Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald

Published on 2 months ago


alestier . 3 hours ago


XINXMO . 5 hours ago

Bro if aliens come to our planet i will beg them to end it in any way fr
Brandon Caison

Brandon Caison . 12 hours ago

🤣🤣🤣👍love tom
Damien Brown

Damien Brown . 14 hours ago

JT Brown

JT Brown . 18 hours ago

Morgan Moallemian

Morgan Moallemian . 1 day ago

Bro gonna regurgitate every right wing trope before he’s done. I don’t even blame you bro, it’s easy money (despite the fact that he’s rapping. RW audience might be a bit confused, because they’re supposed hate rap…. But… but…. He’s nailing the talking points in the lyrics, so they may be a little confused. But, they’ll throw money you, so enjoy✌️

Jeff . 2 days ago

This is smart shit, good work! And promoting your own stuff at the same time....and you called him "my guy" watch it! Lol
Terri Landis

Terri Landis . 2 days ago

 Mama Bear

Mama Bear . 3 days ago

Besides being a great rap entertainer assassin, dropping bars that are not only understood, but really matter, besides being brave and honest and loving America (yeah I said it) and our flag better than half the Americans, besides speaking out about reality when the world’s gone insane, I think Tom might just be the greatest comedian. He’s freakin’ hilarious. Don’t be a hater, not everyone is a genius.
juda botwin

juda botwin . 3 days ago

HAHAHAHA dude love this shit hahahaha
Blessed Mom, Tami

Blessed Mom, Tami . 3 days ago

Tom Ebbs

Tom Ebbs . 4 days ago

Tom needs to be in Rick and Morty
Joyce K

Joyce K . 4 days ago

so true!!!!
2ndPartyCrasher ✓

2ndPartyCrasher ✓ . 4 days ago

All i see is Tom speaking with Tom
Petra Selah

Petra Selah . 4 days ago

😂🎉❤ hahaha! Love you!
Ed Sleez

Ed Sleez . 4 days ago

stop bad mouthing abortion it's a great thing
Betty A.k.a Betty

Betty A.k.a Betty . 5 days ago

*Aliens discovering earth has been plagued by the woke mind virus*

Zeezleborp AX-75.....
Drop the antimatter bomb....It's beyond saving.

mst3kfan13 . 5 days ago

I'm not your buddy guy.

TommyBoy#1984 . 5 days ago

Funniest shit ever😂😂
Caroline Takam

Caroline Takam . 6 days ago


NelRegno . 6 days ago

LOL :)
The Dark Potato

The Dark Potato . 6 days ago

I mean... I would ask to leave with the aliens
The LP2002

The LP2002 . 6 days ago


Richleecher . 6 days ago

This is brilliant dude you need to do more of these I give you a standing -O- .....More more....
Jason Affleck

Jason Affleck . 7 days ago

Very well done Tom

James . 1 week ago

Omg your hilarious Tom ! More of these vids my brotha from anotha motha!
Kaya'i Cao Ki'ki

Kaya'i Cao Ki'ki . 1 week ago

What if you're literally a Hermaphrodite.
Lewis Black

Lewis Black . 1 week ago

Its so funny yet so sad🥲
Dell Mans

Dell Mans . 1 week ago

Lol I'm in love with this conversation

emsie76 . 1 week ago

Zombie Ninja

Zombie Ninja . 1 week ago

This guy comes up with the best ways to promote himself

TheFoxOfGrim . 1 week ago

hahahahaha I honestly can imagine that happening

LeAnn . 1 week ago

😂 😂😂
Jim Butke

Jim Butke . 1 week ago

Omg that was so funny I forgot to laugh 🫤🙄😴

Bounty . 1 week ago

This is 100% how it would go.
corey booth

corey booth . 1 week ago

Never thought I'd see the day how did we come to this?
Waya Bajo

Waya Bajo . 1 week ago

I love it
Sharon B.

Sharon B. . 1 week ago

OMG! How does he get to the root of all our problems in mere minutes? I love him!!!
Patricia Donahue

Patricia Donahue . 2 weeks ago

It’s so true though
Patricia Donahue

Patricia Donahue . 2 weeks ago


bj . 2 weeks ago

God bless
Prakhar Saxena

Prakhar Saxena . 2 weeks ago

My first year in America summarised.
Twana Joy Hildebrecht

Twana Joy Hildebrecht . 2 weeks ago

Ron Schneider

Ron Schneider . 2 weeks ago

All colors are infected no doubt

Windy . 2 weeks ago

All lives matter there's no certain color all lives f****** matter
Klipche Gaming

Klipche Gaming . 2 weeks ago

knee kolissa

knee kolissa . 2 weeks ago

Tom ur funny 😂

Deborah . 2 weeks ago

Tom maybe you need an independent comedy special. You're seriously so funny. So smart bro
Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott . 2 weeks ago

Great skit!! I love it!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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