military vehicles to use it.

Mjillard . 13 hours ago

Editor is my favorite ever. Whoever you are, you are hilarious

EDIT: Dan you did great
Charlie K

Charlie K . 14 hours ago

@15:10 Serious Headphone warning ⚠️.🫨😬

lacebolla . 14 hours ago

Use the blue screen

z50king29 . 15 hours ago

Did you break the teeth on the flywheel?

DJMASTERUS . 16 hours ago

Police departments get some military equipment and vehicles through the DoD 1033 program. The law enforcement agency that receives the equipment or vehicles then has to hold onto them for a few years, and then they can sell or transfer the equipment or vehicles.
Mr A

Mr A . 18 hours ago

the police departments across America in Everytown have been and are being militarized with more and more deadly equipment.

MrBorysPBG . 21 hours ago

That is the one that Rambo was running from police in the First Blood))
Anthony Molina

Anthony Molina . 21 hours ago

The lights are IR.

onetokk . 24 hours ago

the reason the police department probably had it was because after the iraq war there was a lot of military surplus and unused equipment which was practically being given out for free to law enforcement agencies and that police department probably got it under the pretense they would integrate it into the department but it was probably deemed unsuitable for law enforcement duties and probably just sat in storage until you bought it when they did a police auction for old unused equipment. peeling off the usmc sticker is probably the only thing they did with it.
Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson . 1 day ago

...cities i.e. police departments and fire departments, etc have first dibs on MILITARY SURPLUS before the public gets a shot at buying military surplus...I think they even get military SURPLUS free...the PD probably grabbed it because it was free, but then decided not to keep it....
Michael Curley

Michael Curley . 1 day ago

21k that’s government auction records no doubt. That’s twice last year prices.
Chasidah *teampublishorperish Fried

Chasidah *teampublishorperish Fried . 1 day ago

Searching for this bike everywhere now im depressed because only the super-rich have them 😔 Hey Rich can you sell me one of your bikes?
Richard Wolf

Richard Wolf . 1 day ago

might want to rent a KLR diesel...

Joshr805 . 1 day ago

Rick Folwarkow

Rick Folwarkow . 1 day ago

whats stealthy about a diesel motorcycle lol, love the video!
Mitch Gates

Mitch Gates . 1 day ago

some of the funniest sht I've seen in a while

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