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Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (DC vs Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 3 months ago

Megalomaniacal supervillains fight to rule the world!
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Comments :


Duncan_of_Hallback . 8 hours ago

im legit surprised that marvel won this time lol

Last Wolf Standing

Last Wolf Standing . 19 hours ago

That bit of Lex pushing some kind of turn around almost got me po'ed

Caleb Robert

Caleb Robert . 22 hours ago


Heath Alexander

Heath Alexander . 24 hours ago


Heath Alexander

Heath Alexander . 24 hours ago

al pika Rich guy who hates aliens huh? LOL


• • • LOADING . 1 day ago

Doom spamming the foot dive was too good 😂😂😂👌🏽

Stephen Brink

Stephen Brink . 2 days ago

Doom vs darkseid?

The Howling Gamer

The Howling Gamer . 2 days ago

Anti life equation made no show? Lex was one of the few people to control it and even if it does cause a draw think it should still be quite the factor.


W S . 2 days ago

doomsday vs doomslayer vs Dr. Doom. to see which one is the true inheritor of doom


KingVell2K . 2 days ago

15:33 “ foot dive “ 😭😂🤣 spamming

Dart MasterMind 11 Jill Valentines Husband

Dart MasterMind 11 Jill Valentines Husband . 2 days ago

Rancid rants having rambling savages scavenging For scraps, perhaps roadkill, if that Gift of gab, and he flowed ill, chrome stiff hat Known for writing lightning tight lines, chiefin' Beefin', being off deep ends, divine bright shines even Dimes quiet as mimes by design mighty fine Slight rewind, tightly bind, blind lead blind

Caleb Opossum

Caleb Opossum . 3 days ago

Lex: Killed by Two Rich metal suit men=2 losses Doom: Killed a sith lord and a rich billionaire=2 wins

Brett Jackson

Brett Jackson . 3 days ago

First Ironman and now Doom?! lex Luther is not the brilliant criminal mind he thought he was.....given some respect tho. He went h2h with Deathstroke in the comics. And lived to tell about it!!!


POORSHABEY . 3 days ago

I need to see Darth Maul in a fight


adippful . 3 days ago

Okay, Doom deserves to win for that foot dive spam

Claudia Garcia

Claudia Garcia . 4 days ago

Hot d&$n! Lex Luther can’t catch a break against marvel genius’s.


cliffbot . 4 days ago

Doctor Doom Height 6'7/188cm Seems legit


JokerFox . 5 days ago

All I have to say from this is Foot dive


ZekeyX2004 . 6 days ago

Rooster Teeth in a Nutshell.

Unknown mic

Unknown mic . 6 days ago


Nimishi. Anaya shukla

Nimishi. Anaya shukla . 6 days ago

doom is so smart yet got outsmarted by bruce banner and leader but his intellect is no match for luthor


Azzy . 7 days ago

“cant you see, that mask is my real face” was the true golden line


Slade33 . 1 week ago

I think Dr. Doom vs Dr. Fate would have been a better matchup. Luthor had no chance of winning this.

Sparky Minor

Sparky Minor . 1 week ago

Engagement engagement engagement

It’s Nave

It’s Nave . 1 week ago

isn't 6'7" around 2 metres?

Wes Lipana

Wes Lipana . 1 week ago

He's gonna say "A Superman", he's gonna say "A Superman"...HAH!


xterra4hire . 1 week ago

Wouldn’t buy a Harry’s product ever

Charles Williams

Charles Williams . 1 week ago

Them again?! I knew Darth Vader's opponent should've been Magneto and I knew Iron Man's opponent should've been Green Lantern.


Ashern . 1 week ago

Harry's a shaving company, with the supporter link /death... Someone should have thought that through, just saying.


normalguycap . 1 week ago

Doom is cool, but his enemy is a flexible guy. Lex enemy is goddamn superman. This was stupid.


Reny . 1 week ago

Did anyone honestly expect Luthor to win? I'm curious.

Devon Styles

Devon Styles . 1 week ago

Anyone notice how they just had Lex Luthor replicate Superman's Super Move from Injustice 2?

fat meowth

fat meowth . 1 week ago

The animation in this episode is great

Genia Tidwell

Genia Tidwell . 1 week ago

Seriously, why did they pit dr doom against Darth vader


OmegaColossus . 1 week ago

Hey, that’s just a Doom bot!

Th Absolute Bagel

Th Absolute Bagel . 1 week ago

A reference to divekick and a reference to injustice in one fight, sick


Joker . 1 week ago

If this fight took place in Metropolis, wouldn’t Superman get involved at some point?

Just a fox

Just a fox . 2 weeks ago

If lex couldn’t beat Ironman there was no way he would beat doom.


TheOfficialPSI . 2 weeks ago

Foot dive!

Fahad A.

Fahad A. . 2 weeks ago

*F A T A L I T Y*


Cyrus . 2 weeks ago

Hm yes very accurate

KS Ace Rico Steezie

KS Ace Rico Steezie . 2 weeks ago

For the next Death Battle do Thomas Wayne Batman vs The Punisher

Narwhal Lord42

Narwhal Lord42 . 2 weeks ago

If Squirrel Girl ever gets into Death Battle, I feel sorry for whoever has to fight her.

DJ Wither

DJ Wither . 2 weeks ago

Funny thing is, Lex couldn't hurt Doom, his armor exists outside of time and space, and I don't remember lex doing anything even remotely close to that

Elijah Walker

Elijah Walker . 2 weeks ago

Think about it like this: both scientists can easily give Superman a hard time, but there’s a difference. Lex Luthor’s weapons are composed of kryptonite (Superman’s weakness), but they only cause critical damage to Superman. Dr Doom’s weapons are composed of magic (Superman’s other weakness), but they can cause critical damage to just about all the heavy hitters, not just Superman.


jhr . 2 weeks ago

Bruh got captain Ginyued

Levi Clark

Levi Clark . 2 weeks ago

Lex stood better than Vader did.

Tyrese • 12 years ago

Tyrese • 12 years ago . 2 weeks ago

I knew man from fortnite would win

Daniel Ferrieri

Daniel Ferrieri . 2 weeks ago

Lex vs Doom: IQ of Infinity. Menace (MUC) vs Behemoth (MUC): Gods of Devastation and Destruction

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