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Times I should've realized I was autistic


Published on 2 weeks ago

since finishing this video ive been officially diagnosed so ye B)
more resources:
- ASD in adults: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/autism/signs/adults/
- RAADS-R Test: https://embrace-autism.com/raads-r/#Who_the_test_is_designed_for






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illymation . 2 weeks ago

hi I’m sorry I didn’t do a good job explaining what I meant when it came to self diagnosis - it is valid and I self-dx’d myself for the longest time because my past therapist (who was not educated on autism at all) refused to have me evaluated because she said I “didn’t look autistic.” I saw a new psych who actually studies autism, and I was properly diagnosed. The point I meant to make was: self diagnosing and faking a disability are two different things that I feel become conflated by others who aren’t in our position - because they have access to diagnostics and doctors who listen. And I only “agree” that self diagnosing is wrong if someone is knowingly faking a disability. I used the fake service dog scenario to illustrate this because this is a common issue my friend in the video experiences way too often: people claiming to need a service dog, so they buy a fake vest online, put it on their untrained pet, and that untrained pet will attack and pick fights with my friend’s service dog, sometimes resulting in her and her actual service dog getting denied service places. This is the behavior I’m against— KNOWINGLY faking a disability; not self diagnosing. Thanks!
Lola Keynes

Lola Keynes . 3 minutes ago

Hey fellow beans! Beans are cool. Legumes are cool too but us beans are great
Pheonix Robbins

Pheonix Robbins . 16 minutes ago

Did i see the owl lady as a kid in the back ground

🌿WillowHeart🌿 . 20 minutes ago

I have ADHD and autism and I agree
Fire dragon

Fire dragon . 33 minutes ago

Oooohhhhh my gosh oohh my gosh.
This makes since now what the heck, I 27
The shutting down thing and can't talk ooohhh my gosh. Lights are always bright for me like having a flashlight beaming down on me.
I can hear dog whistles, I can hear things other can't and yea its nuts.
Don't like slimy things touching me.
Trying to keep eye contact is very hard for me I try so hard. Can't be in a crowded place or brain goes fuzzy and hard to breath.

SadWasDead . 44 minutes ago

"i'm pretty sure you do" but i don't have ANYONE??? besides my bunny that is.

𝓑𝓮𝓮 . 2 hours ago

‘You just need to do something that makes you uncomfortable sometimes.’ I do, so so much- I do things I don’t reaaallly want to do most of the day- because I know it’s what I am supposed to do. Even things like brushing teeth some autistic people don’t fully understand because of all the taste and sound and touch they hate it but we all have to do things we don’t like. It’s only when I know I could very well shut down or have a meltdown in public that I put my hand up and say no I will not do that, I can’t I am sorry.

robcha . 3 hours ago

I also have Ausome Disorder, Happy Dogs

Deppo07 . 3 hours ago

so many cartoon referenceee i cantttt
the whole toh gang, tyler and me, steven(if that's his name)

Lexisworld19 . 3 hours ago

Circle Ception

Circle Ception . 4 hours ago

Oh my god I didn’t wear jeans until 9th grade cuz I thought they were itchy and gross. I never knew anyone else had gone through that

delicately_blessed . 4 hours ago


kay_beeny16 . 6 hours ago

I found out I have autism from this video ty

SarahxKell . 6 hours ago

gurl u aint alone with the jeans 😂

Rush . 6 hours ago

Idk if i have autism but sometimes it feels like my brain shuts down too, probably something else tho lol
Still Short

Still Short . 6 hours ago

I didnt need to be called out- im kidding but really, this hit hard
Tex redtailfox

Tex redtailfox . 7 hours ago

Funny thing is I didn't know I was autistic until my last job where I was working for a psychiatric hospital as a (psychiatric nurse's assistant )or a PNA. I found out from a doctor I was carrying a conversation with about some patients and personally just trying to pass some time while we were doing paperwork he ran me through evaluation and found out I was autistic and I am on the lower spectrum of autism it kind of shocked me at first but he explained to me what I can do and shouldn't discriminate that's hardly my bosses discriminate against me and I have quit but I'm not making this as Symphony I'm just felt this was kind of interesting and I enjoyed the video
A Fox Named Sean

