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Spider-Man No Way Home Leaks! How Villains Are Alive Again!
The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder

Published on 1 month ago

Spider-Man No Way Home leaks talking about how the main villains of the movie end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! We know Norman Osborn the Green Goblin is in the film with Alfred Molina Doc Oct, Jamie Foxx's Electro and Tobey Maguire's Spider-man and Andrew Garfield's Spider-man as well. How do the villains get to the main MCU though? This Spider-Man No Way Home plot leak explains how that just might happen! Spider-Man No Way Home will be a part of Marvels Phase 4 lineup which includes The Fantastic Four, Thor Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision, the loki series, Hawkeye series, Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania, the Fantastic Four, the Eternals, Captain Marvel 2 the Marvels, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Marvels What IF?

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Comments :

The Cosmic Wonder

The Cosmic Wonder . 1 month ago

This is a pretty good leak about how the villains of Spider-Man No Way Home are alive and in the MCU now! What do you think? Woof woof! STORMBREAKER GIVEAWAY!!!!! HOW TO ENTER: -Subscribe to my channel -Subscribe to Cosmic Culture --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtImxuAZxeLOLx5fIxfZK-g

Caleb Elliott

Caleb Elliott . 4 days ago

I really hope toms Spider-Man wears the suit from civil war and homecoming. It would be nice for all the Spider-Men to have the same color scheme

Chris Mahek

Chris Mahek . 2 weeks ago

I'm definitely geeking out right now 😆

Art Rivera

Art Rivera . 3 weeks ago

Dr strange is the center of it all . He brings tom to the other spidey men , brings them all to the mcu world . Has the bad guys imprisoned ,tom lets them go free .

Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess . 3 weeks ago

Great vid


jesusidkIol . 4 weeks ago

imagine venom and sand man are in no way home

Daniel Black

Daniel Black . 4 weeks ago

This is kind of a weird theory, but I wonder if there will be 2 venoms instead of 1. Just making a weird theory...

Shane Flottemesch

Shane Flottemesch . 4 weeks ago

I subbed to both of you guys

Bobtwi Chew

Bobtwi Chew . 4 weeks ago

Hell yeah. Sounds dope,can't wait for the trailers and the movie. So excited.

Carter Sarre

Carter Sarre . 4 weeks ago

If this movie is a huge success and everyone loves Andrew and Tobey's spider-man I hope they could make a Spider-Man 4 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3


Erubiel.H . 4 weeks ago

I swear, if I don’t hear Tobey say, “Pizza time”, then why watch the movie?


MooN . 4 weeks ago

Villains coming Tom Holland: Let's get them Andrew Garfield:Yeah! It would be fun. Bully Maguire:I'll only fight them after you fix this damn door.


Majd . 4 weeks ago

Bro no the villains are electro and doc ock cuz that was confirmed, vulture and mac gargan as scorpion because of homecoming end scene and the last two will be green goblin apparently and a mystery character

Mikkel Juul Madsen

Mikkel Juul Madsen . 4 weeks ago

2:34 Cringe

Marco Lai

Marco Lai . 1 month ago



Caleb . 1 month ago

good god you stretch these videos out.


nishies . 1 month ago

i cannot wait for this one

Jacob Peach

Jacob Peach . 1 month ago

Heck yeah, I was down from the moment it was unofficially said that there'd be three Spider-Men in one movie back when everyone assumed that & the Spider-theorys got crazy

James Anderson

James Anderson . 1 month ago

Subscribed to both pages! I need stormbreaker!

Tyro Cyr

Tyro Cyr . 1 month ago


syed usman aamir

syed usman aamir . 1 month ago

wait a minute if all the villians will be brought back from the dead doesn't it mean venom/Eddie brock from Sam Raimi Spiderman will also return


TheAntim4tter . 1 month ago

I love this channel. So hyped for this. I hope it's all true.

Zilienn Eml

Zilienn Eml . 1 month ago

Imagine expecting all of this and get a spider-man vs ned movie🙄😂💔

Monmon Runez

Monmon Runez . 1 month ago


Slim Kim

Slim Kim . 1 month ago

You'd think we would see a thumbnail of Doc Ock and Electro


GAMEZTROK . 1 month ago

I'm remembering sinister 6 ,right now. Anyone else?


GAMEZTROK . 1 month ago

I'm remembering sinister 6 ,right now. Anyone else?

Tyler Cooper

Tyler Cooper . 1 month ago

I subbed to both channels bro

Stephen Garland

Stephen Garland . 1 month ago

Thank for the video. Also, how do I get in to the give away?


Loutzenheiser . 1 month ago

The title of the movie should be Spider-Men: No Way Home.

Joshmazing story

Joshmazing story . 1 month ago

7:15 "They see a Spiderman suit, they see Spiderman" . . . . . . . . . . . . My Spiderman costume: ...

Jim F.

Jim F. . 1 month ago

This is absolutely insane. Quite a good idea if it comes to fruition

Nightmare Thunderstrikes

Nightmare Thunderstrikes . 1 month ago

Everybody thinks it’s about the “multiverse” but it’s about multiplying your revenue...$$$

Sierra Manu

Sierra Manu . 1 month ago

Fun fact they mention Doctor Strange in Spider Man 3 Toby Spiderman

Anthony LaGreca

Anthony LaGreca . 1 month ago

It’s a lot to take in... I love the idea of the multiple Spider-Man universes coming together I just hope the idea of it flows smoothly


Nicholas . 1 month ago

Williams Defoe's Goblin was buried. That was the last scene in Spiderman 1. So..... no.


ForJustice1324 . 1 month ago

I hope for the ending of the movie when Peter Parker returns to attend Midtown High he meets new student Johnny Storm whom Peter is assign to as his tutor because Johnny’s failing his science class. That would be a great way introduce/tease the Fantastic Four and even have Spider-Man cameo in their movie since both films will have Jon Watts directing.

v I I c

v I I c . 1 month ago

If all this is true, this might become the best MCU film


Forsty . 1 month ago

Near the end of the movie: Peter (tom): I cant do this anymore Strange: Dont worry, I got some backup *Strange opens a portal with Andrew and Tobys spiderman coming out* Peter: Who da frick r u

Wally Webbs

Wally Webbs . 1 month ago

Ngl, this sounds a little cluttered. It’ll be fun to see all these villains on screen together, but it sounds like Sony may be trying overstuff another spider man movie

Mohamad Manasefi

Mohamad Manasefi . 1 month ago

Explanation of why there still alive: Time stone.. doctor strange messed up the time and got all of them back from the dead but from a different timeline.

theNotorious KO

theNotorious KO . 1 month ago

I sadly think it's bullshit but if it wasn't this would be a dream my favorite movie ever like Star Wars ROTS level shit.



How were they taken right before the moment of death? and all at different times?



I want to see The Green Goblin again. Is Gwen coming back as she died too?


ArkhamPrime . 1 month ago

Wait how are the villains gonna get pulled out of their universe and into Hollands? Because Garfield and Tobeys events have already passed before Holland was even spiderman

Tiyon Clifton

Tiyon Clifton . 1 month ago

The web when he fallin is all three of the Spider-Man webs

Daniel MacDonald

Daniel MacDonald . 1 month ago

I like how this is gonna work. Sounds pretty cool.

Ace Corcuera

Ace Corcuera . 1 month ago

This is one lousy leak. TBH.


Phivslip . 1 month ago

so their will be a main sinister 6 and green goblin will be the leader but like lizard and rhino will be in the movie to thats what i picked up

Chris M.

Chris M. . 1 month ago

woof woof!

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