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ECONOMY CLASS on THREE Airlines in ONE DAY! (Which is best?)
Jeb Brooks

Jeb Brooks

Published on 1 week ago

Watch this video to spot the differences between Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines in ECONOMY CLASS!

We flew in Economy Class on Three Airlines in One Day! That's all three major US Airlines back-to-back in the same day to figure out which is the best.

Most of us travel in Economy Class and it can be a great way to fly! Each of these airlines says it’s the best, but which really is the top economy airline in the United States?

In this video, we’ll show you what it’s like to fly on Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines. We tried all three in one day in order to show you what it’s like.

You’ll see the entire Economy Class experience from boarding to landing.

Of course, we’ll take-off and check out the airlines’ seats, economy class food offering, inflight entertainment options, and even the onboard service experience for each one.

At the end of the video, we’ll rate Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines in order to find out which is the best…and which is the worst major US Airline in the Economy Class in the United States.

Delta Air Lines Food:

United Airlines Food:
https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/inflight/dining/economy/menu.html https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/inflight/dining/bistro.html

American Airlines Food:

0:00 Introduction
0:41 Delta Air Lines Economy Class
5:58 United Airlines
11:14 American Airlines
14:49 US Airlines Ranking

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angryman71 . 16 minutes ago

Excellent video... looks fun, and with that many subscribers, well, I am sure you guys can (and do) afford to do this often! ;-)

Just booked a round trip flight from Chicago Ohare to Manila and back, via San Francisco, on UNITED. I was not happy with my last UNITED experience going to Hawaii (Hilo) for my dad's funeral -- didn't even have a bereavement fare available ($4500 for 3 of us roundtrip)! Have flown Delta, ANA and Philippine airlines to and from the Philippines before.. we'll see how UNITED stacks up. So far, DELTA was the winner!

Ever get a chance to do airlines around the world? How about doing one for the three major carriers in the Philippines? Air Asia, Cebu Air and Philippine airlines. I just had a horror time trying to figure out "extra baggage" when dealing with Air Asia and PAL (Philippine airlines) -- Air Asia got rid of "call centers" in 2019 so everything is via their "bot" and "e-mail" that no one seems to answer or various social media platforms.

Last time I was in the Philippines, I liked Air Asia, but come on, have someone live to be able to answer questions when the customer has questions... ended up booking with Cebu Air instead simply because of the way they handled the "extra baggage", which was a novel concept, but they simply used "pictures of different size suitcases" next to the prices. Worked for me! And, 3 one way tickets with 114lbs each for luggage for almost 600 miles... just over $200 USD total for the 3 tickets! Hard to beat that!

Can you put a link to whatever wireless mics you guys are using, please? Going to do some videos when in the Philippines in November, so I want to get a decent drone and mics, etc.
Chase Oliver

Chase Oliver . 4 hours ago

Maybe it's because I live in the Delta hub in Atlanta, but I am a Delta guy for sure.
United is my second favorite, followed closely by American

MNsportsnut . 4 hours ago

Quite the coincidence in the Video you flew 1st Class with all 3 you flew from O'Hare to Miami like the McCallister Parents and in this Video you flew Economy from O'Hare to LaGuardia just like Kevin did.
Tim Geldner

Tim Geldner . 6 hours ago

Jeb, is there a recommendation for an airline from GSO to BOS?
Auntie Lu

Auntie Lu . 6 hours ago

I’ll be bringing my cat with me onboard in a carrier from nyc to Mexico. I’m worried the economy will be too tight for me to reach down and comfort her. 😢. Has anyone flown with their cat in economy class? Any advice?

Paddy . 7 hours ago

Jeb if there is ever a Zombie outbreak at the airports, it's nice to see you live streaming so we can see the real time footage of you turning into a Zombie.
I'm simply pointing it out. P.S. These things always start in economy class.
Tracey Rain

Tracey Rain . 8 hours ago

Curious what brand Suzanne's backpack is? Looks like it holds a lot

Kickmemes20 . 9 hours ago

Delta would be my number 1 if not for pricing/hubs. For me AA is first, Delta second, and UA is far behind in last. I would rather fly Southwest than UA.
Liberal Abortion Survivor

Liberal Abortion Survivor . 9 hours ago

I regularly fly American. They are a great airline and I see no reason to break loyalty with them. Occasionally they bump me to first class for no reason.
Megan WritesAlot

Megan WritesAlot . 11 hours ago

I’ve always been a United girlie. Anytime I’ve had a delay they always manage to “make up time in the sky” (i don’t understand that lol) but I’m always happy with them
Sober Surfer

Sober Surfer . 13 hours ago

I grew up in northern Minnesota and grew up flying Northwest Airlines. ❤️🩶 Occasionally even flew Mesaba Airlink (Northwest) out of Grand Rapids if we didn’t book out of MSP.
Ricky Bungalow

Ricky Bungalow . 15 hours ago

i fly american a lot for work because im near CLT. i dont need the wifi and im 5'7" so ive never had an issue with them specifically

TU_ TRU . 21 hours ago

In my 3 years as a delta employee, I’ve never seen the water tanks cleaned, stop getting coffee Jeb 😂
Ken Zen

Ken Zen . 23 hours ago

United is overperforming whenever it doesn't wilfully destroy your luggage or assault you and drag you off the plane.
Pranav Shukla

Pranav Shukla . 1 day ago

All three are atrocious. Why does the US government bail them out?

ChellaStation . 1 day ago

In my 10+ yr of flying, I can safely say that I bring the food I purchase from the restaurants or eat before boarding. I am the type of person that likes to get to the airport 1 hour before because of traffic and time to get to my gate. Usually, I put on my MP3 player and start drawing in my sketch book or work on my computer to get work done. 90% of the time I would like to eat and just chill with a blanket when it gets too cold inside of the plane ✈
Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh . 1 day ago

At that price, United is last.