A Fox Named Sean . 7 hours ago

Someone on the spectrum and also has ADHD here: I tend to find myself talking a lot and carrying on conversations longer than they should have. I personally never really tried to fit in though because I didn't and still don't try picking up on whatever is trending among my peers. I just be me and talk about video games I like and obscure video games and dissecting the inner meaning of themes and choices done in media I like. I'm very analytical of a person lmao

HiddenBlood . 7 hours ago

i honestly hate and love having adhd, yea my grades are bad, but i find my imagination is expanded or i find myself more active out of no where, but i hate school bcuz its hard to concentrate or im meant to be doing a project but instead of playing animal crossing for the project, im too busy with the hhp dlc for ac, and i take a medication for my adhd and i feel it just hides who i truly am! YES, the medication helps, YES, i find myself getting better grades, but NO, do i feel my imagination and expression is broad and expansious (if thats even a word) and ive reached the point where to up my dosage for the meds, ill need the government to say yes first ._ .

Abigail . 7 hours ago

Yay need videos. I love your videos so much I can relate to most and others can too
Odin Volk

Odin Volk . 8 hours ago

better metaphor: my brain's a bean and everyone else's brain is a toilet.

Charlie . 10 hours ago

I have all of these symptoms but I’m getting tested for Autism next month! Hope for everyone who has undiagnosed Autism is able to get properly tested!

Ninja_on_gfuel_1 . 10 hours ago

It's funny how if you put on subtitles and she says the f word it show up like [ __ ]
Dason Collins

Dason Collins . 11 hours ago

all I gotta say is.... you aren't the only one that goes through this stuff
gigi grass

gigi grass . 11 hours ago

To put something into perspective for people, medical bias and discrimination towards autistic people who aren't white dudes is really bad. When I was in wilderness therapy (which is a whole new ballpark of screwed up stuff in mental health care) I was psychologically evaluated for literally everything, because everyone is there. I was diagnosed with "nonverbal learning disorder" and "strong autistic traits" and then the psychologist proceeded to degrade and insult me for two whole pages in my report calling me a selfish and immature person. I was barely 15. My therapist there then told my parents it just meant I was, (this is verbatim) "really quirky". I was offically diagnosed a few months later when I was tested to see what academic accomodations I qualify for.

I took the RAADS autism quotient test thing and I score 173, the mean score for autistic people is 130, and the highest possible score is 227. 160 is "strong evidence for autism". It's been 3 years since I was diagnosed and my relatives have just begun to take the fact that I'm autistic seriously, and when people find out I'm autistic, around 50% of them question it. I get a lot of "are you sure" or "hmm I don't know about that". The most annoying part of this is that being autistic does actively make it much harder for me to exist on a daily basis, and there are things I am legally not allowed to do because of it.
Camilla Panarelli

Camilla Panarelli . 12 hours ago

Ok but are we going to ignore the fact that she was on the same bus as Haru from Free!
Lillian Sanders

Lillian Sanders . 13 hours ago

Chaterine KS

Chaterine KS . 14 hours ago

I'm autistic to I have the cat thing but DRAGONS🐉 (that was a lot of auto correct😑)

Gunductor . 14 hours ago

I'm autistic too, and I wouldn't change a thing about me, but at the same time, I almost want to change. I've been bullied ever since first grade by classmates and teachers alike until I went nonverbal in 6th grade. It took two years for me to fix that, and I still struggle when it comes to interacting with anyone. I remember how I used to always try to be myself in grade school due to what counselors were saying. Now it just hurts to think about. I'm not into inspirational quotes at all and never have been, but I just want to be myself around people without getting relentlessly bullied. I don't want to keep my mouth shut at all times anymore. Because of that, I've been trapped in a toxic relationship for two years now. I don't want to leave my noise canceling headphones at home everyday because I'm afraid of being stereotyped. I don't like being called the creepy girl because I looked at someone a little too long while trying to make eye contact. I'm starting to think that the very way I move is weird.
I kinda realize now that I'm not the problem. I can't help myself when I stim or stare or repeat weird phrases without thinking. It's really all on the people who aren't aware of why I'm doing these things. Not too many people are aware of what autism actually is, and that's why things like that one sia movie get made. So thank you for telling people a little more about it. It really means a lot.

