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Our Adoption was a Scam


Published on 1 week ago

We still don't understand why someone would do this.
We are heartbroken for now.. but we have hope it will all work out one day.

We love you all so much!


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DELLA VLOGS . 1 week ago

Watch Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfA92VZ-at4&t=4s

Joelle . 14 minutes ago

this is the most upsetting thing yet! this world is so messed up, it’s so upsetting! Prayers go out to you both!
Alivia Miller

Alivia Miller . 21 minutes ago

I know there are thousands of comments on here but somehow I pray you guys will be able to read this. Last Sunday our pastor asked us what would mean more to someone to tell them that you’re praying for them or to actually pray for them right there. I want to pray for you guys, I can’t act like I understand what you’re going through or how you feel but I know you’re hurt and you’re struggling, I know how that feels.

Heavenly father I pray for Bella and Dallin, Lord will you comfort them. I don’t know what they’re truly going through but you do. You see them in their struggles you’re sitting beside them, would you wrap your arms around them. comfort them with your peace. Lord would you send joy to their home would you fill their home full of joy. Lord if you are willing send them a child whether it be through Bella or through a godly woman. Father God I pray that your divine power would awestruck their home. Lord that your presence would be there, that your presence would flow through Bella and Dallin reaching others. Lord you are a Waymaker you are a miracle worker I am believing for a miracle for Bella and Dallin. Make a way where there seems to be no way. Jesus we love you, worship you and praise your holy name. Amen

1 Peter 5:8-11
Bernelee Van Rooi

Bernelee Van Rooi . 22 minutes ago

No that's mean❤😢
Coupon Therapy

Coupon Therapy . 52 minutes ago

the only silver linings I can find is 1. There clearly is something wrong with her, so maybe her not reproducing is good. 2 A child who is alive (real), now has a chance to be with you guys if you try to adopt again, and will be blessed by you both
Valerie Gil

Valerie Gil . 55 minutes ago

I honestly cannot wrap my head around how evil this girl is & the lengths she went to..encouraging a nursery to be ready, a gender reveal..this is so unthinkable, why would she do this? I’m so sorry for this pain she put you guys through.
Quentin&Elle Adams

Quentin&Elle Adams . 56 minutes ago

Oh i forgot to add this to my original comment but god bless and good luck supporting u to the fullest.
Melanie Newman

Melanie Newman . 56 minutes ago

Quentin&Elle Adams

Quentin&Elle Adams . 57 minutes ago

Aww im so sorry that this happened yall used to live in my home town. I have 3 kids my oldest then i have twins i wish i could have yalls baby but i dont think my husband would be to fond of that.
Gail Wagner

Gail Wagner . 1 hour ago

I know people personally who thrive on those emotions you're talking about and they lie continually to try to get those feelings and or give those feelings it sounds like it's that type of individual. Honestly they need therapy! And it should be illegal absolutely it's scamming scamming should have a consequence with no consequences of things you can assure they'll be more victims and that is heartbreaking
Kathleen Bolanos | Pregnancy Loss & Grief Recovery

Kathleen Bolanos | Pregnancy Loss & Grief Recovery . 1 hour ago

I'm so so sorry... this is so tragic and so awful
Diamondback Rattlesnake

Diamondback Rattlesnake . 1 hour ago

Why does this appear on my yt recommendation?

deeds . 1 hour ago

Disgusting. I feel so horrible for you guys
Danni Chan

Danni Chan . 1 hour ago

Sending love to you both, you deserve to be very happy. I can't understand why a person would do this. You aren't foolish, anyone would have been fooled. What a very damaged person to have behaved this way.... I can't help but marvel what an amazing family you will make for child in the future. Praying for you. Take care x

britt . 2 hours ago

So sorry 😢 heart is breaking for y’all. God will heal you & bless you❤

Hope this woman gets what she deserves. Couldn’t even phantom how someone could do this… 😢
Andrea Benner AKA Andi

Andrea Benner AKA Andi . 2 hours ago

This is absolutely sickening. Always remember, you reap what you sow. This just means that something better will happen for y’all! So many prays and all of the love sent to you! ❤❤❤❤😢😢❤❤❤
Hii! I’m Kristel

Hii! I’m Kristel . 2 hours ago

Praying for you guys 🫶🏼🥺❤️

Hope & Faith would be beautiful names btw 👉🏼👈🏼
My Life As Kristen

My Life As Kristen . 2 hours ago

That's so evil. And the fact that she was bringing God into it knowing she was scamming. I can't imagine what ya'll are feeling. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

1213LB . 2 hours ago

This is very sad. She took advantage of a caring hopeful couple. Please let your agency screen any future girls before making contact.
Sarah Clowes

Sarah Clowes . 2 hours ago

What a nasty piece of work 😮


Como hay personas tan crueles en este mundo Dios mío 😵‍💫😞
Taylor Ludwig

Taylor Ludwig . 2 hours ago

How do people have the time to do this to others? Like wtf! That shit went DEEP! So sorry yall had to go through this 😪
Jenna Grace

Jenna Grace . 2 hours ago

This is so disgusting, I am so very sorry you guys. Take your time to grief the loss of the twins and the life you envisioned with them- even though she wasn’t actually pregnant.