RayDLX . 1 day ago

While I have never flown United I have flown Delta a lot and American somewhat. Every single flight I have ever taken on American has had delay issues, cancellations or just totally screwed me over. I only will fly Delta now because at least they are reliable and I know what I am getting with them, a flight to from one place to another and usually a non stop one too cause they have so many hubs.
Drew Canella

Drew Canella . 1 day ago

Nice Grand Seiko

SHSB K . 1 day ago

American Airlines is the worst of them all. They stood me up in Dallas and never apologized for forcing me to stay overnight.
Bailey A

Bailey A . 2 days ago

Only comment I have about the ranking is that you talked about economy class so why wasn't cost wasn't a factor in the rankings??
Daniel Elyar

Daniel Elyar . 2 days ago

why does one ever need to go through security if you've just disembarked from another flight?

Emcdonn3 . 2 days ago

Eric Walker

Eric Walker . 2 days ago

I think that united is the only mainline that charges for a carry on bag in basic economy would be important to mention.

Hongbinnie . 2 days ago

I’ve flown all three of these airlines a decent amount, and every single time, if I have the option, I’ll choose Delta. Out of all delayed/cancelled flights I’ve experienced in my life, 99% have been American. I really only fly them if I have no other option. United isn’t too bad. Nice to see a comparison for a standard economy ticket!! Often times these comparisons are made based on extreme tickets, like first class or basic economy.
z F

z F . 2 days ago

great catching the Air New Zealand dreamliner!

mtascp05 . 2 days ago

Nice comparison! Practically speaking(but somewhat out of our control), a lot of cities are limited in choice. At SFO, usually where I want to go is served by United and sometimes Alaska and SWA. When I lived in Dallas, it's pretty much just AA and SWA. I have had the best times with Delta and JetBlue, both of whom have very limited flights on the West Coast, sadly. I've been a fan of your channel for years, keep them coming. =)

derbagger22 . 2 days ago

Southern is affiliated with Mokulele Airlines in Hawai'i. Even though I live in MA, I've never flown them in New England. But have flown Mokulele from Waimea-Kohala into Maui. Same type of plane. Got to see the sun rise over Haleakala...

derbagger22 . 2 days ago

United is barely better than ULC and DEN is a simply awful airport. As is Newark. As is O'Hare.

mowtow90 . 2 days ago

Well you ware not booted of or even beaten on any of those so thats a win.
MarloSoBalJr (Gaming)

MarloSoBalJr (Gaming) . 2 days ago

I've only been on Delta once in my life, always flew Southwest, but that flight had me rethinking of booking for the airliner.

Amazing experience
Christian Max Amadei

Christian Max Amadei . 2 days ago

Wish all the best to you Jeb , I really like your videos as you what ever happens you are always so happy and positive 👍 keep up the good work ❤
Bobby Michaels

Bobby Michaels . 2 days ago

I love this video and it's so helpful! The category missing here is bathrooms! How many how accessible? Clean? etc Thanks again! Also, turbulence and overall flight ride!
Well-blazered Man

Well-blazered Man . 3 days ago

Top tip? Buy some lounge access before the flight. And take an e-reader.
Good review.
Jay R

Jay R . 3 days ago

How come you didn’t mention WiFi being free for T-Mobile customers?

TeraChad . 3 days ago

Brightline expanded to MCO airport
Kenny George

Kenny George . 3 days ago

Thanks Jeb and Suzanne! DL need to update their flts and better clean crews..... very dirty some flts.....
Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer Lynn . 3 days ago

My favorite is delta. The service has always been great!! Second American. United is last because we’ve had some really terrible experiences with them. It’s always subjective, thanks for another great video and valuable information!! ❤️
Chris Widseth

Chris Widseth . 3 days ago

Hey Jeb, you can't compare an Airbus seat (wider by about an inch) vs 737 seats, they are different widths period. Next time Airbuses or 737s for all three airlines.
Jo Chuen Chow

Jo Chuen Chow . 3 days ago

Never take spirit airline

iali00 . 3 days ago

Yep! This is why I switched from Delta to United. After really assessing things, I realized it was the better airline.
Warren R

Warren R . 3 days ago

Having a screen, free movies, wifi and variety of snacks wins over a $10 price difference and a lack of board in communication. Delta relies heavily on their app for boarding notifications.

Delta is a clear winner

JWil42 . 3 days ago

When is the AA hub hopping video coming?
Джонатан Прадo

Джонатан Прадo . 3 days ago

American & United is a scam how they’re going to charge crazy amount of money & no IFE
Kyle Yoshida

Kyle Yoshida . 3 days ago

YAY. UNITED!!! Best airline out there!
Christopher Vogtmann

Christopher Vogtmann . 3 days ago

“Unflavored water” haha nice
Frank O'Connor

Frank O'Connor . 3 days ago

Delta, American, United. In that order in my opinion :)
Julianne Hart

Julianne Hart . 4 days ago

Do not ever buy Basic Economy ticket. You do not get seats in advance.
Barry Allen

Barry Allen . 4 days ago

In basic economy United wanted to charge me $105 to check the first bag and $135 for the second. Needless to say i packed three days worth of clothes in my laptop bag.
Qichao Wang

Qichao Wang . 4 days ago

Delta is always all time best to me among these 3. With Delta reserve card, you get to visit Delta lounge and free upgrade, and they provide fresh food while the United Club only provide cold food and sometimes you can find bugs in there. Also, United flight is dirty compare to Delta's...

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