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Mikasa Ackerman Launches an Attack on DEATH BATTLE!


Published on 2 months ago

The iron-willed Titan-slayer is hunting a new kind of prey in DEATH BATTLE!

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Comments :

ThuNdeR Al Sultan

ThuNdeR Al Sultan . 1 month ago

Madara vs Fujitora please

Darius Smith

Darius Smith . 1 month ago

How About "COLE" From The Video Game "INFAMOUS" Vs "LIVEWIRE" From "DC Comics"


Pinoyhillbilly . 2 months ago

Death Battle Idea: Jack Sparrow vs Edward Kenway Pirates of the Caribbean vs Assassin’s Creed

Lord Rumshi

Lord Rumshi . 2 months ago

Boomstick talks about a person being able to super fart and super barf at the same time, that's just wrong on several levels of disgusting.


2neilas . 2 months ago

😆😆😆! Or the Odm.

Basic Phoenix

Basic Phoenix . 2 months ago

Do you do five nights at Freddy characters?

Ant Nitro

Ant Nitro . 2 months ago

what about piccolo from dbz

Minga Velasquez

Minga Velasquez . 2 months ago

Yes yes yes

Star Mambwe

Star Mambwe . 2 months ago

Good fight. Fair win, even though I rooted for Mikasa.

Denton McCray

Denton McCray . 2 months ago

Death battle ideas: Rukia vs saber Teen boruto vs zenitsu Genos vs ace or natsu Todoroki vs toshiro

conner olson

conner olson . 2 months ago

Honestly the only way I see these two fighting is if the other hurts their significant other for Blake that's Yang, and Mikasa Eren


Tem . 2 months ago

Mikasa might of lost this battle but I'm glad they put a AOT character in DB

kei lang ako

kei lang ako . 2 months ago

I hope the animation on their fight will be as good as yang vs tifa

John Ray Tiangco

John Ray Tiangco . 2 months ago

Idk how Mikasa will win. I mean, ODM gear has a lot of weakness.

Elliott Dean

Elliott Dean . 2 months ago

Mikasa is going to get bodied

Wow Poops

Wow Poops . 2 months ago

Fun fact: Mikasa exploded from Blake's Thunder Spear.

Gamingweebnub Neo

Gamingweebnub Neo . 2 months ago


Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez . 2 months ago

Why does this sound so funny

Aidan Cole

Aidan Cole . 2 months ago

I hope they talk about the thunder spears and the new ODM gear she got in Season 4

Eman Acacio

Eman Acacio . 2 months ago

Now this is just an unfair fight, sure Mikasa is strong when compared to other characters AOT, but her opponent is Blake from RWBY, this is just a way for Rooster Teeth to tell people that our original character is much better in a fight than the other meaning our franchise is better.


Tobi . 2 months ago

whoever shes fighting, mikasa is losing lmao

jadan moyston

jadan moyston . 2 months ago

devil may cry nero vs sun wukong


Aquapanther154 . 2 months ago

So basically: Steampunk female Spider-Man with swords vs cat Belle with a sword-gun I approve

Random Guy

Random Guy . 2 months ago

I'm just gonna say it since no one is saying this, but this just seems to me like just a cash grab for the people of Death Battle to make a quick buck with the season 4 anime being out, and the manga just finishing up. Considering the popularity of Attack on Titan and the fact that I can 100% figure that characters in RWBY are far more powerful than characters in Attack On Titan. In fact I did a quick search on Blake Belladonna just to get an idea of how strong she is. Found out she has a lot of hacks and abilities like Energy Projection, and Elemental manipulation. That being Fire, Ice and Gravity manipulation. Already making me think that this battle is gonna be a stomp and I'm actually willing to put money on this because I've read the manga and lot of the feats that anyone can come up with won't even come close and given the fact that Mikasa has no such hacks to really be able to overpower someone like Blake. So to me its clear that Death Battle is just trying to milk the success of Attack On Titan by putting a character into their show in whatever way possible and even if its poorly done. Like seriously who in the world thought that this was a good match up. Since the victor can be determined with a quick google search on Blake I really don't care for the fight, given how this is just so Death Battle can just bank of the success of Attack On Titan. For anyone that's actually interested in the victor just doing a quick google search can give you that much. Since this is all really just done to bank of AOT's success I would suggest people not watching it since its just some massive pandering to AOT fans, instead of doing a more interesting match up.

David Meyer

David Meyer . 2 months ago

I marathoned all four seasons of _Attack on Titan_ so I wouldn't get spoilers from watching the upcoming Death Battle. So tired...

ArTz Terrarian

ArTz Terrarian . 2 months ago

does anyone know what episode this is at 2:04


Kitty . 2 months ago



jeremyjw . 2 months ago

my money is on Mikasa

J-counter Animation

J-counter Animation . 2 months ago

Mikasa actually can win

luciano mangroo

luciano mangroo . 2 months ago

T h i c c a s a

bossinater 2232

bossinater 2232 . 2 months ago

You know what fight I'd love to see dante from dante's inferno and kratos from god of war

David rosado

David rosado . 2 months ago

John Wick vs Hit Girl next lol

Just Away

Just Away . 2 months ago

Mikasa should win but they're probably going to make Blake win because of Rooster Teeth

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn . 2 months ago

You're using the old ODM gear. I hope you mention that she wears the updated version now that is far more flexible in its maneuverability and also has rockets attached to it that can blow a hole out of the Armored Titan. I doubt that even Blake can hold against those going off.

Matthew Bibby

Matthew Bibby . 2 months ago

I feel like we’d need Levi rather than mikasa to make it even remotely fair given how this is essentially a peak human vs a literal superhuman... but then again, that admittedly might be just as tilted in the other direction given how insanely skilled Levi is.

Avery Smith

Avery Smith . 2 months ago

Rage vs Wolfenstein

supercool 24

supercool 24 . 2 months ago

I think Mikasa would make an excellent addition to mortal kombat, what do you think?

zeoking silver

zeoking silver . 2 months ago

"Farting, that's called farting Wiz."

Red Archer

Red Archer . 2 months ago

we all know that whether the combatant can actually win or not, Db isn't letting roosterteeth characters lose. gotta continue up that outrage and interest in that dying show somehow.


Ernie . 2 months ago

People who think Mikasa is gonna win 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Lucas Stoicel

Lucas Stoicel . 2 months ago

Hey guys do you wanna know what might be a really cool death battle? MOTHRA VS (some other giant insect)


Edge2300 . 2 months ago

Oh no. This really isn’t a good idea. A lot of anime only’s are viable to get spoiled, and this character in my opinion just doesn’t fit death battle.

Terren Huang

Terren Huang . 2 months ago

Looks as cool as she is, I really don't think that she can beat a super human when she's just an above average normal human

keyon tyler

keyon tyler . 2 months ago

I dis like the guy who speaks with the weird accent

P307 Asim

P307 Asim . 2 months ago

If you kill Mikasa in Death battle 😠😠 I will bomb your house 😡😡


Cross . 2 months ago

Depressed Neko Sword Waifu VS Depressed Tomboy Sword Waifu

Válter Reboredo

Válter Reboredo . 2 months ago

Mikasa! 👌💙

Yuba Sheehan

Yuba Sheehan . 2 months ago

Omni man from invincible vs homelander from the boys

Yuba Sheehan

Yuba Sheehan . 2 months ago

Omni man from invincible versus

Terror Of Death

Terror Of Death . 2 months ago

Should had been 2B vs blake

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