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Published on 2 weeks ago

Joy Ride - Only in theaters July 7, 2023. Starring Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu, Sabrina Wu.

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From the producers of Neighbors and the co-screenwriter of Crazy Rich Asians, JOY RIDE stars Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Oscar® nominee Stephanie Hsu, and Sabrina Wu. The hilarious and unapologetically explicit story of identity and self-discovery centers on four unlikely friends who embark on a once-in-a-lifetime international adventure. When Audrey’s (Ashley Park) business trip to Asia goes sideways, she enlists the aid of Lolo (Sherry Cola), her irreverent, childhood best friend who also happens to be a hot mess; Kat (Stephanie Hsu), her college friend turned Chinese soap star; and Deadeye (Sabrina Wu), Lolo’s eccentric cousin. Their no-holds-barred, epic experience becomes a journey of bonding, friendship, belonging, and wild debauchery that reveals the universal truth of what it means to know and love who you are.

Also starring Ronny Chieng (Crazy Rich Asians), Lori Tan Chinn (Awkwafina is Nora From Queens), David Denman (Greenland), Annie Mumolo (Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar), Desmond Chiam (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Alexander Hodge (Insecure), and Chris Pang (Crazy Rich Asians).

knightmare the NJ punisher

knightmare the NJ punisher . 3 hours ago

Its about time this kind of movie is made again.

Joyadventure . 4 hours ago

Can't wait !! and cant't wait to check the filming locations !!
Jaylon Sharp

Jaylon Sharp . 4 hours ago

What was the song in this trailer

lukassnakeman . 5 hours ago

This looks way better than that crap comedy Jennifer Lawrence is in

JobuTupaki . 9 hours ago

I will allow this.
Baby Monroe

Baby Monroe . 9 hours ago

This looks hilarious 😂 can't wait to see it
Godly Saitama

Godly Saitama . 12 hours ago

This loooks sooooo goood!! Can’t wait to see it
shar Divine

shar Divine . 12 hours ago

can't wait to watch this
Nope Nah

Nope Nah . 14 hours ago

jesus no
Anna N

Anna N . 14 hours ago

karma frosting

karma frosting . 16 hours ago

You know this is gonna be a good movie because I have now wat he’d this 3 times in a row and cannot won’t stop giggling with it smh

SHIVANSH SHUKLA . 17 hours ago

I feel so happy Asian actors getting opportunities... Much love ❤ and Stephanie hsu is a diva ❤

Maria CANCER . 19 hours ago

Thank you so much for your videos! I had a misfortune, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I also created a channel and am trying to move in that direction, but so far not very successful(f

Rettenthetetlen! . 21 hours ago

Oh look. Another white hating racist box office fail flop from hollywoke.
Gosto do atum daqui.

Gosto do atum daqui. . 1 day ago

vim correndo ver esse trailer achando que tinha algo a ver com Tudo em todo lugar ao mesmo tempo🤡🤡
Aubrey Kelly

Aubrey Kelly . 1 day ago

I love movie
Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman . 1 day ago

Jim watch out roy
El Pi

El Pi . 2 days ago

What a stupid plot. If I was of Asian decent I would be insulted how this portrays women.

What a bunch of hate filled propaganda excrement. I'm sure it will win an Oscar and gross millions . ... .. not really. Pathetic what crap is pushed out these days
william tam

william tam . 2 days ago

Little girl is so cute when he punches the boy. Reminds of Bruce Lee when he kicks the sign up in air that's says "no dog and Chinese " in the park.

Viktorious . 2 days ago

Stephanie been on my radar since Ms. Masiel she will be getting more scripts her way and Im for it.
travis kurtz

travis kurtz . 2 days ago

It’s about time movies can be racist towards white people!
Transcending Eclipse

Transcending Eclipse . 2 days ago

okay i get it now. I'm liking where this whole western cinema is going with asian representation !! WOOT WOOT~ as asian i love this trend !!!!
Rapid Paddles

Rapid Paddles . 2 days ago

This film looks pretty cringe, imagine going from Everything Everywhere to this trash. Ouch.
Allison Hart

Allison Hart . 2 days ago

So happy to see Stephanie Hsu and also a little bit of unexpected Meredith Hagner (drug dealer)
JGP Channel

JGP Channel . 2 days ago

But Ashley Park is korean

mlong9475 . 2 days ago

This movie looks so cringe with unnecessary cursing. I like a good comedy as much as the next person. Just not a crude one for forced laughs.
markangelo dioneza

markangelo dioneza . 2 days ago

thats funny

teacat . 2 days ago

Help I’m dying of laughter… this film is gonna be funny af 🤣
Nick Fury

Nick Fury . 2 days ago

Death penalty to drug dealing and jail time for smoking or possession of drugs.
Alexander Dillard

Alexander Dillard . 2 days ago

I refuse
Ying Kit Lau

Ying Kit Lau . 2 days ago

1:41, If you do not know where you come from?! Just stay out from it & get a live that start from you as the origin
Greg Watson

Greg Watson . 2 days ago

This basically looks like a sh***y hangover
George Wu

George Wu . 2 days ago

Now I know the movie is definitely not gonna be played in China 😂

Countfoscolikesmice . 2 days ago

there's some whoooorrrrrrrrzzzzzzz
Kyle Idris

Kyle Idris . 3 days ago

Looks solid!
Carlos Talles

Carlos Talles . 3 days ago

sam parker

sam parker . 3 days ago

Where the hell is Awkwafina😡
Sondria Hurley

Sondria Hurley . 3 days ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 can't wait to watch.

Dozz_a . 3 days ago

This looks like dogshit 👍

spikesagitta . 3 days ago

wtf lol, this I have to go watch

Plamaus . 3 days ago

The slide part split my sides 😂 she decked him 😂
Leonard Parlindungan

Leonard Parlindungan . 3 days ago

Lisa 2 is epic.
Jestoni Feliciano

Jestoni Feliciano . 3 days ago

What is the song playing in the trailer? It’s bangin!!

mr206er . 3 days ago

Everyone in these comments is a bot😂😂😂😂😂😂 this movie looks awful. Oh white people white people ha ha ha we’re Asian ha ha ha. Just another generic Seth Rogen tow the line liberal Hollywood propaganda movie, have fun its going to tank in the box office. No one’s gonna watch this shis.😂😂…. Do you know what they say? Get woke go broke.
Isa Drennan

Isa Drennan . 3 days ago

Next time keep Seth Rogen away.
king yuw-ang

king yuw-ang . 3 days ago

Ken B

Ken B . 3 days ago

What a Hollywood film where the Asian girl isn’t being saved by some white guy? Say it ain’t so
Phillip Young

Phillip Young . 3 days ago

Another smash hit😂😂😂

しho . 3 days ago

꼭 ott로라도 빨리 보고 싶다!!!!!!!😂😂😂
정식개봉은 늦으니..ㅠㅠ

KL LWC . 3 days ago

“it’s not a puppet, it’s my asshole!” 😂😂 I need to see this film 😂😂

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