God will use this. He sees you. He knows your heart. ❤️❤️

Emma . 2 hours ago

Moyosore Adeleye

Moyosore Adeleye . 3 hours ago

I'm so sorry you're going through this.
rubie barry

rubie barry . 3 hours ago

i am so so sorry, my heart sank when i saw the title you guys have been through so much. you are some of the most deserving future parents i’ve ever seen it’s insane to me that it’s this hard for great people to adopt yet so many children are in awful situations with undeserving parents. keep your heads up and try not to blame yourselves. this woman is despicable you guys treated her exactly how you should treat an expecting mother, there was no way to know. sending so much love ❤️

Cilla3739 . 3 hours ago

We just adopted 2 kids . It’s all worth it . The right piece or pieces will come along . Praying for u all .
Danae Williams

Danae Williams . 3 hours ago

I’m so sorry this happened to you guys! 😢
Lovemodel Delean

Lovemodel Delean . 3 hours ago

Press charges!!!!!!!!! Who's with me ?
peace ☮️

peace ☮️ . 3 hours ago

The title gave me shivers😢I'm sorry you're passing through this after all the hardships you've been through. I felt pain like you're a family member. Hope you overcome it, I believe you are strong more than enough!🥺❤

S D . 4 hours ago

You’ve got to be one insanely damaged and disgusting creature to do something like this. This is playing with peoples lives, some people would never adopt again after this negative incident. Babies out there may lose out on parents because of this creature.
Cameron Mason Miller

Cameron Mason Miller . 4 hours ago

Please go through ADOPTION AGENCY!!
Cameron Mason Miller

Cameron Mason Miller . 4 hours ago

Im not sure why they didn't go through a adoption agency. What did they expect? You cant trust people these days. Its hard for me to wrap my mind around them actually thinking that lady was telling the truth. lol. I mean thats what you get if you dont go through a adoption agency.....
Jamesha Harper

Jamesha Harper . 4 hours ago

Yeah that should have been a red flag to the agency they dropped the f****** ball on that one however I've got to say she was very skilled at this s*** however you always always always supposed to insist on like a mutual doctor's appointment or going to the doctor's appointment of either one of your choosing and only reason I say mutual is because some people are so skilled it's like a lifetime movie type shyt to whereas they have doctors excetera involved so if it's someone mutual or mutual grounds it's a bit harder to pull off s*** like that I am so sorry for you
Em Wolf

Em Wolf . 4 hours ago

Bless you guys ❤
Sid that dog

Sid that dog . 4 hours ago

Best of luck for in the future
Sid that dog

Sid that dog . 4 hours ago

I am crying with you 😢❤❤❤
Sid that dog

Sid that dog . 4 hours ago

That should be illegal
Sid that dog

Sid that dog . 4 hours ago

Heartleigh Ann

Heartleigh Ann . 5 hours ago

I’ve never seen your videos before hearing about this on TikTok. You both seem so incredible and like you deserve to be parents. I wish I could give you what you deserve and I can’t. I wish you both will find a way to get the baby or babies you prepared for.. I can’t even imagine
Louie & Andrea

Louie & Andrea . 5 hours ago

I’m so sad and sorry that such a beautiful sweet couple was hurt 😢 I pray that your baby will soon find you!!! ❤
Paula Henton

Paula Henton . 5 hours ago

I am so sorry for you
Michelle Renee 🌹 “Truth Seeker “

Michelle Renee 🌹 “Truth Seeker “ . 5 hours ago

❤❤❤❤❤IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU. maybe try A PARASITE CLEANSE. . if you hsvent. im new to your channel

I'm so sorry she did this to you. and the other family's. sending love and positive your way
Zena Anand

Zena Anand . 5 hours ago

This is so heart breaking, you guys are such good people, and don’t deserve any of this. The right time will come, just focus on yourselves
Rita Valencia

Rita Valencia . 5 hours ago

She needs to be reported to the police for investigation because it’s just not right to play with peoples feelings like that. What is she gaining out of it, she has got to be mentally ill scamming so many people she needs to be reported to the police or whoever they have to talk to you, but she needs to be stopped.
Sarah bethany

Sarah bethany . 5 hours ago

I really hope you take this further she doesn't deserve to be free.

Christi . 5 hours ago

I hope the scammer sees this and how it actually affected someone’s life and hopefully stop 😞

FazeByNo1 . 6 hours ago

I’m so sorry to hear what you guys had to go through especially when it’s something that you guys really want in your life and it’s really sad to hear that there’s people in this world that will do this to people that actually do want to have kids in their lives and I’m also grateful to you guys because you guys are setting an example to other people that might be going through something similar or to try to avoid going through something like this because it is a very painful situation and just by watching this video it’s very emotional and you guys are great couple that share awesome videos about your lives. I want again I’m truly sorry that you guys have to go through something like this. I’m looking forward to seeing your true happiness come to life which it will come soon just have faith and you’ll be rewarded nothing but with happiness.😇
Diana Planas

Diana Planas . 6 hours ago

This is absolutely heartbreaking!! I hope you file charges against her. Praying for you guys!!!!
Ashley Olney

Ashley Olney . 7 hours ago

So awful! I'm so very sorry you guys had to go through that! Just horrible and cruel. There's a special place in hell for people like her. Karma will get her eventually.

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