GachaKittenYT . 14 hours ago

With the wearing gloves for the dishes the gloves just don't feel RIGHT I hate having gloves 🧤 honestly same thing with my skin feels odd
Creativa Artly

Creativa Artly . 14 hours ago

I’m epileptic autistic.
mmpj twod

mmpj twod . 14 hours ago

problem with me. Maybe I do, I don’t know. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything (yet)
Daynia Archer

Daynia Archer . 15 hours ago

Just a daily does of Riverdale

creator665 . 15 hours ago

there is just young Eda from owl house in the background at 6:25
Brayden Rodenberger

Brayden Rodenberger . 15 hours ago

I can see you’ve been watching the owl house

PaxxelNotFound . 15 hours ago

I like how Alyssa said “Hot Dog” so cute XD 00:04

rolarens . 15 hours ago

i love bean cup thank you for giving me that for my lexicon
Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall . 16 hours ago

I've never felt so seen
Dream Joy

Dream Joy . 16 hours ago

Becca Taylor

Becca Taylor . 16 hours ago

I thought i was autistic in freshman year of highschool, and told my mom, but she didnt beleive me till senior year when i was in therapy, she told my therapist her work friend's son acted just like me and he was just diagnosed and i wish i couldve known sooner, i couldve used the help
Demetris DaMarcus Bartholomew James the 3 Junior

Demetris DaMarcus Bartholomew James the 3 Junior . 16 hours ago

Oh you’re so trash at Minecraft I built an omega Niga farm I get so much food and I only paid them like two dirt blocks every 100 days I get 5000 Negas an hourGet good
Violet Regnier

Violet Regnier . 17 hours ago

I'm 13 and realizing I'm autistic I wish autism was as noticeable in boys as girls I have so many things other than autism like misophonia for example and I have two brothers with meds and diagnoses never once have I ever been to a physiologist never once have I had therapy my brothers have never once had to have a hard conversation that I have to have because you could see there was something wrong I'm scared to have the conversation that I'm sad and I'm autistic because I know at keast once gonna be told I'm dramatic I wish I had the same understanding from my parents my brothers get when my brothers trigger my misophonia and I ask them to stop I get yelled at because I'm "being dramatic" when no I can't handle the noise it physically is giving me goose bumps and hurting my ears not because there is something wrong with my ears but because of my brain they don't understand that when I'm "mumbling" or "not finishing a sentence" it's because I have anxiety THEY know about that they choose to ignore and it's not because I forgot what I was saying I just wish that they could understand I've been putting off this conversation for way to long because I'm afraid they might yell at me or I will end up yelling at them but I'm GOING to do it tomorrow I will because I'm strong with what I'm dealing with mentally and it's draining me
iibellakayii .-.

iibellakayii .-. . 17 hours ago

I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 8! I hate touching dirty dishes it's like a 20 minute hell, & the smells are just yuck..I've always had a hard time keeping eye contact too. I used to cry at Automatic flushing toilets too! And their still very uncomfortable to be around for me, I mask a lot aswell..
The Tornapool Boys

The Tornapool Boys . 17 hours ago

Me: what’s autism?
Illymation: *proceeds to somewhat describe my life*

JoshuaVids . 18 hours ago

I love how Illy nonchalantly called herself hot. Everyone should have that much self love
John Krause

John Krause . 18 hours ago

me to

yemiravity . 19 hours ago

Hey, I'm not gonna get all sappy and tell my life story here, but I'd just like to say thank you so much for making this video. It really means a lot to me.
The XGamer_

The XGamer_ . 19 hours ago

Pretty sure I'm high functioning aka Asperger's and my mom wanted to have me diagnosed. only problem is I was under grandmas adoption and she wouldn't diagnose me because she didn't believe it existed. Here's the real kicker, my grandma is a sped assistant. her job is to help special education students behave. Not gonna go over the symptoms because I'm not looking for pity. Just want to put out there that people still don't think its real. I mean even antivaxxers say its real(self explanatory).
Ada Liebal

Ada Liebal . 20 hours ago

Tyler from turning red

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